Analysis of the business travel market in Croatia

first_imgIn 2018, 8% of the Croatian population went on business multi-day trips Second question was related to the regions to which one travels most often, and it is 10% of respondents stated that they most often travel in Croatia, 40% in Europe, 5% travel intercontinental, and 45% travels all over the world because of the nature of the business. 8% stated that they were not satisfied with the work of travel agencies, that they are slow to react and that often the traveler himself is able to find better options on the Internet, which often forward to the agency that they make that same reservation. 10% said they were dissatisfied with online purchases, that the information is contradictory, that there are a lot of hidden costs and that there are additional costs due to currency conversions. Photo: Pexels.com First question was to describe descriptively their problems and frustrations they encountered in the preparation phase of the business trip, during it, but also after: Total expenditures for business trips in 2018. amounted to HRK 3,7 billion, of which HRK 875 million related to business trips in Croatia and HRK 2,79 billion to those abroad. RELATED NEWS: Source: PutujBolje.com The aim of the analysis was to examine whether the general popularization of travel is in favor of business people, what are their habits and needs, and what are the most common problems and frustrations they encountered. Of all the 250 people, who descriptively expressed their biggest problems and frustrations along the way, 23% of them stated that they had big problems with hotel accommodation. The problems were related to the fact that the description of the accommodation on the hotel’s website did not correspond to the real situation, it usually looked much better on the website, and they added that they had big problems with issuing invoices. They also mentioned that their R1 account is extremely important for justifying the costs.  “When it comes to booking accommodation and airline tickets for business trips, what are the biggest challenges, frustrations or problems you face? ” According to the CBS, in 2018, the population of Croatia aged 15 and over made 5,9 million one-day trips, of which 4,9 million or 82,5 percent were private, and one million or 17,5 percent business. The results of the survey helped us to understand the habits of business travelers, real problems and frustrations, what their needs are, and what solutions could help them better manage travel costs, Planinić points out as the research concludes, adding that it is important for companies to create Travel Policy. MEET ELIZABETA PLANINIĆ, THE GOOD SPIRIT OF CROATIAN TOURISM AND THE BEST TRAVEL PERSONAL AGENT IN CROATIA center_img If you would like a free copy of the manual, contact them via email  As many as 59% said they were extremely frustrated with airlines, and the reasons are expensive or impossible changes of purchased airline tickets, cancellation or delay of flights, which later creates big problems, inability to combine airlines in different groups, too expensive airline tickets from Zagreb, and generally poor connection with flights from Zagreb. Photo: Pexels.com Analysis of the business travel market in Croatia Business travel is usually the second or third cost within the structure, but the first cost that can be influenced. “Business travel must be a means of work, not a source of stress. It is not enough to buy a ticket and book a room anymore. It is up to companies, and individual departments, to address the quality and travel experience for their employees. It’s a new way to take extra care of your people, because we know, there are no results without satisfied people, and they contribute more with a sense of belonging and take that extra step towards the result. ” points out Elizabeta Planinić, business travel consultant and owner of the PutujBolje.com agency The PutujBolje agency also created manual which explains each known form of travel booking, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and according to which each company can choose the form that suits them best. That way, they can start managing their own trips, not the other way around. 23% stated that price is most important to them when choosing a supplier, 13% said that the most important thing for them is the high quality of service, 16% said that the most important thing for them is to have customer support available throughout the trip, 1% that the most important criterion is choosing a supplier offered bonus or loyalty program, 47% is stated that the most important thing for them is to have at their disposal their personal agent whom they know and who knows their personal needs. In April this year, a travel agency specializing in business travel Travel Better, in collaboration with Ana Keglović Horvat from AKH Consulting, conducted a detailed market research on a sample of 250 business travelers, in 130 Croatian companies, which travel due to the nature of their business. The third question it was in the direction of what their criteria were around choosing a supplier through which to book business trips. TRAVEL POLICY is a document that brings time management to costs and processes. “By applying the Travel policy and further educating our employees about healthy habits while on the road, it certainly has a direct impact on physical mental and emotional health, which is the responsibility of each structure for its employees. If you create a Travel policy, educate your employees, provide them with support, the results are guaranteed to be like a domino effect, and they will be visible and measurable in business results, sense of belonging, physical, mental and emotional feeling. You will measure with a smile on their faces, and enviable results achieved on the trip. ” Planinić concludes. The survey was conducted on 250 carefully selected people who often travel due to the nature of their work.  MANUAL: THE MOST EFFICIENT BUSINESS TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMlast_img read more

