Month: November 2020

TZ Split: We invite all tourists to contact the information centers for any kind of help and information

first_imgThe Tourist Board of Split addressed the public and tourists in Split and its surroundings, regarding the catastrophic fire that affected Croatia, and especially the surroundings of Split.Prije svega zahvaljujemo svim vatrogascima, građanima, Torcidi, medijima i turistima koji su pomogli u ovim teškim satima za naš grad i županiju ističu iz TZ SPlita te dodaju: “Nalazimo se u srcu turističke sezone, svi turisti sa opožarenih područja su zbrinuti i nisu ugroženi. Tokom cijele večeri primali smo upite turista te smo u suradnji s našim turističkim djelatnicima, hotelijerima, privatnim iznajmljivačima i kampovima, pronašli zamjenski smještaj za one sa ugroženih područja. Kako bi naši turisti ostali sigurni, upute o važnim informacijama, zatvorenim cestama i ponašanju u ovoj situaciji,  dijelili smo u našim informativnim centrima i putem Facebook stranice te pozivamo sve agencije, hotele i iznajmljivače da  sheraju  informacije. Kako doznajemo od  naših hotelijera turisti su svi informirani i ponašaju se u skladu s uputama. Air traffic is running normally, ferries and buses run regularly and we have shared information about closed roads through our social networks.Pozivamo sve turiste da se jave u naše informativne centre za bilo kakvu vrstu pomoći i da prate nove informacije te ostavljaju komentare na društvenim mrežama kako bi svi bili informirani. Izražavamo žaljenje svima koji su pretrpjeli bilo kakve materijalne ili druge gubitke, u ovom trenutku možemo reći da  iznajmljivači s ugroženih područja imaju našu podršku i da ćemo učiniti sve da im olakšamo ovu situaciju. ” istaknuli su iz TZ Splita.Also, tell guests to contact their loved ones via the Facebook Safety app to let them know they are okay.last_img read more

Danijela Cavlovic, B&B Studio Kairos: People are the ones who make the difference

first_imgBeing among the best in continuity is harder than reaching the very top, because staying at the same level of performance is the hardest.And this is exactly what the first Zagreb bed & breakfast Studio Kairos has been doing for years, which, in addition to recognition from and TripAdvisor, received a prestigious award for the second year in a row. TripExpert.comas one of the best hotels in Zagreb.Less than 2 percent of hotels in the world can boast of this award, which gives additional significance to this recognition. By the way, the award is based on over a million reviews from various publications and professionals, portals, magazines such as Lonley Planet, Time Out, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, Michelin and many others, precisely to avoid false reviews which is unfortunately in tourism more and more. That is why the philosophy of TripExpert is to collect all reviews from credible sources and thus find the really most successful.Danijela Cavlovic, B&B Studio Kairos: People are the ones who make the differenceHotel service, hostel price, family atmosphere – this is the simple philosophy of Studio Kairosa, which has four themed rooms (Writers’ Room, Grandma’s Room, Music Room and Crafts Room), which have hosted over 7.000 guests from around the world in five years. Danijela Čavlović, the owner of Studio Karios, revealed her “secret” of success to us, pointing out that she often repeats to people that if someone wants to do this job, let them first honestly ask themselves if they like people.Because if they do not accept others as they are and some trifle can easily throw them out of step, and there are a lot of such “trifles” in tourism, then it is better for them to choose another activity. There is a lot of psychology in providing accommodation, ie hospitality, and you need to have sophisticated sensors to recognize what the guest wants to tell you, often only non-verbally. Some will be enough to greet them with a wide smile and offer coffee, with some you will have to open a bottle of wine if they want to hear something more from you, and some do not need any of it but just want to let them into the room as soon as possible and leave alone”Cavlovic points out.Family accommodation is not a real estate rental business. No, this is a much deeper and more significant connection between the host and the guest. It is this interaction and communication with guests that is the biggest advantage and the very essence of family accommodation. It is a full time job that requires a lot of sacrifices and the main thing – it is not renting an apartment as in the case of a real estate agent, but you must be a host and at the service of guests 0/24. You sell the service, not the property. And service is a key factor in tourism. “It is important that we approach them sincerely and with open hearts, and then we usually get the same from them. I believe in that Seneca, “man is man’s greatest sanctuary.” It is these relationships that we create that are a lasting value that tourists carry with them and based on that experience they evaluate us in their comments. Because there is beautiful nature, interesting architecture and entertainment everywhere, but it is the people who make the difference. ” concludes Cavlovic.The best marketing has always been and always will be word of mouth, and it’s up to you. Be a host, not a real estate agent.last_img read more

