TZ Split: We invite all tourists to contact the information centers for any kind of help and information

first_imgThe Tourist Board of Split addressed the public and tourists in Split and its surroundings, regarding the catastrophic fire that affected Croatia, and especially the surroundings of Split.Prije svega zahvaljujemo svim vatrogascima, građanima, Torcidi, medijima i turistima koji su pomogli u ovim teškim satima za naš grad i županiju ističu iz TZ SPlita te dodaju: “Nalazimo se u srcu turističke sezone, svi turisti sa opožarenih područja su zbrinuti i nisu ugroženi. Tokom cijele večeri primali smo upite turista te smo u suradnji s našim turističkim djelatnicima, hotelijerima, privatnim iznajmljivačima i kampovima, pronašli zamjenski smještaj za one sa ugroženih područja. Kako bi naši turisti ostali sigurni, upute o važnim informacijama, zatvorenim cestama i ponašanju u ovoj situaciji,  dijelili smo u našim informativnim centrima i putem Facebook stranice te pozivamo sve agencije, hotele i iznajmljivače da  sheraju  informacije. Kako doznajemo od  naših hotelijera turisti su svi informirani i ponašaju se u skladu s uputama. Air traffic is running normally, ferries and buses run regularly and we have shared information about closed roads through our social networks.Pozivamo sve turiste da se jave u naše informativne centre za bilo kakvu vrstu pomoći i da prate nove informacije te ostavljaju komentare na društvenim mrežama kako bi svi bili informirani. Izražavamo žaljenje svima koji su pretrpjeli bilo kakve materijalne ili druge gubitke, u ovom trenutku možemo reći da  iznajmljivači s ugroženih područja imaju našu podršku i da ćemo učiniti sve da im olakšamo ovu situaciju. ” istaknuli su iz TZ Splita.Also, tell guests to contact their loved ones via the Facebook Safety app to let them know they are okay.last_img read more

Danijela Cavlovic, B&B Studio Kairos: People are the ones who make the difference

first_imgBeing among the best in continuity is harder than reaching the very top, because staying at the same level of performance is the hardest.And this is exactly what the first Zagreb bed & breakfast Studio Kairos has been doing for years, which, in addition to recognition from Booking.com and TripAdvisor, received a prestigious award for the second year in a row. TripExpert.comas one of the best hotels in Zagreb.Less than 2 percent of hotels in the world can boast of this award, which gives additional significance to this recognition. By the way, the award is based on over a million reviews from various publications and professionals, portals, magazines such as Lonley Planet, Time Out, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, Michelin and many others, precisely to avoid false reviews which is unfortunately in tourism more and more. That is why the philosophy of TripExpert is to collect all reviews from credible sources and thus find the really most successful.Danijela Cavlovic, B&B Studio Kairos: People are the ones who make the differenceHotel service, hostel price, family atmosphere – this is the simple philosophy of Studio Kairosa, which has four themed rooms (Writers’ Room, Grandma’s Room, Music Room and Crafts Room), which have hosted over 7.000 guests from around the world in five years. Danijela Čavlović, the owner of Studio Karios, revealed her “secret” of success to us, pointing out that she often repeats to people that if someone wants to do this job, let them first honestly ask themselves if they like people.Because if they do not accept others as they are and some trifle can easily throw them out of step, and there are a lot of such “trifles” in tourism, then it is better for them to choose another activity. There is a lot of psychology in providing accommodation, ie hospitality, and you need to have sophisticated sensors to recognize what the guest wants to tell you, often only non-verbally. Some will be enough to greet them with a wide smile and offer coffee, with some you will have to open a bottle of wine if they want to hear something more from you, and some do not need any of it but just want to let them into the room as soon as possible and leave alone”Cavlovic points out.Family accommodation is not a real estate rental business. No, this is a much deeper and more significant connection between the host and the guest. It is this interaction and communication with guests that is the biggest advantage and the very essence of family accommodation. It is a full time job that requires a lot of sacrifices and the main thing – it is not renting an apartment as in the case of a real estate agent, but you must be a host and at the service of guests 0/24. You sell the service, not the property. And service is a key factor in tourism. “It is important that we approach them sincerely and with open hearts, and then we usually get the same from them. I believe in that Seneca, “man is man’s greatest sanctuary.” It is these relationships that we create that are a lasting value that tourists carry with them and based on that experience they evaluate us in their comments. Because there is beautiful nature, interesting architecture and entertainment everywhere, but it is the people who make the difference. ” concludes Cavlovic.The best marketing has always been and always will be word of mouth, and it’s up to you. Be a host, not a real estate agent.last_img read more

