The enterprise website optimization easy mistake

is now a lot of enterprise website all pay attention to this piece of the Internet market, want to grab a cup of soup from the Internet, do more, naturally formed a competition, usually the enterprise website optimization Website Optimization and industry is not the same, because the enterprise website itself is not much content, most of them are products, optimization the level of staff also uneven levels. The following will stand in my way to say a few corporate Web site in the station optimization process is relatively easy to make a few mistakes. read more

About URL history of your registered domain name


analysis, we can see the PR option to view the changes of historical figure, no matter what the domain name of this site can query the site a few months, the domain name PR change a few years ago, when I suggest you webmaster in the domain name registration with the PR method. History to watch the domain name, the domain name has the following best not to register:

2, PR domain name hijacking is best not registered, there are now some webmaster to domain name will sell at a good price, the PR value of the domain name hijacking method to increase, although this method of domain name in a short period of time the PR value increased, but also the most prone to domain name search engine anti sense. This kind of domain name once registered may not be included in search engine. read more

Summary of the new sites included before the extension a

Qifan software has tens of millions of websites Title keywords are still available on the Internet (as like as two peas. The system default settings. For example, in search of noble baby Untitled Document) unnamed file. Noble baby shows that there are 34600000 information in the title. In Shanghai an unnamed file search we found that there are also 2020000 summary: the new piece of information. The website should first check whether the title keywords and its related industry in the construction of a good future. To set up a website without some title or even this kind of results as like as two peas, search engine will think the entire site is a title and subject is difficult to distinguish between primary and secondary. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai love Shanghai open platform learning website optimization new ideas

love is to let the grassroots friends and love and hate, but do Chinese website, we cannot do without love in Shanghai. Since we cannot do without love in Shanghai, so we must learn to adapt, to learn it, to seduce it. Although love Shanghai very hateful, but love is infamy, Shanghai does have a very good place. For example, Shanghai love the user experience of the product are good, it is love Shanghai OK optimization of their products, the Wang Tong also wrote a story about love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon technology articles: Shanghai Dragon Technology NB site is love Shanghai. read more

Shanghai Longfeng environment we a good faith and standard

?We all know that

is currently Shanghai dragon industry, is the so-called big woods of dragons and fishes jumbled together ", what are birds. No way ah, RMB the temptation is too great. But I have a word of advice: Shanghai dragon in the eyes of others may be a technology but do too profound to be understood, Shanghai dragon friends should be very clear, it is also a kind of Shanghai dragon "service industry". Your customer service is more service for small and medium enterprises. Let them love Shanghai enterprise website appears in the first page, but the most important business is: integrity. We can not ignore the customer’s reputation, not to deceive customers. Now Shanghai dragon industry competition is so fierce, orders have hard wood there? Shanghai dragon industry has entered the price of cabbage have read more

The difference between Shanghai and phoenix from the media initiative and passive acceptance

and Shanghai dragon, in fact as long as there is a search engine, search and knowledge extraction needs, the Shanghai dragon will not stop! But relatively speaking, Shanghai itself is not controllable Longfeng generalized and ranking to their fans and user stickiness and loyalty is not

the two day a friend asks Xin Yongbao: Tom, I also do Shanghai dragon, but also by doing a small company, WeChat’s operation, but still can not distinguish between the Shanghai dragon now since the media what are the same or different, always feel they should use a thought, but as if not read more