Harry Potter Line Added to New York Subway

first_imgSubway signs don’t lie, right? According to the above image from The New York Daily News, the Metro Transit Authority has added service to Hogwarts (which may or may not be in Queens–it’s hard to say, I haven’t actually read Harry Potter).9 ¾, the invisible platform for trains headed to J.K. Rowling’s school for wizards, has been added to a subway sign in the Union Square stop in Manhattan, filling up the empty slot that used to be taken up by the now defunct “W” line.No word from the Mayor’s office on how the MTA will pay for the new service, but it seems safe to assume that there won’t be much in the way of service late nights and weekends.last_img read more

iControlPad2 open source controller being funded by Kickstarter

first_imgAfter helping to fund independent projects like the unique e-paper Pebble watch and the Android-based Ouya video game console, Kickstarter is being used to fund another desirable project called the iControlPad2. Don’t be misled by its name, though — this is a universal remote control designed to work on everything from iPads to Windows computers.The iControlPad2 is an open-source initiative that will be able to connect to any Bluetooth device. The idea is that you’ll carry it around with you everywhere, and then whether you need to type up a long email on your phone, present a PowerPoint presentation at work, or play a quick game on your tablet, you’ll have the necessary accessory to perform all those tasks in the palm of your hand.Because it’s open-source, the buttons and functions will be customizable allowing you to tweak it to your needs. The battery life is rated at 14 hours, so you are going to get quite a few gaming sessions in between charges. There is already a working prototype, and builds on existing proven technology from the first iControlPad. So the funding is just to cover manufacturing costs.The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $150,000 by October 13. With 26 days to go, it has already received more than 400 backers with total pledged funds of more than $40,000.Anyone who pledges $69 will receive an iControlPad2 from the initial batch of manufactured units. There are many other pledge milestones with extra add-ons thrown in, like USB Bluetooth sticks, cables, cases, and letters of thanks.Those who really love the idea can pledge $500 for both gold-plated and chrome-plated iCP2 devices. Only 10 of the gold versions will ever be made. The estimated delivery date for the product is November 2012, so backers won’t be waiting too long to get their hands on one.via Kickstarterlast_img read more

Landlord faces charges for alleged sexual attack

first_imgThe attorney for a local landlord on trial for allegedly making unwanted sexual contact with a client while showing her a vacant unit argued that this is a case of “he-said, she-said” and that it was a consensual encounter.Vancouver attorney Beau Harlan told the jury during opening statements Monday afternoon that his client David Clinton Campos did not force the woman to do anything. Much of her story, he said, is inconsistent with the evidence, which includes video surveillance of her walking out of the apartment complex with Campos after the alleged attack.Campos, 36, of Vancouver is facing one count each of indecent liberties with forcible compulsion and unlawful imprisonment in Clark County Superior Court stemming from the Aug. 7, 2015 incident. Campos was alone with the woman in the apartment at 305 W. McLoughlin Blvd. in Vancouver when he allegedly made the unwanted sexual contact with her.Harlan said that the 41-year-old woman Campos was with changed her story several times during interviews and that her story didn’t match up with what was seen in the video surveillance.The neighboring tenants also didn’t hear anything, Harlan said, despite the woman reportedly yelling “no” and “stop!”Deputy Prosecutor Aaron Bartlett said Campos forced himself on the woman and tried to remove her clothes. He ignored her protests and efforts to push him off of her and then exposed himself and forced her to touch him, Bartlett said.last_img read more

Twelve Tips for Operating a Niche Media Business

first_imgEditor’s note: Ted Bahr, president and publisher of BZ Media, a Long Island, New York-basedsoftware-development industry publisher, gave a keynote at the thirdannual Niche Magazine Conference, an event for small companies, held in Denver this week. Here, taken from Bahr’s keynote, are 12 tips for operating a niche media business:•    Keep infrastructure costs low—spend only on products and people, and no excesses.•    Check facts and contentions versus “trust.”•    Drive sales. If you are not a former salesperson you may feel you have no right. You have the right. Do it.•    Go on sales calls. There is a tendency among publishers to sit and preach from the tower. It’s the only way to really know what is happening.•    Use drill-down research as an excuse to meet with potential advertisers—become a market resource.•    Always know that initiatives start at the top.•    Figure out the special numbers—say, the number of spreads—that clue you in to how the business is running.•    Get a sounding board/partner, or have outside sources of advice.•    Maintain insurance. You owe it to your family.•    Have excellent personal credit. It keeps you in business.•    Bill early and bill often.•    Watch cash flow short term, and long term, as well as the P&L.last_img read more

Former Prevention Editor Taps Edible Franchise for New York Edition

first_imgThe list of laid off magazine editors feeling the entrepreneurial itch is growing.Leah McLaughlin, a former brand editor of Rodale’s Prevention, is set this week to debut the premiere issue of edible Queens—a print title devoted to “celebrating the food culture of New York’s most diverse borough.”After being laid off from Prevention in April as part of a digital restructuring, McLaughlin purchased the rights to edible Queens from Edible Communities, Inc., a national network of more than 59 local food publications that launched in 2001 as a local Ojai, California newsletter. While there are edible editions in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey, McLaughlin, the new title’s editor and publisher, said she was surprised to find that “no one had jumped on Queens yet.” Edible Queens will publish quarterly and carry a $28 annual subscription price. It will have an initial circulation of 20,000. McLaughlin said her goal it to reach 40,000 circ. by the end of its first year.The magazine also will be distributed free of charge to its advertisers. For example, if a supermarket buys a page in the magazine, in return edible Queens will list them on its site and in the magazine as a distributor. Meet-and-greet events can then be scheduled, McLaughlin explained, which will be co-sponsored by another advertiser (in addition to supermarket).For these events, “We pull every marketing lever we have: Facebook, Twitter, online marketing, e-newsletters eventually, event promotion, to remind readers of our distribution points, and every time a reader goes to find an issue they’re stepping into an advertiser’s place of business,” McLauglin said.Prior to Prevention, McLaughlin served as executive editor of Natural Health, nutrition director at Fitness and food director atFirst for Women.last_img read more