Thanks to the Renaissance Festival, Koprivnica entered the company of the most famous historical cities

first_imgThe Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Historic Towns in Solin awarded the “Renaissance Festival” a gold plaque “Plautilla” in competition with the best tourist products that are characterized by quality and creative interpretation of cultural and historical heritage.Koprivnica thus entered the society of famous European historical cities, thanks to the Renaissance Festival, and as they say from the Koprivnica Tourist Board, the festival was the only awarded project from continental Croatia, writes Večernji list. “This is another in a series of awards in recent years that the Renaissance Festival has received nationally, and this time internationally. The award is important to us because the Renaissance Festival and the presentation of historical heritage and facts have been recognized by people coming from historic cities. We cannot say that Koprivnica is a historic city, we have few historic, attractive buildings, but regardless of that we have shown that we can make a presentation and a project like no other city in Croatia, even those with world-famous historic buildings.”Said Renato Labazan, director of the Koprivnica Tourist Board and author of the event.This year’s Renaissance Festival will have, as every year, new attractions, and one of them will be a maze where visitors will be able to pass and look for a way out. “We decided to build a real maze and according to the first reactions we see that it will be a top attraction, not only for young people but also for all age groups because something similar does not exist in Croatia. That is not the only news. We will soon announce the main theme of the Renaissance Festival, something that is not present at similar events in Europe”Concludes Labazan.The twelfth Renaissance Festival was visited by more than 40.000 people in four days last August, and the main theme was “Nettles and Elixirs”.Source: local.vecernji.hrlast_img read more

Green Sail: Where are our ban zones for discharging fecal water from vessels?

first_imgGreen Sail, an association that creates a positive environment for the development of nautical tourism by proposing preventive and corrective measures for partner marinas and charters, recorded a video on the problem of discharging black wastewater from various types of vessels in Croatia.Marine pollution today is one of the biggest environmental problems and can cause serious consequences for the living conditions of marine underwater flora and fauna. According to the Green Sail Association, although the nautical sector faces many other problems, it should not be overlooked that seawater can be contaminated with pathogens, nutrients, chemicals, detergents, pesticides and heavy metals from faecal wastewater, which can lead to many health problems. and at the same time endanger the maritime system and the economy.The head of the Maritime Department of the University of Dubrovnik, Dr. Koboević, advised on the current practice of discharging fecal water from vessels. He pointed out that the process of learning and raising people’s awareness is quite slow. “Croatian legislation does not have strict or detailed regulations on how far something can be dropped far from the coast without being sanctioned “, emphasizes Dr. Koboević, who defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic“Model of marine pollution with black wastewater from vessels”He adds that in general, where there are large yachts and megayachts, as well as where there are small sailboats, there are a lot of bacteria. Cruisers have a faecal wastewater treatment system subject to international law, yachts also have this system (although it is not always used in the case of yachts), while sailboats do not have this system at all.Unfortunately, emptying black tanks in marinas is rare due to the small number of marinas that have this service. Only more precise laws and increased control can achieve the necessary changes in the discharge of fecal water from vessels across the Adriatic coast, the Green Sail Association concludes.More about the Green Sail Association and the movement for the promotion of sustainable tourism and environmentally responsible practices within the nautical sector Green Sail is a non-profit initiative established with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism and environmentally responsible practices within the nautical sector and preventing pollution of the sea and marine environment.Through its two programs, Green Sail works to prevent marine litter by providing educational and informational activities and materials.Charter program, the initiative promotes the importance of reducing plastic products and recycling charters and their guests, both on sailboats and in marinas. So far, over 40 charters with more than 1100 sailboats have joined the program. For its charter partners, the initiative provides education, all the necessary materials (flags, brochures and stickers for sailboats) before the first departure, support in individual and joint projects.Marine programs, the initiative advises partner marinas on appropriate waste management practices, with an emphasis on efficient waste separation. So far, the ACI marina chain has joined the program, as well as several private marinas, and we can especially emphasize the successful cooperation with Porto Montenegro, as our most distant partner. To partner marinas, the initiative provides education, promotional and information materials, a guide to marinas, regular inspections and counseling.Related news:IS DUBROVNIK AND OUR ISLANDS THREATENED BY AN ECOLOGICAL DISASTER CAUSED BY GARBAGE FROM THE SEA?last_img read more