Comms offer all renters a free solution for direct booking of accommodation

first_img“This is our modest contribution to renters in this extraordinary situation. Thus, renters can offer guests a direct reservation of accommodation through their own website without paying a commission to booking portals, so that in this situation with realistically expected less traffic, renters are left with as much profit as possible. For direct reservations, it makes no sense to pay a high commission, and in order for this to work well for the provider and the guest, you need your own reservation system built into the website. Comms offers a simple solution for which no commission is paid, so in this situation we decided to offer a free platform to all renters as our modest contribution and help in this situation.”Benic points out. A survey conducted by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce among family accommodation providers showed that over 90 percent of them feel the effects of coronavirus on business in the form of reduced bookings, and 60 percent estimate the current financial damage at up to HRK 50.000. This specifically means that guests can book accommodation to renters directly and without commission, and the entire platform supports all payments via the Internet. “All you have to do is send us a link to your presentation on booking.com or Airbnb, and we will deliver your new booking website to you within a few days”Concludes Benić. Cover Photo: Pixabay.com If you want to know more about the free Comms solution for online booking of private accommodation, fill this one out FORM and find out all the details from the team from Comms. There should certainly be a focus on the domestic guest, which we will activate the easiest and fastest, especially because in Croatia, if we compare other countries, there is no local transmission of coronavirus and the situation is under control, as it may be in the current situation. But one thing is for sure, we need a drastic reorganization and optimization of the process at the level of the accommodation market, in accordance with the emergency situation. Although it is difficult to predict anything in this situation, let’s try to think and hope for positive predictions in the context of how this emergency will calm down in at least 45-60 days, which still gives us room for some traffic and maybe the season can be partially saved. Also, in accordance with social media communication and promotion (the day after the coronavirus), the focus should be for renters to redirect reservations from aggregator booking websites to their direct bookings, so that renters earn as much as possible, ie so as not to have a commission cost.center_img As the coronavirus pandemic has created a questionable situation in all sectors of the economy, and especially in tourism, the success of this season is more than questionable. Free use of the Comms platform will be available at least until June 30, to assist renters in this emergency, ie as long as this emergency lasts. / / / MOST LESSORS ESTIMATE FINANCIAL DAMAGES IN THE AMOUNT OF HRK 50.000 DUE TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF CORONAVIRUS When asked how they specifically intend to help renters in this emergency, Mario Benić, The founder of Comms points out that they offer free use of the entire platform that allows to establish and manage a website with booking accommodation, and due to the emergency situation they do not take any commission for booking. It is in this segment that Comms has attracted our attention with its announcement that it offers renters its solution for direct online reservations of private accommodation free of charge, in accordance with the emergency situation. In this situation, we must be ready to react immediately when the whole situation calms down. We need to plan, prepare promotional campaigns and be ready for the “day after the coronavirus” in order to still be able to save part of the main season. Then the most important thing is to start the promotion immediately.last_img read more