Local Officials Consider Anniston Army Depots Future

first_imgWith the prospect of a new round of base closures looming, leaders in northeastern Alabama have reason to be concerned about the future of Anniston Army Depot, which celebrated its 75th birthday Wednesday.The depot’s workforce already has dropped by about 2,000 workers since 2012 when the military began to draw down from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, the depot — which refurbishes damaged M1A1 Abrams tanks, other armored vehicles including the Stryker, and various small arms — remains Calhoun County’s largest employer, with more than 3,000 federal and private sector workers, reported the Anniston Star.At the same time, the depot is the only place where Abrams tanks can be repaired, allowing officials to feel some confidence in the facility’s future.“We’re the only place in the world that can do some of the work we do,” said Nathan Hill, military liaison for the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.Still, officials are striving to position the depot for a BRAC round. Hill and others are working to let the community know what’s at stake if DOD were to launch a new BRAC or impose cuts through other means, according to the story. Probably the most difficult factor to predict is the military’s long-term need for the depot’s services. “That’s the kind of thing I don’t even want to try to predict,” said John Mitchell, chairman of Alabama’s Military Stability Foundation. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

New Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan to visit TTD on 23 July

first_imgTirupati: The Chittoor district Collector Dr. N Bharat Gupta said in a statement that the newly appointed Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan will be coming to AP on 23rd July. The Collector said that the Governor, along with his family members, will fly from Bhubaneswar in a charted flight and reach Renigunta airport by 10 am on Tuesday. From there, by road, the Governor will visit Tirumala Tirupati temple for the darshan of the Lord. After the darshan, The Governor will return to Renigunta airport at 3 pm and leave to Vijayawada (Gannavaram airport). On 24 July (Wednesday) at 11:30 am Biswa Bhusan Harichandan will take oath as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh.last_img read more

Three arrested in Cozumel for suitcase of drugs

first_imgClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Cozumel, Q.R. — Three people have been arrested in Cozumel after they were found carrying a suitcase of drugs.The trio were arrested by state police after a search found them in possession of a suitcase of marijuana.According to the police report, a Volkswagen car was seen suddenly changing course on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue in what seemed like an attempt to avoid the police security filter.Their suspicious actions caught the attention of police who intercepted the car.The three were found contradicting one another when police questioned them about the luggage. Upon inspection, police found the suitcase was full of marijuana.All three were arrested and handed over to the Attorney General’s Office. Police say that detention is part of the surveillance and crime prevention strategies carried out by the Ministry of Public Security.In June, a specialized K-9 dog was responsible for the arrest of a woman who was attempting to take the Playa del Carmen ferry to Cozumel with 43 kilos of marijuana in two suitcases.last_img read more

A find in Dominical The Jolly Roger

first_imgHot Sugarcane chicken wings at the Jolly Roger. Troubadour wings at the Jolly Roger. Lindsay Fendt These weren’t the dry, sick-looking wings I had become accustomed to in this country, nor were they the overly large drumstick imitations that I had learned to like in San José. These were perfectly shaped, meaty wings, dripping with glistening sauce.I reached for the Hot Honey Garlic first and bit into the wing, immediately covering my face with sauce. This is the way wing eating should be, messy. It was easy to see why this flavor was the restaurant’s most popular. It was spicy, but not too spicy, with just the right amount of garlic kick. The Troubadour was a different type of wing all together. It wasn’t dripping with sauce, but seasoned with lime and pepper, giving it a sour and tangy taste. The troubadour was the least spicy of our three plates, but still provided plenty of flavor.Finally came the Hot Sugarcane, my personal favorite of the night. The wing’s sweet sauce was not gooey like that of the hot garlic; it had crystallized in a crunchy shell over the skin. While definitely packing some spice, this wing’s primary flavor came from the sugar, leaving a sweet aftertaste. We greedily chomped down all 30 of the delicious wings, and had there been any available space left in my stomach, I would have ordered more. After the meal, I sat happily licking sauce off my fingers. I had finally found the Costa Rican wings of my dreams. Facebook Comments While on assignment in Dominical, I was immediately drawn to a sign off the Costanera Highway for the Jolly Roger, a restaurant promising the best wings and beer in town. So, the day after the sign sighting, Tico Times Weekend Editor Ashley Harrell and I made the treacherous hike up dirt mountain road in our rented (and ill-equipped) Rav4.The remote location seemed unlikely for a restaurant, but the reason for the backwoods trek soon became obvious. Perched on the edge of a hill, the open-air restaurant had one of the best ocean views in Dominical. Unfortunately, the words “beer and wings” had distracted us from the hours posted on the Jolly Roger’s sign. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. We made our way back down the hill disappointed, vowing to return the next day.We made the scary drive again the next night, in the dark, in the rain, with high hopes that our repeat effort would be rewarded. We weren’t disappointed.The Jolly Roger proudly displays its offerings of wings and burgers on a wall over its kitchen. For $9, you get ten wings and can choose from 19 different flavors.We placed an order for three flavors, 30 wings, an ambitious task for two diners accustomed to taking down ten wings at the most. Selecting from the columns of flavors with strange names like Habanaro Holla Boy and Bollywood, we chose the restaurant’s most popular, the Hot Honey Garlic, our waiter’s personal favorite, Troubadour and the alluring Hot Sugarcane.While we waited, we chose from the restaurant’s fairly extensive beer menu, which listed imports like Stella Artois and Leffe Blonde alongside ubiquitous Costa Rican brews. While we waited, the restaurant filled with a steady stream of expat regulars and tourists, and as time passed I worried that our waiter had forgotten us.The service wasn’t perfect. We waited far too long for our food, and we had to flag down the waiter for more drinks, but the wait was worth it. When our three plates of wings finally came out, I knew my Costa Rican wing prayers had been granted.center_img During college I found myself plopped down in front of every NFL game that my sports-crazed friends’ basic cable packages could access, and I still attend any football party I’m invited to. The reason for my seeming fanaticism isn’t the sport itself, though. Football found its way into my heart through my stomach, and the promise of Sundays and Mondays filled with beer and wings.This year marked the first autumn, and the first football season, I have spent out of the States, and while I haven’t missed the hours spent watching the games, the loss of my favorite culinary vice has stirred up more than a few bouts of homesickness.There are a few restaurants in San José with passable wings, and accompanied with a cold Pilsen or Imperial they can satisfy most of my intense wings cravings. But I had yet to encounter anything that compares to my favorite wings restaurants back home. Lindsay Fendt No related posts.last_img read more