The Days of Croatian Tourism started on Hvar

first_imgThe Days of Croatian Tourism started today, the largest traditional gathering of tourist workers in Croatia, which is being held this year on October 24 and 25 in Hvar. In addition to the awards and recognitions of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for the best in tourism, the two-day program will bring together over a thousand participants with educational lectures, workshops and round tables of leading domestic and international tourism experts on current topics, such as tourism development. supply and branding, labor issues, sustainable development and many others.  “The growth of over 5 percent, which we achieved this year despite the awakening of competitive markets, speaks of a good tourist year, especially if we take into account that Croatia has not even remotely activated its potential. This requires new investments, new tourism products to extend the season and solve the problem of lack of skilled labor, “Said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovačević, adding that it should be borne in mind that growth should be sustainable in terms of environment, cultural heritage and infrastructure.”This year, Hvar is celebrating 150 years of organized tourism, so the Days of Croatian Tourism, the largest professional tourism event, is a great opportunity to look back on all previous successes, but also to turn to new goals and challenges. This year’s program is dedicated to a number of current topics that drive tourism in the world and represent an opportunity not only for Croatian tourism but also for the promotion of the entire Croatian economy. This week dedicated to tourism will end with a session of the Government to be held in Hvar, where special emphasis will be placed on the importance of islands and tourism on islands, which accounts for more than a quarter of total tourist traffic in our country. ” pointed out the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Tourism Frano Matušić during the opening of the Croatian Tourism Day.”We are extremely pleased with the rich program of the Croatian Tourism Day, in which, in addition to numerous established domestic experts, our friends from other countries such as the USA, Japan and Poland will also participate. Nevertheless, given the basic task of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which is to strengthen the strength of the national tourist brand, I am especially pleased to announce a broader debate on the brand of our country. Of course, this year we will award the best from different segments of our overall tourist offer with an emphasis on the most important, and that is the people who work in tourism. It is precisely because of them that Croatia is today recognized as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. “, said the director of the CNTB Kristjan Staničić, adding that the strategic goals for next year refer to the positioning of Croatia as an attractive year-round destination, further strengthening of airlines and stronger promotional activities in distant markets such as China, Korea or the USA.  Photo: MintThe main part of the program begins with a panel discussion “Film industry and tourism” which will discuss the connection between tourism and film and the importance of the film industry for the tourist promotion of destinations. The lecture will be given by Al Merschen, President and Founder of MMGY Global, a leading PR and marketing group in the United States on the topic “Croatia – an attractive destination for American tourists.” On the second day of the event, the Croatian Tourist Forum of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be held on the topic of labor shortage in tourism. On the first day, part of the awards of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be presented, in the categories for destinations of the year, attractions of the year, awards to the business sector (Tourist flower – quality for Croatia) and for people in tourism. The second part of the awards will be presented tomorrow, October 25, for the 10 best in tourism, in the following categories: Cultural tourist attraction of the year, Tourist event of the year, Innovation in tourism of the year, Restaurant of the year, Tourist agency of the year, Marina of the year , Hotel of the Year, Anton Štifanić Award for Lifetime Achievement and Person of the Year and Tourist Destination of the Year.The organizers of the event are the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which have been organizing this event together for the eleventh year in a row. Days of Croatian tourism are held this year with the support of the hosts of the City of Hvar  and the Tourist Board of the City of Hvar, which this year marks 150 years of organized tourism.last_img read more