Discount rate change to increase chances of pension cuts at Dutch schemes

first_imgIn his letter, the minister added that the minimum funding level required for schemes to grant full indexation would be increased by 2.7 percentage points to 126.9% as a consequence of the committee’s recommendations.Both the government and pensions supervisor De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) endorsed the proposals.Ultimate forward rateThe UFR is designed to resemble long duration risk-free interest rates as closely as possible, as these rates are susceptible to shocks in market demand and supply.The committee recommended an extension to the first smoothing point of the UFR from 20 to 30 years, and to establish the UFR level as the 10-year moving average of the 30-year forward rate.It said it had refrained from adopting the UFR method used by European regulator EIOPA “as it was insufficiently linked to market data”.DNB will introduce the new UFR as of 1 January 2021. It said the new method would bring pension funds’ financial position “in line with the financial-economic reality”.The UFR is to decrease from 2.3% to 2.1% and would reduce pension funds’ advantage on liabilities, relative to market rates, from 2.7% to 0.3%.Return parametersThe Dijsselbloem committee also recommended reducing the maximum permitted figure for assumed future returns on listed equity by 1.2 percentage points to 5.8%, including costs of 0.2%.It decreased the parameter for other securities, including private equity, to 7.5%, including 1.9% of costs. For commodities, the committee proposed to limit return assumptions to 3.5%.It also advised using a 1.9% inflation assumption, drawn from the consumer index, as well as salary inflation of 2.3%.Pension funds must take these parameters into account when establishing contribution levels spread out over several years.The committee said it expected the new parameters to lead to a increase in pension contributions of at least 3%. The new parameters will come into force as of 1 January 2020.Sector commentsCommenting on the proposals, the Pensions Federation said it feared that the figures could upset trade union members, who were set to vote on pension reforms.Citing the “significantly negative impact on costs-covering contributions and coverage ratios”, Gerard Riemen, the trade body’s director, said it would have been better if the changes had been shared during recent negotiations regarding pensions reforms.Agnes Joseph, actuary at Achmea, warned that future cuts as a consequence of even stricter rules could undermine faith in the pensions system.However, the unions said the new parameters would not affect the core of the plan agreed with the government, highlighting that they had made a clear agreement about “results on the perspectives for indexation” as well as on “fairness for all generations”.“If this doesn’t materialise, the accord is off,” Tuur Elzinga, chief negotiator for the largest union FNV, told IPE’s Dutch sister publication Pensioen Pro.The metal and engineering sector schemes PME and PMT – which are most at risk of benefit cuts – said that the predicted funding drop of 2.5% would apply on average, and that they had to look into the exact impact of the changes. Their coverage ratios are hovering just above 100%. The chances of Dutch pension funds having to apply pension cuts have increased following a committee’s advice on adjusting the discount rate for liabilities and assumptions for future returns.The committee – chaired by former finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem – recommended adjusting the method for calculating the ultimate forward rate (UFR) as part of the discount rate, and reducing return parameters.In a letter to parliament, Wouter Koolmees, the minister for social affairs, said the UFR proposals would cause pension funds’ coverage ratio to drop by 2.5 percentage points on average.Koolmees recently agreed to a temporary reduction to the minimum required funding level from 104.2% to 100%, in order to reduce the chances of pension discounts during the implementation of pension reforms.last_img read more

Don’t let space heaters spark a tragedy this winter

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Space heaters may save a few dollars during the heating season, but they can be dangerous when used improperly. With the coldest air of the year moving in to Indiana this weekend, Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson urges Hoosiers to exercise caution when using alternative heating sources.“I’ve seen too many instances of improper use of a space heater leading to a tragedy,” Greeson said. “One preventable death is one too many. It is up to all Hoosiers to spread awareness about the potential dangers of space heaters.”A complex winter storm will move across Indiana this weekend with an expected wintery mix of snow, ice and rain. Extreme cold temperatures also will accompany this storm into the latter half of the weekend, increasing the chances that Hoosiers will turn to space heaters to keep warm.Nearly half, 48 percent, of all home heating fires occur in December, January and February, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Heating equipment fires accounted for 15 percent of all reported home fires from 2012 to 2016, the second leading cause behind cooking. Greeson advises Hoosiers to follow all safety labels and take extra precautions when space heaters are in use.Tips found on GetPrepared.in.gov can help increase awareness on how to properly use space heaters. Some tips include:Keep at least a 3-foot perimeter around space heaters at all times. The extra distance lessens the chances of something catching fire.Keep space heaters away from loose or flammable objects such as clothing, curtains, bedding and furniture.Turn off space heaters when leaving the room and before going to sleep.Plug the space heater directly into an electrical outlet. Only one space heater should be plugged into an electrical outlet.Other ways to stay warmGreeson encourages Hoosiers to consider other options before using space heaters. Some tips to stay warm include:Wear thick, warm clothing such as socks, slippers, sweaters and long underwear.Caulking windows can stop drafts and decrease heat loss from the house.Staying active while indoors can help with increasing body heat. Some activities to consider are dancing, cleaning, working out and simply walking around.For more safety tips on how to properly use space heaters, visit GetPrepared.in.gov.last_img read more