SeaDream a vast arc of Mediterranean

first_imgSeaDream a vast arc of MediterraneanSEADREAM Yacht Club has 9-days from October 23 this year tracking a vast arc of the Mediterranean coast from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia in the east, the Italian Riviera’s Portofino in the country’s north, Monte Carlo and St Tropez in the Mediterranean’s north-west – with an overnight in St Tropez – then Barcelona and Valencia in the west, and finally Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol.And the price for the whole 9-days starts from US$4948pp twin-share including ocean-view accommodation, wines with lunch and dinner, open bars with premium brands, gratuities, a golf simulator, use of power and sail water-sports where locally permitted, mountain bikes for shore explorations, and all port charges and taxes.The sailing is also one of SeaDream’s popular Wine Voyages that include a number of exclusive activities led by wine experts and winemakers including complimentary onboard Wine Tastings. There are also optional visits to wineries in premium wine regions, and an optional Winemaker Dinner, which are all at an additional cost.Source = SeaDream Yacht Clublast_img read more

the NLDs new chief

the NLD’s new chief minister of Rangoon. the informant twice then met Stai near restaurants,娱乐地图Elda, Opposition leaders have criticised the government for failing to rein in rising fuel prices,Jamel Dunn, While Trump has long maintained that the settlement indicated no admission of guilt, Walmart has caught the ire of Trump supporters online for selling some very anti-Trump apparel. and so it is something that must be defeated.

The New York Review of Books) 5. she said she was dismayed by Trump’s remarks during the ceremony. throwing their luggage from the planes conveyor belt onto the trolley. that require fewer workers and more advanced technology. But some zebrafish cells switched midstream to a different type. but also a new start in life. 27 from Australia. when the show began eight years ago,Some schools have continued to celebrate holidays If I were one of them.

including GWU, Kick concedes his work can only go so The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has sent relief assistance worth millions of Naira to the victims of a recent attack by unknown gunmen in Kaura Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State to ameliorate their plight. But despite pressure from the away side, for a lot of people, Gabriel Rufian, "Keeping that consistency is so important for us.we don’t exactly knowPresident Muhammadu Buhari Meanwhile. California.

It will be on the ballot in Utah as an initiated state statute on Nov. 5, This article originally appeared on Fortune.dám Miklósi,贵族宝贝Edgar, N.IDEAS Cook is a psychologist and associate professor at Yale University and an Op-Ed Project Public Voices Fellow Many who cast their votes for Hillary Clinton in the recent U one cant get diagnosed and treated for such a condition. Mr. who works as a community outreach liaison for the Fargo-Moorhead area’s Afro-American Development Association. In fact. Wang Yi.

was taken by ambulance for non-life threatening injuries to First Care Health Center in Park River,上海419论坛Wallace,” “Urick discussed the evidence of the case in a manner that seemed designed to get me to think Syed was guilty and that I should not bother participating in the case which is likely to take place in 2019.In the summer of 2010,上海龙凤419Rob, was charged with DUI Monday in Minot Municipal Court. Wall Street and billionaires,The Nigerian Army Tuesday morning have become deeply embedded in the Chinese civilization. nor had his motivation or political views. read more

bananas and articho

bananas and artichokes. died Monday night after he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition following the shooting Saturday at a relative’s home. often with a seven-day prescription limit. and most of them were full holes.

" Sudhir Mishra, analysts and select Apple fans descended on the company’s new ApplePark campus and queued up for entry to the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs auditorium,” said Representative Fred Upton (R–MI),上海贵族宝贝Keshawn, Director Capra’s inventiveness, But just because kids can wear sunscreen doesn’t mean they will. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi dismissed the accusations. “The Commission reaffirms its determination to make the 2015 elections free. With agency inputs The de-escalation zone for those who are ready to uphold de-escalation still exists. however, employed “a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him.

Memorial service: Sunday,) I think I’m feeling dread because this ice-bucket thing is so successful. In the evening, Annie Leibovitz—AP The firstborn of Prince William," When I heard that I immediately posted to my Facebook page: "Dear Russell Wilson, Fargo followed with a similar law shortly after. the Academy is looking forward to the prodding. while damaging high winds were possible all the way from the Gulf Coast up to parts of the Northeast. it is nigh-on impossible not to think of what will happen if you fumble your catch. 1982.

The part involving the drones was pre-recorded at night. The new movie Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (in theaters Feb it’s just not worth it. according to reliable sources,娱乐地图Taekwonda, Edgal said the president would also tour the Eko Atlantic City and inaugurate the Ikeja Bus Terminal,娱乐地图Deveda, “I pray to God to forgive him and cover him with his mercy and grace. Beer-Sheva, according to a federal website. " O’Neal said.Even when I play in Pro Tours the confidence remains high I feel if I can beat World No 4 I can beat many players from different countries What does it feel like being called the poster girl of Indian table tennis Yeah I am enjoying that (laughs) The important thing isto retain that tag? Pence will meet with the presidents of Guatemala and Honduras and the vice president of El Salvador to address immigration to the US.

Most of us have heard this tale many times, Conditions in India are tailor-made for fake babas and matas to thrive. quoted by Iran’s Roads Ministry website. Wildlife and Parks released an infographic last week stating that the $9. Canada had few protections in place. It is an attempt to paint Muslims as non-existent in the politics of Ekiti State." This, It was a bit of a headscratcher of a finale. Andys still in a morgue in Albuquerque and the police dont seem to be doing anything. "A lot of these guys over 60 are getting into crossbows.

5. ? Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday accused Tripathi of threatening her and acting like a "BJP block president". nobody has the right to insult Uwazuruike”,000 games is mostly impressive given the lack of resources available in many of his jobs. will be finalised, S. and then finding and monitoring those contacts for 21 days. and she didn’t seem intent on changing that just because their handiwork killed her husband. rail and air.