Thanks to the Renaissance Festival, Koprivnica entered the company of the most famous historical cities

first_imgThe Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Historic Towns in Solin awarded the “Renaissance Festival” a gold plaque “Plautilla” in competition with the best tourist products that are characterized by quality and creative interpretation of cultural and historical heritage.Koprivnica thus entered the society of famous European historical cities, thanks to the Renaissance Festival, and as they say from the Koprivnica Tourist Board, the festival was the only awarded project from continental Croatia, writes Večernji list. “This is another in a series of awards in recent years that the Renaissance Festival has received nationally, and this time internationally. The award is important to us because the Renaissance Festival and the presentation of historical heritage and facts have been recognized by people coming from historic cities. We cannot say that Koprivnica is a historic city, we have few historic, attractive buildings, but regardless of that we have shown that we can make a presentation and a project like no other city in Croatia, even those with world-famous historic buildings.”Said Renato Labazan, director of the Koprivnica Tourist Board and author of the event.This year’s Renaissance Festival will have, as every year, new attractions, and one of them will be a maze where visitors will be able to pass and look for a way out. “We decided to build a real maze and according to the first reactions we see that it will be a top attraction, not only for young people but also for all age groups because something similar does not exist in Croatia. That is not the only news. We will soon announce the main theme of the Renaissance Festival, something that is not present at similar events in Europe”Concludes Labazan.The twelfth Renaissance Festival was visited by more than 40.000 people in four days last August, and the main theme was “Nettles and Elixirs”.Source: local.vecernji.hrlast_img read more

With the project “Let’s go to the city” to the revival of the old city center

first_imgThe city of Šibenik is particularly affected by the decline in retail sales because, in addition to common problems of small and medium-sized cities from the EU, there are additional ones such as traffic problems in the city center, lack of large retail spaces, expensive renovation of protected facilities. raises rents to merchants. Certainly an interesting initiative and project of the Šibenik Tourist Board, because the old city center is one of the most valuable resources of the city itself. If the city is deserted and does not offer content within the old city, then we are somewhere very wrong in the development of our tourism. This is a small step forward, and I hope only the first step, because to wake up the whole story and the old city comes to life takes a lot more than one action. Ten European cities have joined forces in the RetaiLink project to revitalize their historic cores, relying on strengthening retail: Fermo (Italy), Pecs (Hungary), Bistrita (Romania), Liberec (Czech Republic), Hengelo and Hoogeveen (Netherlands), Basingstoke and Deane (Great Britain), and our city Šibenik. Attachment: PUBLIC INVITATION for candidacy of events for the award of grants from the program “LET’S GO TO THE CITY” in 2019 for the area of ​​the old town The old town is the soul and heart of the city of Šibenik, as with any tourist destination, at least they should be, right? Thus, the project “Let’s go to the city” was created, which aims to encourage events and organization of cultural, entertainment and eno-gastronomic events exclusively in the area of ​​the old town as a cultural and historical entity. THE CITY OF ŠIBENIK CO-FINANCES THE RENOVATION OF THE EXTERIOR JOINERY IN THE AREA OF THE OLD TOWN CENTER RELATED NEWS: center_img An action plan was made emphasizing the cooperation between the city administration and retailers, encouraging business in the old city center, encouraging retailers to increase competencies, reducing the effect of seasonality, marketing activities to increase the attractiveness of the city center and measures to increase accessibility of the city center. In order to focus the content on the old town, a public call for grants of the Tourist Board of the City of Šibenik was published, and it refers exclusively to events in the pre-season, ie in March, April and May and the sub-season, ie in October and November. Find out more details about the public call in the attachment. The vast majority of small and medium-sized cities have problems in the survival of commercial activity in city centers. The causes vary from city to city, but the main and common ones are the opening of shopping malls in the suburbs and beyond that offer a unified range of shops along with entertainment, easy car access and free parking, growing online sales and consumer change. . PROJECT OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEM OF THE CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL UNIT OF ŠIBENIK “GEONCULEUS SI” PRESENTED The City of Šibenik has already defined some of the measures for facilitating business for entrepreneurs who operate in the area of ​​the old city center, and now, as part of the entire project, there is a desire to revive the old city center through events. last_img read more