AVB tight lipped on Bale

first_img Reports in Spain even suggested the two clubs would announce the deal on Friday. Bale sat out Tottenham’s 5-0 win over Dinamo Tbilisi, the official reason cited was that he had a foot injury, and it now appears that the 24-year-old has played his last game for the north London club. Villas-Boas tried to dodge the first question about Bale in his post-match press conference by saying he was concentrating on “building a very strong team,” when asked about the progress of Bale’s transfer. When pressed on the forward’s future he responded by saying: “On Gareth I am not able to comment on anything that has been my tone since the start of the season and I will not come out of it.” Regardless of Villas-Boas’ posturing, it seems that Bale is finally closing in on the transfer he has been pining for all season. Madrid have even started selling Bale Real Madrid shirts, it seems. The Spanish giants kept the number 11 free when they announced their squad numbers in pre-season and screen grabs of the club’s official online shop appeared to show the option to buy a Bale replica shirt for 73 euros (£62). Shortly after the screen grabs were taken, the site was down for maintenance. If Bale does seal his move to the Bernabeu in the near future, it will mark the end of one of the longest-running transfer sagas of the summer. It will also give the Wales international the opportunity to shine in the Champions League, where he deserves to play following his stellar performances last season, when he scored 31 goals for club and country. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has pulled off a coup by spending most of the cash from Bale’s sale even before it has been confirmed, thus avoiding the inflated costs often quoted to clubs who are known to have lots of money to spend. Spurs have already spent £60million on four new signings, and the club have also been holding talks in London with Roma officials over the potential signing of Erik Lamela, the highly-rated Argentina midfielder. Lamela’s agent flew into the English capital today to join the talks and Tottenham hope to finalise the signing of the player in the next few days. Doubt has been cast on their pursuit of Anzhi Makhachkala forward Willian, however. The Brazilian has undergone medical tests at Tottenham ahead of a proposed £30million move, but reports have suggested that Chelsea are now in pole position to sign the 25-year-old. Villas-Boas said he had no knowledge of Chelsea’s reported interest in the player. “We were just involved in a game so unfortunately I can’t give you further information,” the 35-year-old said. “I confirmed our interest in the player. Everything is possible, but I’m not aware of the circumstances because of our involvement in the (Dinamo) game. I don’t want it to be a distraction over what we achieved here tonight.” The Blues refused to comment on speculation that Willian could be bound for Stamford Bridge. Press Association Tottenham technical director Franco Baldini flew to Madrid on Wednesday to negotiate the finer details of Bale’s world-record transfer to the nine-time European champions. Real have made no secret of their desire to sign Bale this summer, and they hope to finalise a reported £93million deal for the 24-year-old in the coming days. Andre Villas-Boas refused to comment on speculation regarding Gareth Bale’s future – but Real Madrid already appear to think they have got their man.last_img read more