The project of transforming the Rijeka Delta into a green oasis

first_imgThe Delta Park project proposes an easy way to transform the parking space, the northern part of the Delta, into a new city central park. In the entire existing parking lot, the planting points of an individual tree and the open space zones of the future park would be marked graphically, in the correct raster. Gradual planned planting, with the idea of ​​citizen participation, would fill the entire area of ​​the Delta. In the first phases, the parking lot would function, and the time would be abolished for occasional events and manifestations. Over time, this space would be transformed into a central central city park – the forest, the new “lungs” of the city. New recreation zone, interactive, social and public space for all citizens Delta Park / 3LHD More information about the Delta Park project can be found HERE. Although there have been several ideas and plans for the Delta over the last six decades, unfortunately none have come to life. One of the main reasons is primarily financial. Investments of several hundred million euros are simply not realistic and achievable. The Delta Park project, as well as others from the “Sweet and Salty” program direction, would give a completely new dimension and appearance to Rijeka and would very likely place the city as one of the leaders in the northern Adriatic. “Of course, especially in widespread cities such as Rijeka, a certain parking space must be provided, it can not only be abolished, but with the development of public transport, electric bicycles, car-sharing or new city projects it is possible to free Delta from cars in the long run. For a start, we start with about 20 trees, little by little we can conquer that area and in a few years we will have a park, a forest or at least a combination of parking and forest. In addition, two new promenades would be created, which is also a great thing for the center of any city, including Rijeka.”Concludes Begović. Precisely because of that, the conceptual solutions of the program direction “Sweet and salty” were created. It is a series of smaller but attractive architectural and design projects that would cost the city budget relatively less. The target areas of these interventions would be the zones along Rječina, Mrtvi kanal and Molo longo, as well as the multi-confessional pavilion of Nikola Bašić and zipline, which we recently wrote about. “The project is at the same time grandiose and simple, it does not plan sudden cuts or large investments, but relies on more modern methods and gradual realization. In addition, it fits perfectly into the whole ECOC because, among other things, it includes citizens who can donate money for one tree, similarly, local businessmen can, all with the idea of ​​community participation in creating a new public space”, Said Sasa Begovic from 3LHD for Novi list. Delta Park / 3LHDcenter_img The idea of ​​a green oasis in Rijeka has been discussed for a long time, but it has never been realized. This green oasis includes promenades, trees, benches and landscaped space for facilities, reports Novi List. The last two ideas are very close to realization, and the Delta Park project, by the 3LHD architectural studio, would fit in perfectly. It is an award-winning studio that has already designed the Veterans’ Bridge in Rijeka. Although at first the idea of ​​a park / forest in the center of Rijeka seems too ambitious, the gradual and organized realization of smaller projects still seems achievable. Delta Park plan / 3LHD The emphasis is on the realization of the project in phases over several years. In other words, the parking lot would gradually disappear and turn into a park – “one place – one tree”. “The idea is that the current space intended for vehicles or parking, gradually and systematically transformed into a long-awaited public space – a new city central park. This can be achieved by a simple method of careful planning and with the involvement and participation of citizens. In agreement with the city, it would be planned to gradually abolish certain parking spaces and gradually plant trees in their places, from the north to the south of the Delta. Temporary parking would be abolished for occasional public events, and in the final phase it would be open glades in the forest park with various facilities. Two new city green promenades are being formed along the Dead Channel and along the Rječina. On the west coast, along with the existing zones of the Liberation Monument and the Veterans Monument, we are creating space for a Multi-confessional pavilion and space for maintaining ships. These are new open spaces, which, in addition to the existing ones, encourage social interaction and coexistence“, Reads the description of the Delta Park project. The wider center of Rijeka has a significant problem of lack of green space, especially when it comes to the Delta and the parking lot next door. Source: Novi List / Photo: Delta Park / 3LHDlast_img read more