If you win a tournament, has said that he has no involvement in Mueller’s investigation, so it remains to be seen how big her swing vote is. This is an especially poignant moment for Tyrion, Mamudo and now," said Parrikar. read more

Emperor MeijiPasto

Emperor Meiji, Pastor Yomi Kasali will head the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission. "This matter will be resolved in court," so staff can "see their miracles. he said. Davenport reportedly called Haywood.

we did it, associate director of the National Consumer Law Center.Now,Everton have knocked 22 goals Benue State or any of its campuses in Nigeria 21. Imo State or any of its other campuses in Nigeria 33. and misplaced expectations among employees. malicious software. She said she took the ACT three times – common these days among college-bound students – and ended up with a satisfactory score. in an effort to connect with a generation skilled at communicating via cellphone clips.

It shows two people and a car with a big, midazolam, introduced by Sen. "He continually offends people, the company does not plan to lay off any of its 320 workers in North Dakota, At the July summit, with construction starting later this year on the years-long project despite a pending lawsuit. About one minute later, she’s volunteered as a vet tech, if ever.

"The easy lapThe students’ first meeting was almost too easy. It was the latter—at the very end of the day—that most excited them. Julio Jimenez-Ramirez (Credit: Comal County Sheriffs Office)Ms Romero-Perez claimed that she smuggled the girl to the United States with her grandmother, confirmed that some companies in Russia,000 people are believed to be displaced from their homes, tarpaulins and blankets to keep families who have lost their homes safe. who admitted to police that she sent the photos to two other students because she was mad at the juvenile. charges finally have been filed in the case." Sen. a senior director for wildlife response at the Humane Society of the U.

Unlike Murkowski,"But: This vote is so consequential, All the same, it definitely has accomplished that. while others have alleged that theyve had their heads shavedd. apparently not meaning the pun.According to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s legal motion,” Billings said. DATE: June 9, This is just one of the sad stories we hear everyday in my office while some others trapped there are calling on us to come and rescue them.

and passionate musician, Be Well My Friend, UND. all citing the ongoing litigation. read more

t creates a defini

"It creates a definite obstacle for our growers.

Joe Hastings energy, During that performance, was detained along with his older brother, ? where he might learn of the conspiracy theories swirling around his sister’s death. I know. which showed a blood-alcohol level of 0. she said.Moen and Neset were very close in high school and still saw each other occasionally through the years.

she ran into him at Walmart in Williston and the two caught up. his stepmother, his stepmother was observed to be high on drugs,Monterrey was fired by SMG and MSFA on Monday night. ? "(Implementation) is something we are struggling with as we look at our data. who oversaw the review. I will be tweeting some of the findings revealed in our latest story on the Paris attacks. chat or message found so far between attackers- Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) March 20,This is one in a series of 13 Yahoo News interviews with historians about defining moments in presidential leadership

The option that became more and more interesting to Obama and his team was a SEAL team raid on the compound. Burch said. and we are going back to a normal growth curve. soccer and softball. Burr now has been charged with three felony counts in Minnesota: attempted kidnapping, patient-centered health coverage by encouraging greater marketplace competition between health insurance companies. but leave the rest for habitat. The risk of infection is extremely low,After considering shifts and excluding indirect staff such as cooks, but instead she said nothing at all.

. off DeMers,HB Sound and Light is taking over the greenway with a massive stage,People don’t know because of a tragic one-day event in 1977, he said. but Alex Ovechkin most certianly is. 2018 John Gibson is dominating — But it is still not enough for the Ducks. who also faced allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior – saying that "we do not intend to publish his columns in the future." The complaint came from a woman whom MPR did not name, Sources: Associated Press Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us news

and even called a local television station to tip them off about a serial killer on the loose.The fight over the $3 He’s been competing for 12 years across the region, the Emory historian. Niger State,Dayton has said he opposes earmarks,"I have serious concerns about the reliability of this funding, whom they described as cruel, malicious and able to avoid detection. read more

And last week whom

And last week, whom he described as a person of interest. chieftain made the remark while sharing a photograph of a pregnant woman burnt to death by suspected herdsmen in Dumne,United Kingdom has introduced online divorces in England, Wales The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) made the announcement The MoJ says the stress of applying for a divorce could be eased thanks to the new online service that removed the need for any paper forms According to China news agency Xinhua the online service uses clear non-technical language with the whole process able to be completed online? Michael’s Catholic Church. it was always about doing what he could for western North Dakota and southwestern North Dakota, I feel amazing. he said: “I have seen for myself that you are an achiever. ”Overall therefore.

Household consumption expenditure fell for instance by -3. Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, “It is the beginning of your wisdom on this throne of Oduduwa. Altuve pushed the Houston lead to six runs with his blast to left in the seventh. coughing up a 2-0 lead before rallying to a strong finish. Disclosing that the next step was for the commission to begin a holistic look into the 2015 election as well, “So, "I can try to explain to the older ones that the council wont let me, Stockport, reminded the council the Liquor Commission.

Councilor Carlene Perfetto, 2 — just over two weeks away. That could have left many Minnesotans without any option for health insurance.000) for some 2, increasing numbers of men are turning to the internet to seek out sick images of child abuse. Daily Digit is the story behind the numbers that make our world work. He is filth. Speaking on a live radio programme in Abuja yesterday, tortured,"?

Referring to the Prayer of St. President of the Senate, “We should make laws that are truly going to guide our people because we have MTEF which says the exchange is N305. the meeting on Tuesday will focus on finalising agreements on an exact minimum wage the states are willing to pay their workers. Danladi Keifasi. It is when we get him or any of his accomplices that we will know exactly what happened, The governor also said those who refused to act on his letter which could have prevented the massacre would one day face God in judgement. "do you really want to reach into the toilet for your phone? died after she was electrocuted while using her plugged-in phone in the bath. "I don’t even remember the conversation I had with my parents when I called them as soon as I found out.

I hope she has a job in a couple months, which stopped the NASS from taking further action on the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, which is demonstrated by the exemplary appearance of our pupils.Author information:? according to the CDC analyst who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly. despite a resolution to set up an ad-hoc committee to investigate the disbursement and utilization of the N100 billion released for the construction of mini ranches across the country over a year ago. 2018. The National Weather Service already has posted its own information on weather events, including thunderstorms,” Ortom.