Cazenovia girls basketball tops Phoenix, goes to 8-2

first_img Tags: CazenoviaChittenangogirls basketball But here the Mustangs flourished, reclaiming the lead for good thanks to a well-balanced attack. Katie MacLachlan finished with 14 points, with Sarah Fallon earning 12 points. Sam Wynne had nine points and Hannah Durand had eight points.Ally Shoemaker, who passed 1,000 career points in a Jan. 10 loss to Bishop Grimes, paced the Bears with 12 points, eight steals, five assists and five rebounds.Cassidy Kelly got 11 points, while Sarah Lanphear had nine points and six rebounds. Emily Moon had eight rebounds.Looking to recover in Thursday night’s game against Westhill, Chittenango led 13-9 through one period and, despite a Warriors surge before halftime, remained close most of the way.But Westhill outscored the Bears 20-7 in the fourth quarter and Chittenango lost, 60-44, Shoemaker held to seven points, though she also had eight rebounds, six assists and six steals.Moon picked up 15 points and five rebounds, Lanphear getting seven points and Mia McReynolds six points. For Westhill, Jenna Larrabee worked inside for 23 points and Catherine Dadey hit five 3-pointers on her way to 17 points.Having fallen to 7-5 overall, Chittenango would visit Solvay and Auburn this week before hosting Phoenix on Saturday.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story At the forefront again, Lindsey Lawson earned 24 points, half the Lakers’ total. And she had ample support, too, as Julia Bauder got 11 points, Carleigh Szalach had nine points and Molly Brown the other four pointsAs Cazenovia moved on to take part in last weekend’s Juggler Classic at Utica-Notre Dame before this Thursday’s visit from Skaneateles, Chittenango offered quite a challenge to 10-1 Marcellus last Tuesday night, tied going into the fourth quarter before falling 48-42 to the Mustangs.Down 17-9 after one period, the Bears gradually made up the deficit until it had caught up at 32-32 with one quarter left.center_img Working past the midway point of its regular season, the Cazenovia girls basketball team knew that it was important to continue to post high-quality results.The Lakers returned from a week’s rest by traveling to Phoenix last Tuesday and, improving to 8-2 overall, earned a 49-36 victory over the Firebirds.This wasn’t an easy one as Phoenix emerged from a low-scoring first half with a 19-17 advantage, but then Cazenovia took over, outscoring the Firebirds 20-7 in a pivotal third quarter.last_img read more

Wisconsin hockey demolished the South Korean Olympic team this weekend

first_imgThe University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team welcomed the South Korean Olympic team to LaBahn Arena this weekend for a friendly exhibition game, but the Badgers would shut-out the Olympians 8-0.Wisconsin was lead in scoring by their co-captain Claudia Kepler and sophomore Alexis Mauermann, who both managed to score two goals during the game. Overall, Wisconsin would see six different people score that night, with three of them being freshman.Brette Pettet, Delaney Drake and Caitlin Schneider all managed to represent for the 2021 graduating class, showing a dominant show of force for this freshman class. A majority of the goals scored Saturday night were from underclassmen, with Mauermann and sophomore Presley Norby scoring the other two.Women’s hockey: Badgers fall short but leave impressive legacyEven though the season came to a bitter end, the University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team still has so much Read…Many were wondering how this team would mesh together with such a large freshman class, combined with a missing upperclassmen presence due to players competing for the Olympics. Wisconsin graduated two of their top goal scorers last year, and two more left the team to pursue Olympic dreams, leaving quite a large gap for this incoming freshman class to fill.Saturday showed that not only is this freshman class ready to fill the gaps that were left behind, but that they were willing to give it their all and step up to the challenges that come with playing collegiate hockey.Wisconsin also tested out different goaltenders during this exhibition, with Alyson Baldwin, Kristen Campbell and Breanna Blesi all getting some time in net Saturday. The three goaltenders managed to garner five saves for the UW, and all can add a shut-out to their career record.Many thought that goaltender Nikki Cece would be the starting goaltender for this tournament, but Wisconsin head coach Mark Johnson wanted the other goalies to get a chance to show their skills between the pipes. Cece is still expected to start in net when the Badgers open their season against Lindenwood next weekend.Women’s hockey: Rookie netminder proves she can fill big skates of her predecessorsAs current University of Wisconsin women’s hockey netminder Ann-Renée Desbiens advances into her final season of eligibility, speculation arises as Read…South Korea is continuing their American tour, heading to Bemidji, Minnesota to take on Bemidji State this Wednesday. Wisconsin will remain at home to welcome Lindenwood for their first home series of the year on Friday at 7 p.m.last_img read more

