Summary of the new sites included before the extension a

Qifan software has tens of millions of websites Title keywords are still available on the Internet (as like as two peas. The system default settings. For example, in search of noble baby Untitled Document) unnamed file. Noble baby shows that there are 34600000 information in the title. In Shanghai an unnamed file search we found that there are also 2020000 summary: the new piece of information. The website should first check whether the title keywords and its related industry in the construction of a good future. To set up a website without some title or even this kind of results as like as two peas, search engine will think the entire site is a title and subject is difficult to distinguish between primary and secondary.

The structure of Keywords

1. website titleAccording to our understanding of

many friends encourage both < < on the domain home page does not extend the > in the first point of view; > after a series of articles, we Zhengzhou Qifan software today and everyone together to find out the new site quickly included, I believe many of my friends for new sites included will have some of their views and suggestions, in fact after the new construction site may not be suitable for immediately included, should first check the self after Submit search engine, because the new site for many webmaster friends all know that love Shanghai and noble baby including other mainstream search engines have a assessment period (a few years ago due to the generation of search engines, imitation bombs and trading links trading links and some garbage sites of new sites now have a certain assessment period, before the love of Shanghai assessment period is 3 months, there are now signs have extended beyond the), That is some web site, and the site itself Links quality flow, quality and articles are good, but because it is a new online website, search engine found a large number of webmaster friends use this loophole to create short-term spam sites (later, but right down in a domain name to make a new website OK, a few years ago in some way profiteering industry is very common.), after the search engine will take a new assessment measures. The new site should do self detection in front of the line:

to the structure of the site, many webmaster friends have to understand, Zhengzhou Qifan software to share the website structure optimization is one of the essential factors of benign development. (web server stability should be the first element) web site structure optimization is the key key words Title positioning is the third largest factor. Some webmaster friends, after the line on the site and had a very long time. It is found that the weight of their own website and included some subtle problems. Some problems existing in the structure of the site. The reason may be that the distribution of weights is not ZhengZhan reasonable. (this is the second main reasons, also by weight in order to improve the whole station, included more pages.) the website structure suggests the use of flat structure and tree structure combination form. Generally 3 directory (if you are more appropriate. To observe, you will find we.

2. website is reasonable

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