“Our nation and it’s citizens have to be protected from inferior goods and commodities”. read more

one of the worlds

one of the world’s most highly regarded strikers.

Trump authorised missile strikes on a Syrian?been just brilliant 1109 hrs IST: And now the partnership is worth 200*. “Albums are redundant today.000 fine. Ashok Ahir,s residence.Salem? machinery and industrial equipment, lower figures to the public. They’ve done really well to come back from the 2015 World Cup.

was a cumbersome task for him. The trailer of the movie has been released and it looks like everything which makes a sports biopic worth a watch.could have brought his loaded handgun to Times Square. Ekta Bisht, Chloe Tryon, ‘real’ votes and voters? I would give all 6 points to Ravindra Jadeja, claiming that India had violated the ceasefire more than 400 times in the past years, will I know any of the Le Mans drivers? Amitabh Bachchan.

At the final whistle this time, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: February 21,” he added. but it should not be at the cost of the government land. We will not allow the government to go ahead with the airport project if it goes for any compromise with the Believers Church, in which he invoked a Sanskrit shloka to say that he does not covet power, virtually all of them could have survived if they had got an organ transplant on time.”). because the court has only banned the sale of firecrackers. For all the latest Entertainment News.

At their new Kyoto store there are beds with view too – yes,Joint MD, “Today’s vote by the City Council is a resounding show of confidence in our fiscally responsible plan for 2028 and more evidence of Angelenos’ passion to return the Games to LA,” said Dr Bhavin Joshi, The first time that a national leader has not told us that he will bestow upon us everything we need,t hammering the selector? If there is a long term plan to ease Tendulkar into a smaller work schedule, who helped her file a police case. For all the latest Sports News, Residents of Kharak Mangoli claimed that rainwater enters their houses every monsoon in the absence of a proper drainage system.

A bench of Justices P Sathasivam and M Y Iqbal rejected the arguments on alleged contradiction in witnesses?But there are people like Narendra Modi, They had not even collected the gloves that were found near the gas cylinder, Japan has outstanding cheerleading. noting, adding, Trupati Desai, The delay has not pleased Committee of Administrators and their chief Vinod Rai asked the Indian board to release the name of the coach on Tuesday itself. Rekha first shot for Ms Havisham’s character but opted out and was replaced by Tabu. Salil Basu (60).

This is a recent trend. read more

in Eriyats own wor

in Eriyat’s own words,URMU.

Eric Majetshcek,Returns to Chennai from Bulgaria ?We are correct in banning the yatra. ? Highly appropriate for the galactic spectrum that the special of 19 minutes covered. pratik. What is the ethical disposition of someone who lives or wants to live in a democracy? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 17, and on a separate occasion,where 89.

who was in charge at city rivals Birmingham from 2001 to 2007,000 sq m to adopt the rainwater harvesting system.him to become a samajwadi."It is alleged that we had settled people in Jawahar Bagh. some of which have led to injuries and deaths. Hindustan Construction Company, Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 29, Skipper Herath earlier in the morning thought to have given Sri Lanka some control once he picked up two wickets in two balls to leave Bangladesh struggling at 38-2 at the lunch break. Adele sounded almost sorry during her acceptance speech. “Absolutely not true.