Mayor’s case shows scale of South Korea sexism: Activists

first_imgCase closed Park was one of the most prominent male advocates for women’s rights in South Korea and a pioneering figure in the field.As a lawyer he won a landmark, high-profile sex crime case in 1988, representing a young female labor activist who was sexually tortured by a policeman.More than a decade later, he won another case widely recognized as the country’s first workplace sexual harassment suit, which set a legal precedent in the country — where activists say such acts had barely been considered illegal prior to the ruling.Last year he told a public forum he was a feminist, and that he had cried while reading a controversial feminist novel dealing with a young mother’s struggle in a sexist society.But his former secretary is said to have accused him of multiple acts of harassment, including sending her selfies in his underwear.Park’s death automatically closed any police investigation into him, meaning that his accuser will not have an opportunity to legally prove her allegations, while he will not be able to mount a defense.As a result he kept “all of his honors and office status”, said Yun Dan-woo, a women’s rights activist.By taking his own life Park had once again silenced the accuser, activists said, as many would now dismiss her claims.Minor opposition Justice Party lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong expressed her support, telling her in a tweet: “I hope you know that you are not alone.” “Almost all South Korean men, whether they are politically conservative or liberal, are very traditional and patriarchal when it comes to gender issues,” Lee Soo-yeon, a researcher at the Korean Women’s Development Institute in Seoul, told AFP.”Politicians — who constantly seek power and acknowledgement — are no exception.”Male Korean politicians also “generally don’t understand what’s private is also political”, she said.”They would endorse feminism if it helps their political career, but would not think how they treat women in real life — such as at home or at work — also matters.”Activists have previously accused President Moon Jae-in — who once called himself a feminist — of failing women.”This is both the failure of the individual and the political party,” said Harvard researcher Keung Yoon Bae.”The chauvinism and misogyny — as well as the blindness to these issues — within the Korean Left has a long history, going back to student activism,” she added. “It can’t go unaddressed.” The circumstances of Park’s case — despite his liberal background and after a high-profile #MeToo campaign in the country — highlight the scale of gender inequality in South Korean politics, they said Friday.Park was the latest in a series of senior figures in the ruling center-left Democratic party to face accusations of sexual misconduct.Ahn Hee-jung, a former provincial governor who was runner-up in the 2017 race for the party’s presidential nomination, was convicted of “sexual intercourse by abuse of authority” last year after his assistant accused him of repeatedly raping her.And three months ago Oh Keo-don, the Democratic mayor of South Korea’s second biggest city Busan, resigned after admitting he had “unnecessary physical contact” with a female staffer. Topics : The magnitude of South Korea’s sexism problem has been illustrated by the case of a top politician and women’s rights advocate who was accused of sexual harassment then took his own life, activists say.Seoul mayor Park Won-soon, a former human rights lawyer, was instrumental in advocating against gender discrimination and in the 1990s won what is widely considered the first sexual harassment case in the conservative society.But following his suicide, feminist campaigners said he had avoided shame and punishment for allegedly harassing his female secretary, who filed a police complaint against him the day before his death.last_img read more