With the project “Let’s go to the city” to the revival of the old city center

first_imgThe city of Šibenik is particularly affected by the decline in retail sales because, in addition to common problems of small and medium-sized cities from the EU, there are additional ones such as traffic problems in the city center, lack of large retail spaces, expensive renovation of protected facilities. raises rents to merchants. Certainly an interesting initiative and project of the Šibenik Tourist Board, because the old city center is one of the most valuable resources of the city itself. If the city is deserted and does not offer content within the old city, then we are somewhere very wrong in the development of our tourism. This is a small step forward, and I hope only the first step, because to wake up the whole story and the old city comes to life takes a lot more than one action. Ten European cities have joined forces in the RetaiLink project to revitalize their historic cores, relying on strengthening retail: Fermo (Italy), Pecs (Hungary), Bistrita (Romania), Liberec (Czech Republic), Hengelo and Hoogeveen (Netherlands), Basingstoke and Deane (Great Britain), and our city Šibenik. Attachment: PUBLIC INVITATION for candidacy of events for the award of grants from the program “LET’S GO TO THE CITY” in 2019 for the area of ​​the old town The old town is the soul and heart of the city of Šibenik, as with any tourist destination, at least they should be, right? Thus, the project “Let’s go to the city” was created, which aims to encourage events and organization of cultural, entertainment and eno-gastronomic events exclusively in the area of ​​the old town as a cultural and historical entity. THE CITY OF ŠIBENIK CO-FINANCES THE RENOVATION OF THE EXTERIOR JOINERY IN THE AREA OF THE OLD TOWN CENTER RELATED NEWS: center_img An action plan was made emphasizing the cooperation between the city administration and retailers, encouraging business in the old city center, encouraging retailers to increase competencies, reducing the effect of seasonality, marketing activities to increase the attractiveness of the city center and measures to increase accessibility of the city center. In order to focus the content on the old town, a public call for grants of the Tourist Board of the City of Šibenik was published, and it refers exclusively to events in the pre-season, ie in March, April and May and the sub-season, ie in October and November. Find out more details about the public call in the attachment. The vast majority of small and medium-sized cities have problems in the survival of commercial activity in city centers. The causes vary from city to city, but the main and common ones are the opening of shopping malls in the suburbs and beyond that offer a unified range of shops along with entertainment, easy car access and free parking, growing online sales and consumer change. . PROJECT OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEM OF THE CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL UNIT OF ŠIBENIK “GEONCULEUS SI” PRESENTED The City of Šibenik has already defined some of the measures for facilitating business for entrepreneurs who operate in the area of ​​the old city center, and now, as part of the entire project, there is a desire to revive the old city center through events. last_img read more

Analysis of the business travel market in Croatia

first_imgIn 2018, 8% of the Croatian population went on business multi-day trips Second question was related to the regions to which one travels most often, and it is 10% of respondents stated that they most often travel in Croatia, 40% in Europe, 5% travel intercontinental, and 45% travels all over the world because of the nature of the business. 8% stated that they were not satisfied with the work of travel agencies, that they are slow to react and that often the traveler himself is able to find better options on the Internet, which often forward to the agency that they make that same reservation. 10% said they were dissatisfied with online purchases, that the information is contradictory, that there are a lot of hidden costs and that there are additional costs due to currency conversions. Photo: First question was to describe descriptively their problems and frustrations they encountered in the preparation phase of the business trip, during it, but also after: Total expenditures for business trips in 2018. amounted to HRK 3,7 billion, of which HRK 875 million related to business trips in Croatia and HRK 2,79 billion to those abroad. RELATED NEWS: Source: The aim of the analysis was to examine whether the general popularization of travel is in favor of business people, what are their habits and needs, and what are the most common problems and frustrations they encountered. Of all the 250 people, who descriptively expressed their biggest problems and frustrations along the way, 23% of them stated that they had big problems with hotel accommodation. The problems were related to the fact that the description of the accommodation on the hotel’s website did not correspond to the real situation, it usually looked much better on the website, and they added that they had big problems with issuing invoices. They also mentioned that their R1 account is extremely important for justifying the costs.  “When it comes to booking accommodation and airline tickets for business trips, what are the biggest challenges, frustrations or problems you face? ” According to the CBS, in 2018, the population of Croatia aged 15 and over made 5,9 million one-day trips, of which 4,9 million or 82,5 percent were private, and one million or 17,5 percent business. The results of the survey helped us to understand the habits of business travelers, real problems and frustrations, what their needs are, and what solutions could help them better manage travel costs, Planinić points out as the research concludes, adding that it is important for companies to create Travel Policy. MEET ELIZABETA PLANINIĆ, THE GOOD SPIRIT OF CROATIAN TOURISM AND THE BEST TRAVEL PERSONAL AGENT IN CROATIA center_img If you would like a free copy of the manual, contact them via email  As many as 59% said they were extremely frustrated with airlines, and the reasons are expensive or impossible changes of purchased airline tickets, cancellation or delay of flights, which later creates big problems, inability to combine airlines in different groups, too expensive airline tickets from Zagreb, and generally poor connection with flights from Zagreb. Photo: Analysis of the business travel market in Croatia Business travel is usually the second or third cost within the structure, but the first cost that can be influenced. “Business travel must be a means of work, not a source of stress. It is not enough to buy a ticket and book a room anymore. It is up to companies, and individual departments, to address the quality and travel experience for their employees. It’s a new way to take extra care of your people, because we know, there are no results without satisfied people, and they contribute more with a sense of belonging and take that extra step towards the result. ” points out Elizabeta Planinić, business travel consultant and owner of the agency The PutujBolje agency also created manual which explains each known form of travel booking, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and according to which each company can choose the form that suits them best. That way, they can start managing their own trips, not the other way around. 23% stated that price is most important to them when choosing a supplier, 13% said that the most important thing for them is the high quality of service, 16% said that the most important thing for them is to have customer support available throughout the trip, 1% that the most important criterion is choosing a supplier offered bonus or loyalty program, 47% is stated that the most important thing for them is to have at their disposal their personal agent whom they know and who knows their personal needs. In April this year, a travel agency specializing in business travel Travel Better, in collaboration with Ana Keglović Horvat from AKH Consulting, conducted a detailed market research on a sample of 250 business travelers, in 130 Croatian companies, which travel due to the nature of their business. The third question it was in the direction of what their criteria were around choosing a supplier through which to book business trips. TRAVEL POLICY is a document that brings time management to costs and processes. “By applying the Travel policy and further educating our employees about healthy habits while on the road, it certainly has a direct impact on physical mental and emotional health, which is the responsibility of each structure for its employees. If you create a Travel policy, educate your employees, provide them with support, the results are guaranteed to be like a domino effect, and they will be visible and measurable in business results, sense of belonging, physical, mental and emotional feeling. You will measure with a smile on their faces, and enviable results achieved on the trip. ” Planinić concludes. The survey was conducted on 250 carefully selected people who often travel due to the nature of their work.  MANUAL: THE MOST EFFICIENT BUSINESS TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMlast_img read more

