The project of transforming the Rijeka Delta into a green oasis

first_imgThe Delta Park project proposes an easy way to transform the parking space, the northern part of the Delta, into a new city central park. In the entire existing parking lot, the planting points of an individual tree and the open space zones of the future park would be marked graphically, in the correct raster. Gradual planned planting, with the idea of ​​citizen participation, would fill the entire area of ​​the Delta. In the first phases, the parking lot would function, and the time would be abolished for occasional events and manifestations. Over time, this space would be transformed into a central central city park – the forest, the new “lungs” of the city. New recreation zone, interactive, social and public space for all citizens Delta Park / 3LHD More information about the Delta Park project can be found HERE. Although there have been several ideas and plans for the Delta over the last six decades, unfortunately none have come to life. One of the main reasons is primarily financial. Investments of several hundred million euros are simply not realistic and achievable. The Delta Park project, as well as others from the “Sweet and Salty” program direction, would give a completely new dimension and appearance to Rijeka and would very likely place the city as one of the leaders in the northern Adriatic. “Of course, especially in widespread cities such as Rijeka, a certain parking space must be provided, it can not only be abolished, but with the development of public transport, electric bicycles, car-sharing or new city projects it is possible to free Delta from cars in the long run. For a start, we start with about 20 trees, little by little we can conquer that area and in a few years we will have a park, a forest or at least a combination of parking and forest. In addition, two new promenades would be created, which is also a great thing for the center of any city, including Rijeka.”Concludes Begović. Precisely because of that, the conceptual solutions of the program direction “Sweet and salty” were created. It is a series of smaller but attractive architectural and design projects that would cost the city budget relatively less. The target areas of these interventions would be the zones along Rječina, Mrtvi kanal and Molo longo, as well as the multi-confessional pavilion of Nikola Bašić and zipline, which we recently wrote about. “The project is at the same time grandiose and simple, it does not plan sudden cuts or large investments, but relies on more modern methods and gradual realization. In addition, it fits perfectly into the whole ECOC because, among other things, it includes citizens who can donate money for one tree, similarly, local businessmen can, all with the idea of ​​community participation in creating a new public space”, Said Sasa Begovic from 3LHD for Novi list. Delta Park / 3LHDcenter_img The idea of ​​a green oasis in Rijeka has been discussed for a long time, but it has never been realized. This green oasis includes promenades, trees, benches and landscaped space for facilities, reports Novi List. The last two ideas are very close to realization, and the Delta Park project, by the 3LHD architectural studio, would fit in perfectly. It is an award-winning studio that has already designed the Veterans’ Bridge in Rijeka. Although at first the idea of ​​a park / forest in the center of Rijeka seems too ambitious, the gradual and organized realization of smaller projects still seems achievable. Delta Park plan / 3LHD The emphasis is on the realization of the project in phases over several years. In other words, the parking lot would gradually disappear and turn into a park – “one place – one tree”. “The idea is that the current space intended for vehicles or parking, gradually and systematically transformed into a long-awaited public space – a new city central park. This can be achieved by a simple method of careful planning and with the involvement and participation of citizens. In agreement with the city, it would be planned to gradually abolish certain parking spaces and gradually plant trees in their places, from the north to the south of the Delta. Temporary parking would be abolished for occasional public events, and in the final phase it would be open glades in the forest park with various facilities. Two new city green promenades are being formed along the Dead Channel and along the Rječina. On the west coast, along with the existing zones of the Liberation Monument and the Veterans Monument, we are creating space for a Multi-confessional pavilion and space for maintaining ships. These are new open spaces, which, in addition to the existing ones, encourage social interaction and coexistence“, Reads the description of the Delta Park project. The wider center of Rijeka has a significant problem of lack of green space, especially when it comes to the Delta and the parking lot next door. Source: Novi List / Photo: Delta Park / 3LHDlast_img

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