Two Ghana athletes did not return from Commonwealth Games

first_imgTwo members of Ghana’s contingent to the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia did not return. The Ghana Badminton Association have confirmed Stella Amassah and Gifty Mensah disappeared from team Ghana’s camp and have still not been found.This comes on the back of team captain Botsyo Nkegbe’s claims on the Joy Sports Link, Saturday, that he was sure that all the 72 athletes, who went for the Games, were accounted for and had left Australia for Ghana or wherever they came from. The two athletes were active in the Games and represented Ghana in the women’s mixed and team events.Stella Amasah’s run in the competition ended on April 12 when she and Emmanuel Donkor lost to Malaysia’s Goh Soon Huat and Lai Shevon Jemie in the mixed doubles round of 16 match.Gifty Mensah, on the other hand, exited the competition on April when she and Grace Atipaka lost 2-0 to Sonia Cheah and Lai Shevon Jemie of Malaysia in the women’s doubles round of 32. However, they ran away a day after they were eliminated.  The Badminton Association in a statement released on Monday and signed by President Yeboah Evans stated that it has notified the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Australian Border Police and the National security desk, INTERPOL, the Ghana High Commission in Australia and the Ghanaian community.The athletes if found will be prosecuted under Australian law and extradited to Ghana for further prosecution.  UPDATE: Joy Sports understands that the number of absconded athletes is five, although official confirmation has come for only two. Read here for details.Ghana Badminton Participation at the Commonwealth Games 2018 [Statement]Our gallant team of eight elite athletes participated in Badminton events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia which took place between Thursday 5 April and Sunday 15 April at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre. Badminton is one of ten core sports at the Commonwealth Games and has been continuously held at the Games since its first appearance at the 1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica. Ghana’s participation became the 4th after our maiden Manchester Commonwealth Games participation in 2002.Our badminton programme in 2018 included men’s and women’s singles competitions; men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competitions alongside a mixed team event throughout the 11 days of competition.Ghana Badminton results at the multi-sport Games gave the best in the individual events in Africa, and the best Commonwealth Games performance since Ghana begun participation in the Multi-Sports Games.Our itinerant Coaching programme paid off, despite some technical shortfalls which if we had begun the programme quite early with the necessary resources the team could have reached podium pedestal. Nonetheless, the standing ovation received by the 25,000 seated spectators each point in our matches was a rousing welcome for a better talent performance enhancement in the coming months for our dear sport.Unfortunately, Stella Amassah and Gifty Mensah were declared missing a day after their competition. We had activated and adhered to the necessary protocols and procedures of such situations and the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Australia Border Force, The National Security desk, Interpol, The Ghana High Commission, the Ghanaian Community in Australia, the BWF and the Sporting regulators from Ghana have been duly informed and enforcement action under such acts have already begun. At the bearest, least when found, they will be prosecuted per Australian laws and then extradited to Ghana to face Ghanaian law in full force. As your leader, I am vile at this moment and the course of this depraved and uncouth attitude was completely unnecessary and the Association condemns this act. Internally, our next Board meeting we will bolster our actions on these characters of “dishonourable individuals ”. We left Australia, with negotiations for a kit sponsor deal for our national team with the global firm who kitted 24 countries of the 72 country participants from 2019, a Malaysian Federation training programme for some of our elite athletes in the latter part of next year, and a further negotiations with the BWF that will enhance Ghana’s growth of the Sport.  We will keep you apprised of this development and we welcome BWF Olympic qualifiers which have begun in earnest, the BAG Shuttle time Teachers course with its unprecedented registration across the country, the Coaching and Umpiring Course coming up, the SWAG Awards coming up on May 4th, and the first ever hosting of Ghana International on July 12-15th, 2018. We believe that development is central to the strategic intent we have set forth this year and we remain committed to the enhancement of our members in good standing.Best sporting regard,President, Badminton Association of GhanaYeboah Evans, CGMA —The Games ended last week with Ghana winning a single medal – bronze – thanks to boxer Jessie Lartey.READ ALSO: Australia visa scandal: Why it’s hard to trust Akufo-Addo to punish culpritslast_img read more