Let’s forget the past, let’s turn to the future. #DayOne the first conference of the portal

first_imgThe key thing to emphasize is that after the conference, there will be meetings with the private sector from each area, in order to gather all concrete solutions in one strategic document, which will make a list of all challenges in the field, the so-called. “White paper”, with a clear argumentation of the whole issue, and most importantly with the offered concrete solutions on how to accelerate market changes. I am aware that this may sound naive to some, but on the other hand, let’s start with ourselves – we as individuals and as a profession and society are ultimately the change we are all waiting for. Whether we want to cooperate and move forward or not, it all depends on ourselves. It’s up to the people, isn’t it? We are all constantly talking and spinning around the problem plaguing every sector in tourism, but we are not dealing with content and expecting someone else to be that change. We are talking about market development here, not politics. Operational problems plaguing the private sector, and this is not a matter of a priori policy, but of market development.  Day by day there will be more details about the conference, the program and the whole platform. #DayOne As I pointed out, #DayOne is not another conference, but a platform. Because we cannot talk about the future of our tourism only one day, during the conference, but every day.  We have to be realistic and honest, we can’t do without each other, whatever anyone thinks. Without dialogue we cannot achieve sustainable growth and development of our tourism.  Although the number of arrivals and overnight stays is growing from year to year, there are various challenges in the field, from the extension of the tourist season, sustainable development of tourist destinations, insufficient domestic workforce, too little cooperation and synergy, etc.…  But in order to turn these potentials into resources, I need to start proactively engaging in market development and growth, there must be dialogue and common communication and consensus on common themes and challenges. Portal just wants to be at the center of this story as a kind of mediator, a channel that connects through dialogue and communication and provides concrete solutions. According to the tourist dictionary, a complete tourist product should be defined, ie market barriers for the development of the entire tourism sector should be removed.   Conference ONE DAY OR DAY ONE held on 02.04.2020. in the Congress Center Forum Zagreb will officially announce the entire #DayOne platform. The conference will bring together tourism experts from various tourism sectors, both private, scientific and public sectors, host foreign speakers who will present global tourism trends, show positive examples of cooperation, and openly and constructively discuss all challenges and most importantly offer concrete solutions. accelerate the growth of our tourism. Some of the lecturers will be Božo Skoko, Ognjen Bagatin, Paul Bradbury, whose portal Total Croatia News is a partner and media sponsor of the conference – soon more about the program itself.  Finally, I ask you: Will we continue to talk for years about the potential and need for change or will we all move together and be that change?  And that’s why there is a need to launch the #DayOne platform, the focus of which is to connect “incompatible” or start communication. The main focus is not on problems and the past, but on constructive open dialogue and solutions. The focus is on the positives, not the negatives. The focus is on synergy and collaboration.  We all say that we have an incredible amount of potential wherever we turn and that we need a change in the context of market development, in order to turn those potentials into our resources. center_img PLATFORM ONE DAY OR DAY ONE #dayone Today we live and operate in the global European market, where information and knowledge are available to all and we all fight for the same tourist in the global market. Also, today more than ever the focus of each country is on the growth of small and medium economy as the foundation of a healthy, sustainable and strong economy, and it is through the tourism sector that we directly affect the sustainability of the local economy. The question we all need to ask ourselves: How to move faster and better? What can we do to make tomorrow better? Where do we see Croatian tourism in 2030?  This is not my story, this is our story. We all make a Croatian tourist product. Let’s forget the past, let’s turn to the future. Let today be the focus on #dayone and not #oneday. One Day Or Day One. I choose dialogue, collaboration and #DayOne starting from today, starting from me first.  A document that will unite the views of the private and public sectors, with the aim of consensus on the main challenges with a specific time interval on how to overcome them.  Tourism is one of the key and most important sectors of the Croatian economy, generating about 20 percent of GDP in the Republic of Croatia.  But one of the main problems is that we do not have quality dialogue and communication between the private and public sectors. Tourism is not homogeneous and does not form one industry, but connects various other industries vertically and horizontally. That is why it is complex and we must deal with it in a strategic and sustainable way. And for that we need the unity and synergy of everyone, including the private and public sectors.  Two words have marked our tourism for decades: potential and change. Portal as a mediator between sectors SAVE THE DATE 02.04.2020.last_img read more