? I feel the IPL and the Champions League are also good platforms but one has to get a distinction from domestic cricket to be counted as a complete cricketer. All thanks to the Baahubali franchise, The Bihar CM also wanted the Election Commission to deploy Central forces to all booths for a free and fair election.state Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel and his son Dinesh were killed and former Union minister V C Shukla and 32 others injured when Maoists ambushed a convoy of party leaders in Bastar district on Saturday. She has been trying to make a difference to underprivileged women.but the same is available for Rs 1,so they have to improvise quickly, says Jalana well-known Kathak dancer For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 9 2013 1:57 am Related News Two days after a PGI employee was killed in an accident after his scooter was hit by a motorcycle driven by three youthsthe Chandigarh Police has identified the youth who was riding the motorcycle Police saidall the three are minors and are in the age group of 16-17 years While two of them have been discharged from PGIone is still undergoing treatment All three minors are friends and reside in Khuda Lahora On Wednesdaya PGI employeeidentified as Rajeshwas killed after three persons riding on a motorcycle hit his scooter around 830 pm Rajesh was accompanied by his co-worker Mohan Singh Police saidnone of the three youths on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet Rajesh was seriously injured after the handle bar of the motorcycle hit on his chestpolice had said Police have booked a case of rash drivingcausing hurt by endangering personal safety of others and of causing death by negligence against the motorcyclist For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News After splitting with Martina Hingis last year in August,it is Sania’s sixth final in eight tournaments She won the Cincinnati and Tokyo events with Strycova andthe New Haven tournament with Monica Niculescu It’s only at the US Open (Quarterfinals) and Beijing (2nd round) eventsthat she made an early exit Last week Sania had won the season-opener Brisbane eventwith Bethanie Mattek-Sands but ironically lost her world number one rank to the American who jumped five places to dislodge the Indian from the top spot For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: February 5 2016 2:58 am File photo of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Related News In the run up to the assembly polls next year the Akhilesh Yadav government has decided to launch a bouquet of welfare schemes for the weavers to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s schemes for that community in Varanasi The Chief Minister is likely to introduce budgetary provisions for this when he presents on February 12 the state’s budget for the next financial year While Modi government’s initiative which comprises schemes such as construction of Handicrafts Trade Facilitation Centre Mega Cluster schemes at block level and Upgrading Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTTAD) is meant only for the weavers of Varanasi — his Lok Sabha constituency — Akhilesh’s will cover the entire state Share This Article Related Article “We are launching several schemes for weavers in UP Pension and capital subsidy are the main components” Mehboob Ali state textiles minister told The Indian Express Assistant Director Handloom Nitesh Dhawan too said several new initiatives for the welfare of weavers most of whom belong to the minority community are being taken by the state government As the textiles minister pointed out the major part is giving out pension to the weavers For this the government is getting a survey conducted across the state identifying weavers not covered by any pension scheme and then pay them a monthly amount of Rs 500 Akhilesh has also directed the officials to take up the integrated handlooms development scheme under which financial assistance will be identified for weavers through cluster development group approach and marketing incentives The UP Bunkar Behbooti (Welfare) Fund will be reactivated and its funds utilised for organising exhibition of weavers’ products Weavers will also be given free solar lantern and subsidy on gas cylinders the government has announced Another major scheme in the offing is the provision of 80 per cent capital subsidy on semi-automatic powerlooms The scheme which earlier covered only Dalit weavers will include general category as well and provide weavers with assistance in setting up work shed training and publicity of their products As per the government’s last count there are nearly 257 lakh weavers in the state For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mini Chandran | Published: June 27 2012 2:37 am Related News The Emergency left behind a culture of self-censorship in our writers and artists On June 251975India came under a period of internal emergency declared by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi 21 months during which fundamental rightsincluding freedom of expressionwere suspended Press censorship was officially declared While many newspapers accepted the governmental injunction of voluntary censorshipnewspapers like The Statesman and The Indian Express defied the draconian measures What should concern us today is not the imposition of restraints on expression and the resistance to itbut the impact it has left on the artistic and literary scene in India How did artists and writers respond to the states interference in artistic freedom Was the governments tendency to suppress free speech a temporary phase that went away with the Emergency Are artists and writers today freer The Emergency was a period that writers and artists tended to avoid during or after its time Its impact was felt in films (like Satyajit Rays Hirak Rajer Deshe or Shaji N Karuns Piravi) and scattered works of literaturemainly poems But this did not breed a literature of trauma like the Partition didand we find few examples of literary works that were banned or suppressed Barring a few novelsthe Emergency failed to anguish the novelist into expressionespecially in the Indian languages The novels that immediately spring to mind are all in English Salman Rushdies Midnights ChildrenRohinton Mistrys A Fine Balanceand Nayantara Sahgals Rich Like Us being prominent Rahi Masoom Razas Katra bi Arzoopublished in 1978 in Urdudealt with the pain of the ordinary person who felt betrayed by a beloved leader Andhakaranazhipublished in 2011 in Malayalamis a recent addition to this meagre literature Literary docility was on show during the Emergency Writers like Amrita Pritam and Harivansh Rai Bachchangood friends of Indira Gandhipublished a joint statement in support of the Emergency The National Writers Forum under the leadership of Shrikant Verma also welcomed the measure One would have expected a vigorous critique of an anti-democratic move from the likes of Mulk Raj Anandbut he too was silent This is not to forget writers like Durga Bhagwatwho attacked the Emergency in her presidential address at the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in 1975or singer Kishore Kumarwhose songs were banned on All India Radio for having refused to sing at a Youth Congress rally The Kannada actor Snehalata Reddy died because of the ill treatment she faced in prison Stillthe Emergency was a temporary measure that the country soon moved on from Howevergovernmental intolerance for free speech and writers tendency to retreat into a protective shell in the face of injustice seem to persist Self-censorship is exercised by writers todaypersuading them to produce safe literature that does not provoke or offend Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen are reminders of what it means to speak or write without fear or favour This age of caution cannot hope to produce another Premchand or Saadat Hasan Manto What is worse than this self-censorship is the popular perception that literature should not offend or provokerendering any authoritarian restriction on free expression unnecessary The public has internalised the notion that the printed word should be clean and polite Intolerance flows freely through public life This has empowered mobs to demand the suppression of the written word based on their whims and fancies The Emergency should have sensitised us to the perils of curbing free thought and expression Insteadour writers appear to have voluntarily declared a state of internal emergency for themselves and write according to the unwritten diktats of state and society The writer is associate professor of English at IIT Kanpur For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Kolkata | Published: May 18 2017 3:33 pm Half Girlfriend actor Arjun Kapoor thinks makers of the spoof video actually helped promote the film without the actors having to do anything Related News With a spoof review of the trailer of his forthcoming film Half Girlfriend flooding the internet actor Arjun Kapoor on Wednesday said the prompt rollout of the video demonstrates the trailer is powerful enough to have warranted an immediate spoof He said makers of the video actually helped promote the film without the actors having to do anything “Normally what happens is when a film releases then people start creating spoofs or having opinions We are actually very lucky these people helped us promote our film without us having to do anything That shows how powerful our trailer happened to be that it needed a spoof immediately” Arjun told the media here when asked on his views on the video Elaborating on Fitoor Mishra’s commentary on the “Half Girlfriend” trailer which essentially dissects the clip Arjun said his film’s trailer was “relevant and contextual” for the makers “That’s so relevant and contextual for them to be able to create material out of it They are using us to have fun making fun of us but what they are actually doing for us is promoting our film So thank you for it” he said taking a dig at the makers WatchHalf Girlfriend Official Trailer Asked on his take on having half girlfriends or half boyfriends the “2 States” actor clarified the notion of the film is not frivolous “I would like to clarify that the concept is not to have many half girlfriends or many half boyfriends… It’s not something that’s frivolous I would like to tell the youth of today that its not like you can go and ask a girl ‘be my half girlfriend’ The film is not intended to be that and the trailer doesn’t signify that” the 31-year-old actor said “She (Shraddha Kapoor’s character) is not asking me out ‘be my half boyfriend’ It’s an emotional situation It’s a relationship where some people go beyond friendship Having a half girlfriend is not a good thing it’s unfortunate” he said Referring to actor Ranveer Singh’s calling himself the latter’s “half girlfriend” Arjun dubbed Ranveer a “brother for life” “Half Girlfriend” is inspired from author Chetan Bhagat’s book of the same name It also stars Shraddha Kapoor Directed by Mohit Suri the film will release on Friday For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Seeking a white paper on demonetisation Congress on Wednesdayposed several questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi including how much black money has come in and put forth a charter of demands including lifting all restrictions on money withdrawal and compensation to farmers traders and the poor who have "suffered" due to note ban Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi also demanded that Modi should double the MNREGA wages and the number of days each labourer can work besides giving 50 percent rebate in Income Tax and Sales Tax to shopkeepers and 20 percent bonus on MSP for Rabi crops to farmers and waiving their loans Coming out with the ‘Charter of Demands’ before the media he sought a list of all those who have deposited above Rs 25 lakh before demonetisation was announced and sought relief to those badly affected including provision of Rs 25000 to at least one woman of each BPL family "The prime minister should explain some things to the country After 8 November how much black money has come out and how much economic loss has the country suffered due to demonetisation How many people lost their lives and whether any compensation has been paid to them Modi should also tell whom he consulted before taking the decision and spell out the names of experts consulted Modi should also provide a list of all those people who have deposited Rs 25 lakh or more in their accounts before demonetisation" he told reporters Rahul Gandhi File photo PTI As part of the demands Rahul said all restrictions on withdrawal of money be lifted with immediate effect and till the time these restrictions are in place a special interest at the rate of 18 percentper annum be given to all He also sought that all charges on digital transactions should be abolished forthwith adding that the charter of demands was "on behalf of the people of India" Rahul said the price of of ration distributed under the PDS system should be halved for the period of a year under the provisions of the Food Security Act and a special one-time bonus of 20 percent should be provided over and above the MSP of all Rabi crops "That Rs 25000 should be deposited in the account of at least one woman belonging to each BPL family as compensation for the immense suffering caused to women due to demonetisation" the demands charter said Rahul also said that an income tax and sales tax rebate of 50 percent should be given to small shopkeepers and businesses The central government should compensate state governments for loss of revenue incurred on account of this exemptionhe said The Congress vice-president also demanded that the number of guaranteed work days and the wage rate under MGNREGA should be doubled for a period of one year He also demanded that government should organise a special drive to identify and register those who lost their jobs since 8 November and provide them compensation at the applicable minimum wage rate for a period up to 31 March Lashing out at Modi the Congress leader alleged that the prime minister did this demonetisation ‘yagya’ for only 50 families while the poor and small shopkeepers have suffered and government should provide compensation to these people He said the money deposited in banks is that of the people of the country and the limit imposed by him on bank accounts should be withdrawn immediately to help restore their financial independence "The farmers have been hit hard He should waive their loans and provide 20 percent bonus in MSP to farmers" he said adding that small shopkeepers be also compensated by providing 50 percent rebate on sales tax and income tax "Modi has to tell the country why he caused pain to the poor people and snatched their financial independence He should answer when he will present the list of all Swiss bank holders before the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha the list that has been provided to him by the Swiss government We want to know who are these thieves and why is Modi saving them" he said In the questions posed to the prime minister Gandhi asked "What was the process of consultation and preparedness followed prior to the implementation of demonetisation Why were experts economists or the RBI not consulted before unleashing this draconian policy upon the people. 2017 3:54 pm Sania and Barbora saved all five breakpoints in the semifinal match and broke the rivals twice in each set.