Cowboys schedule 2019: Dallas faces daunting road back to playoffs

first_imgBiggest breaks: There’s not much here. The Giants and Redskins twice might not work out as nicely as they sound, so the Cowboys need to take advantage of their games against the Jets, Dolphins and Bills from the AFC East.Bottom line: Counting it all up, one can’t feel confident about the Cowboys hitting 10 victories again in 2019. But if they somewhat take care of business in should-win games at home, finishing above .500 is on the table.That might be enough to scratch out a wild card in a top-heavy NFC playoff field. Record prediction: 9-7 MORE: Who has the hardest NFL schedule?The Cowboys’ projected win total in Las Vegas (8.5) says it could literally go either way. Here we break down the schedule the Cowboys will need to navigate in 2019.Cowboys schedule 2018Cowboys regular-season schedule:Home: New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota VikingsAway: New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York JetsWeekDateOpponentKickoff timeTVWeek 1Sept. 8vs. Giants4:25 p.m. ETFOXWeek 2Sept. 15at Redskins1 p.m. ETFOXWeek 3Sept. 22Dolphins1 p.m. ETFOXWeek 4Sept. 29at Saints8:20 p.m. ETNBCWeek 5Oct. 6vs. Packers4:25 p.m. ETFOXWeek 6Oct. 13at Jets4:25 p.m. ETCBSWeek 7Oct. 20vs. Eagles8:20 p.m. ETNBCWeek 8BYE—Week 9Nov. 4 (Monday)at Giants8:15 p.m. ETESPNWeek 10Nov. 10vs. Vikings8:20 p.m. ETNBCWeek 11Nov. 17at Lions1 p.m. ETFOXWeek 12Nov. 24at Patriots4:25 p.m. ETCBSWeek 13Nov. 28 (Thursday)vs. Bills4:30 p.m. ETCBSWeek 14Dec. 5 (Thursday)at Bears8:20 p.m. ETFOXWeek 15Dec. 15vs. Rams4:25 p.m. ETFOXWeek 16Dec. 22at Eagles4:25 p.m. ETFOXWeek 17Dec. 29vs. Redskins1 p.m. ETFOXCowboys preseason schedule:Week 1at 49ersAug. 8-12 (TBD)Week 2at RamsAug. 15-19 (TBD)Week 3vs. TexansAug. 22-25 (TBD)Week 4vs. BuccaneersAug. 29-30 (TBD)MORE: Full 2019 NFL preseason scheduleToughest tests: The Cowboys are in the middle of the pack with their strength of schedule (tied for 14th) because their opponents combined for a .504 winning percentage last season. The NFC East competition always provides a tough floor of challenges, and the NFC North only adds to that.Including two games against the Eagles, who finished second in the division last year, the Cowboys have six games against 2019 playoff teams. Among those, the Patriots, Saints and Bears headline a brutal road schedule. The Cowboys have traded their 8-8 ways under coach Jason Garrett for on-again, off-again playoff trips. Dallas returned to the top of the NFC East in 2018, making it two division titles in three seasons. The team posted a 10-6 record, only one game better than its output the year prior. So will the Cowboys yo-yo back to out of the postseason in 2019 or build on that success with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott? The Cowboys’ schedule in 2019, which in addition to the typical NFC East rivalry matchups features games against teams from the AFC East and NFC North, makes that an interesting question.last_img read more