Comms offer all renters a free solution for direct booking of accommodation

first_img“This is our modest contribution to renters in this extraordinary situation. Thus, renters can offer guests a direct reservation of accommodation through their own website without paying a commission to booking portals, so that in this situation with realistically expected less traffic, renters are left with as much profit as possible. For direct reservations, it makes no sense to pay a high commission, and in order for this to work well for the provider and the guest, you need your own reservation system built into the website. Comms offers a simple solution for which no commission is paid, so in this situation we decided to offer a free platform to all renters as our modest contribution and help in this situation.”Benic points out. A survey conducted by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce among family accommodation providers showed that over 90 percent of them feel the effects of coronavirus on business in the form of reduced bookings, and 60 percent estimate the current financial damage at up to HRK 50.000. This specifically means that guests can book accommodation to renters directly and without commission, and the entire platform supports all payments via the Internet. “All you have to do is send us a link to your presentation on or Airbnb, and we will deliver your new booking website to you within a few days”Concludes Benić. Cover Photo: If you want to know more about the free Comms solution for online booking of private accommodation, fill this one out FORM and find out all the details from the team from Comms. There should certainly be a focus on the domestic guest, which we will activate the easiest and fastest, especially because in Croatia, if we compare other countries, there is no local transmission of coronavirus and the situation is under control, as it may be in the current situation. But one thing is for sure, we need a drastic reorganization and optimization of the process at the level of the accommodation market, in accordance with the emergency situation. Although it is difficult to predict anything in this situation, let’s try to think and hope for positive predictions in the context of how this emergency will calm down in at least 45-60 days, which still gives us room for some traffic and maybe the season can be partially saved. Also, in accordance with social media communication and promotion (the day after the coronavirus), the focus should be for renters to redirect reservations from aggregator booking websites to their direct bookings, so that renters earn as much as possible, ie so as not to have a commission cost.center_img As the coronavirus pandemic has created a questionable situation in all sectors of the economy, and especially in tourism, the success of this season is more than questionable. Free use of the Comms platform will be available at least until June 30, to assist renters in this emergency, ie as long as this emergency lasts. / / / MOST LESSORS ESTIMATE FINANCIAL DAMAGES IN THE AMOUNT OF HRK 50.000 DUE TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF CORONAVIRUS When asked how they specifically intend to help renters in this emergency, Mario Benić, The founder of Comms points out that they offer free use of the entire platform that allows to establish and manage a website with booking accommodation, and due to the emergency situation they do not take any commission for booking. It is in this segment that Comms has attracted our attention with its announcement that it offers renters its solution for direct online reservations of private accommodation free of charge, in accordance with the emergency situation. In this situation, we must be ready to react immediately when the whole situation calms down. We need to plan, prepare promotional campaigns and be ready for the “day after the coronavirus” in order to still be able to save part of the main season. Then the most important thing is to start the promotion immediately.last_img read more