Youth Council calls on PM Golding to break his silence on Browning issue

first_img Sharing is caring! Kingston, Jamaica –Chairman and members of the National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYCJ) is calling on Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding to break his silence on reported cases of skin discrimination. While we wish to express our sincere condolences to the Prime Minister on the passing of his mother, we nonetheless call on him to add his voice to the comments that are being made and signal his outrage for such actions by Employers in modern Jamaica.The revelation of skin discrimination against our youth who are in training and who are seeking upward mobility in the world of work marks a watershed period in the history of our country. That this blatant form of discrimination is on the eve of Jamaica’s celebration of 50 years of Independence is living testimony as to how much we have not really progressed as a nation. The infringement on the rights of the Jamaican youth and indeed the rights of any Jamaican citizen is of grave concern to the Council. It is very unfortunate that we are still experiencing some of the atrocities against which our forefathers fought and many have resorted to “bleaching” in order to ascend to the social, corporate or economic ladder. It is an indictment on us as a people that many still believe that the colour of your skin can, does or will determine your future in some places in Jamaica. More and more persons are joining this “colour” conversation, making confessions, recounting experiences and telling stories which were once told many centuries ago by slaves. Is this a form of modern slavery? Are many too scarred by the past to embrace and accept persons despite the colour of their skin? Is Franz Fanon right when he writes about “Black skin, white masks’? It is another sad day for the NYCJ. Prime Minister, Chief Servant, over to you!.RECOMMENDATION1. Towards this end, the National Youth Council is recommending that a system of redress be developed and implemented to deal with all forms of discrimination which have been reported.2. We also ask the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) to amend its Vision 2030 document to include a Jamaica which is free from all forms of discrimination, including colour. Realizing that Vision would go a far way in making Jamaica the place to live, work, do business and raise family.Press ReleaseNational Youth Council of Jamaica Share Share 23 Views   no discussionscenter_img NewsRegional Youth Council calls on PM Golding to break his silence on Browning issue by: – September 17, 2011 Share Tweetlast_img read more

Sandigan convicts ex-Isabela guv on ‘malversation, graft’

first_img“Isangtaon na minarkahan ang mga ebidensiya, mga kontrata at resibo ng mga farmers, na sa kanilatalaga napunta ang pera. Hindi ako pumasok ng MOA ng walang authority ngSangguniang Panlalawigan. Binigyan nilaako ng authority na pumasok ngMOA, at notarized ito,” she added, saying she was hopingfor a reversal of the conviction and is prepared for a long legal battle ahead. The Sandiganbayan has set Padaca’sbail to P140,000 – double the amount of the P70,000 bail she earlier posted for her temporary liberty. Padaca said she was stunned with theSandiganbayan’s verdict as she maintained that she did not steal fromgovernment coffers. In a verdict on Friday, the anti-graftcourt found Padaca guilty of malversation of public funds and graft. She wassentenced to 12 to 14 years of jail time for her malversation conviction, ontop of six to 10 years prison time for graft. “Lahatng iyon (P25 million), napunta sa farmers. Alamnatin kung gaano sila naghihirap, umuutang sila sa mga traders atfinanciers. Hindi iyon napunta sa akin,” Padacasaid. Manila – The Sandiganbayan has convicted former Isabela Gov. GracePadaca for allegedly granting P25 million to a private entity for theprovince’s rice program. Former Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca was found guilty of malversation of public funds and graft by the Sandiganbayan on Friday. She was sentenced to 12 to 14 years of jail time for malversation, on top of six to 10 years prison time for graft. ABS-CBN NEWS The anti-graft court also ordered herto pay the Isabela government P18 million in fine for granting the P25-millioncontract to Economic Development for Western Isabela and Northern LuzonFoundation, Inc. (EDWINLFI) for the implementation of Isabela’s rice program,even if the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the two parties was notapproved by the Provincial Board. Padaca, who also served as Commissionon Elections commissioner before, was a recipient of the 2008 Ramon MagsaysayAward for Good Governance and is one of the founders of Kaya Natin, a movementfor good governance./PNlast_img read more

IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings Through Jan. 30

first_imgIMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds – 1. Ryan Roath, Phoenix, Ariz., 241; 2. Tim Ward, Gil­bert, Ariz., 228; 3. Brian Schultz, Casa Grande, Ariz., 198; 4. Lance Mari, El Centro, Calif., 180; 5. Larry Hood, Bakersfield, Calif., 151; 6. Steve Streeter, Madera, Calif., 135; 7. Jason Briese, Cleg­horn, Iowa, 125; 8. Chaz Baca, Mesa, Ariz., 123; 9. Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood, Iowa, 122; 10. Garrett Funk, Phoenix, Ariz., 121; 11. Ty Rogers, Somerton, Ariz., 118; 12. Zane DeVilbiss, Farming­ton, N.M., 111; 13. Spencer Wilson, Minot, N.D., and Chad Andersen, Fort Calhoun, Neb., both 100; 15. Troy Heupel, Williston, N.D., 92; 16. Bill Miller, Yuma, Ariz., 86; 17. Tommy Fain, Abilene, Texas, 84; 18. Riley Simmons, Susanville, Calif., and Cody Miller, Gilbert, Ariz., both 73; 20. Steven McCollough, Imperial, Calif., 72. IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Brent Wofford, Yuma, Ariz., 68; 2. Brian Johnson, Yuma, Ariz., and Craig Ebers, Yuma, Ariz., both 65; 4. Jason Beshears, Yuma, Ariz., 35; 5. Taylor Brisighella, Westmorland, Calif., 33; 6. Leonard Manos, Yuma, Ariz., 31.Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods – 1. Timmy Reese, Yuma, Ariz., 78; 2. Josh Wood, Yuma, Ariz., 77; 3. Schannon Mohamed, Brawley, Calif., 73; 4. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif., and Cody Daffern, Brawley, Calif., both 72; 6. Keith Smith, Imperial, Calif., 69; 7. Miles Morris, Yuma, Ariz., 68; 8. James Dupre, Yuma, Ariz., 66; 9. Sean Callens, Brawley, Calif., 64; 10. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif., 40; 11. Wayne Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif., 39; 12. Rick Diaz, Los Banos, Calif., 38; 13. Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif., 37; 14. James A. Digiovanni, Morgan Hill, Calif., 35; 15. Austin Frye, Taft, Calif., 34; 16. Robert Gallaher, San Jose, Calif., 33; 17. Paul Mulder, Pleasanton, Calif., 32; 18. Marisa Odgers, Mariposa, Calif., and Joshua Cordova, Somerton, Ariz., both 31; 20. Matt Mayo, Bakersfield, Calif., 29.last_img read more

Monk accuses Kim of Headbutt

first_imgSwansea boss Garry Monk has accused Cardiff midfielder Kim Bo-kyung of getting away with punching and headbutting Wayne Routledge as the aftermath of Saturday’s South Wales derby continues to boil over. Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was left perplexed, claiming De Guzman over-reacted, further pointing out Angel Rangel went unpunished for a kick on Wilfried Zaha. The mud-slinging has continued with Monk’s accusations regarding Kim, and telling Solskjaer to keep his own house in order first. “I saw Ole answering a question that my man Jon de Guzman made a meal of it,” said Monk. “When you receive an elbow in the back of the head and you go down normally, I don’t see how that’s an over-reaction. “I would have more concerns about the 35th minute corner for them when one of my players, Wayne Routledge, gets headbutted and punched in the face by Kim. “If anything I would be more concerned about something like that than saying one of my players was play-acting. “If you look at Wayne, when he gets headbutted and punched in the face, he stays on his feet. He doesn’t make a meal of it. “So I think Ole needs to look at his own players before he starts looking at mine.” Monk’s response came in the wake of Wednesday’s 1-1 draw at Stoke where Chico Flores netted a deserved second-half equaliser for the Swans after Peter Crouch had opened the scoring in the 17th minute. With four points from his two matches in charge since taking over from the sacked Michael Laudrup, the 34-year-old Monk has quickly adapted to life as a top-flight manager. The result keeps Swansea in 10th place, and although still only four points above the relegation zone, Monk is thriving on the challenge. Monk said: “It’s the situation I’m in. You can either sit and hide or attack it head on, and that’s the way I’ve always been. “The players know that, and all I care about are the players – and the fans obviously – but it’s a case of letting the players be themselves and playing to a level where they can perform. “I just want them to go out each week and put in a performance they can be proud of, and if they do that win, lose or draw, I’ll be more than happy.” Monk, meanwhile, has confirmed striker Michu is to return to full training this week as he closes in a return after undergoing ankle surgery in mid-December. Cardiff striker Craig Bellamy is currently serving a three-match ban after accepting a charge of violent conduct following a challenge on Jonathan de Guzman that was initially missed by the match officials. The decision to charge Bellamy came after a three-man panel of former elite referees reviewed the incident and agreed unanimously it was a sending-off offence. Press Associationlast_img read more