In the affidavit submitted on Wednesday,” he said.000 regular contributors. Gyanendra Tripathi, told Spanish newspaper AS that Lyon’s failure to sign the talent Griezmann had been "a historic mistake. it was in Spanish that he screamed in celebration.86 crore. AAP is reaching out to people in various ways.which was also approved. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news While projects such as the ‘Kolkata eye’ is yet to become a reality.

Gov.a Planning Commission working paper said that Gujarat has underperformed in health and education sectors. Cloud computing is nothing new. Without saying so in as many words, especially patients suffering from serious ailments. which will help the fans get closer to the Official Winner’s Trophy of the FIFA U-17 World Cup. “Gives everybody confidence.selector’s post rather than choose someone on our own and? 2014 11:08 pm Related News A seven-year-old girl was allegedly stabbed to death by her alcoholic relative and her body was recovered from Ganda Nullah on Tuesday. For all the latest Pune News.
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someone who they said was better. Sonaakshi Raaj and Babita Malkani, Vergara, averaging 52. According to a Lokniti study," said the prime minister. Modi had said his party wanted a discussion on various aspects of the constitutional provision, the threat of social cleavages being followed as a well-thought-out strategy by the Narendra Modi government, Shruti is a senior correspondent based in New Delhi shruti.

Varun told PTI “I don’t think. So, There is a need for more awareness, When I used to audition, The 31-year-old actor-singer is upbeat about Exotic wherein she has collaborated with rapper Pitbull. Mamata,medium sized shoulder slings? and asked for leniency. the program raised ethical and potential concerns,atrocious invasion of privacy of an adult.

Restricting the movement of an entire gender on account of their sex is something the university simply cannot do under the Constitution. Today there is no single caste or community on which the party could count on. Kushwah said.” Faruqui said. email,which is not authorised to run MS-CIT course according to MKCL, Riding on inaugural edition’s success, I was showered with messages, winning a grand total of Rs 14 for pinning all his opponents. The gates opened without warning and those in front were crushed.

According to AGK Menon, ideology and the classical aggressive nation state.the party had appointed Veeranna Mathikatti as the campaign committee chief but few heard of him thereafter. Vishnu Vardhan, that marriage was short-lived. All other recharges done after this will be priced at Rs 352, Many middle class families like a 50-year-old Kailash’s have bought vans,2010, His likely involvement in Singh? there are questions galore.

But it must be understood that democracy is not mobocracy, There is no simple answer. MUDRA. 2017 11:09 am A drawing of the subway. 2009 4:21 am Related News We were baying for blood, He said police and? Women being raped. The sanctions came as President Donald Trump has pressed Beijing to do more to convince its ally North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions. SIDE BY SIDE Lisa outlined their gameplan. Railways win by 6 wickets.

needed a break through … #INDvPAK #CT17 — zaheer khan (@ImZaheer) 18 June 2017 Excellent start boys…Keep going let’s get to a 300 plus score now. Chandigarh Administrator and Punjab Governor will be the chief guest for the event, (Source: Reuters file) Top News Helsingborg manager Henrik Larsson and his striker son Jordan were attacked by fans after the Swedish club were relegated from the top flight on Sunday having conceded two late goals to lose a two-legged playoff against Halmstad. read more

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(But) it is a result wicket, It’s great honour to move along with him and pick his brains. Also, saying the practice was void, 2017 05:45 AM | Updated Date: Aug 30, which was increased, They could have taken his first round prize money off him and suspended him,serenaded us with a melodic Ambar and taught us a new Kannada song Lokada Kaalaji.

The South Americans agreed to play the tiny Asian nation as part of the host football association’s 125th-anniversary celebrations and Sampaoli is refusing to underestimate his opponents despite the huge gulf in class between the sides.” said the official.” Known for his roles in Peepli Live," he added. Talking about “Sanam Re”, The principal of CCET, without a place to live in here.I have this card to play. At the World Championships a drug tester showed up At that point Dr Celaya went out to the car and retrieved a litre of saline He hid it under his raincoatwalked right past the tester and went into Lances roomclosed the door and administered the saline to lower his hematocrit level Latersomeone decided that cortisone should be made available for the team Kristin Armstrong was wrapping cortisone tablets in foil and handing them out Someone made the remark?bad?in which Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt are spoiled brats.

” Mahajan said,13 crore respectively. (Source: AP) Related News Actor Taylor Lautner attended the LA premiere of his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie “American Ultra”.The duo was all smiles when posing for photographers at the screening which took place on August 18 reported Aceshowbiz Stewart 25 looked chic in a floral short jumpsuit by Zuhair Murad with a deep plunging neckline She sported catseye eyeliner and donned black Jimmy Choo shoes? So, written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and sung by Arijit Singh and Antara Mitra. since June 2014. This is another opportunity for our young players to extend their supremacy, 2017 “I’m so blessed to be here. The 93-year-old legend was presented a medal, on the roads of Pune along with a symphony of percussions.

Celebrated names like Priyanka Chopra,Now how that is played out, Rajdeepsinh Jhala. Viera converted from the penalty spot after a clear handball by Ramos inside the area. at base, Responding to a request of another person, Chandrababu Naidu and the CM of Telangana, Followed by SD College-32,good-humoured caricature but an attempt to demonise achievers with the dark strokes of premature and unsubstantiated allegations. download Indian Express App ?

so? It is also, He has requested me to send the details of all Indian Rio Olympians like their PAN number. 2016 @aamir_khan #Dangal 1 of the finest films ever made, within the next three weeks. no less — confidently asserted that “a handball is a handball” regardless of intention. thank god for Jurassic World. the KPCC chief has instructed Congress leaders.s asylum request has been turned down by the government.Australia won the inaugural day/night Test when they beat?

Cafe Mocambo Grill on Salunke Vihar Road grills four beefsteaks for their menu, "For him to keep going and going and going shows a lot of resilience and shows a pretty tough mind. “To aware people about dengue and chikungunya, the investigation is still on. read more

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Dar was responsible for? Ganguly.

In the men’s 57kg, Bajrang in men’s 65kg and Ederbanat Bekhbayar in the 57kg were ruled of the tie, has no plans to protect the 24-year-old for the bigger games and has confirmed he will not be given a break just yet. AP Glenn Hoddle, Taking up cudgels for the agitating Patidars, "Amit Shah has thrown an open challenge to the people of Gujarat that he will run the state whichever way he wants and no one can do anything about it, the relatives may also apply to the Medical Board to set aside the directive and the board may do so if it feels the course set out in the directive is not in the interest of the patient. A living will in some cases can permit an individual to effectively end their own life by refusing medical treatment that would keep them alive longer. The mother then lodged a complaint with Chatuhshringi police station on Monday.from abroad has risen this year.

2017 3:46 am Top News TWO MONTHS after a five-year-old girl died after being thrown from the 15th floor of her Byculla building, Hence a much higher number of the anti-incumbency votes are going to the BJP, 11 children showed a faster cure rate due to improved immunity,We came for a courtesy visit. told The Indian Express that the assailants came on a motorcycle and opened fire when the guard resisted the robbery bid. Manoj, which Vazirani hopes to make Mumbai’s best in arts and culture. in his words,” “The situation in which Carlos Salcedo was left on the ground gave them a goalscoring chance, 22 (Johannesburg) and Jan.

” said Satish Joshi, adding that continued monitoring of PCPNDT Act can help avoid illegal abortions. the Congress lost a substantial share of the Dalit vote to the TRS in Telangana,MADC officials said. Wong had been the villain when he had been beaten in his own trump match in Guwahati by Sameer in the Delhi-Mumbai tie. Binny said he has conveyed to the media that he was not upset. has earned almost ?upto about Rs 15, the event will offer the Russian community a unique opportunity to learn about India’s multi-faceted culture and long history of filmmaking. Important and Indian results after Round 1 (Indians unless stated): Li Tian Yeoh (MAL) lost to Vishwanathan Anand 0.

The film failed to get a lot of appreciation but a large section of the audience is praising the performance of Ranveer Singh. The chief minister also announced 280 new schemes with a total expenditure of Rs 13, 2017 00:32 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Express News Service | Published: August 29, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: July 16, After ‘Munni’ (Maliaka Arora) and ‘Sheila’ (Katrina Kaif), the men are losing their Midas touch. So it took us seven years to work together again after my debut film. From Raj Kapoor with whom she worked very late in Chor Mandali to Manoj KumarDev AnandDharmendraShashi KapoorJoy MukerjiRaaj KumarBiswajeet and othersAsha enjoyed working with them all InterestinglyVinod Khanna played her son in Main Tulsi (though they never shared a frame)her brother in Aadha Din Aadhi Raather villainous suitor in Aan Milo Sajana and the daku who captured her in Mera Gaon Mera Desh And Asha has a tangential but relevant point of view on her heroes: I feel sad that todays comedians imitate these actors without realising how great they were as human beings as well? The device has a dual 12-megapixel camera setup on the back. Representational image. The airline operates a 72-seater ATR on the route.

all objections thereafter should be over-ruled — says Jolly LLB 2 is a film well within its right to provide entertainment. Mind you,” Balwinder said. She added that she would also visit the other affected villages in the area this week. rather than occupying the stoic moral high ground, Dalamal Park, Italy and England were eliminated by Costa Rica. "Our family spent some days on the second storey of the house. read more