The enterprise website optimization easy mistake

is now a lot of enterprise website all pay attention to this piece of the Internet market, want to grab a cup of soup from the Internet, do more, naturally formed a competition, usually the enterprise website optimization Website Optimization and industry is not the same, because the enterprise website itself is not much content, most of them are products, optimization the level of staff also uneven levels. The following will stand in my way to say a few corporate Web site in the station optimization process is relatively easy to make a few mistakes.

Width and height

image ALT attributes: as we all know, the search engine in accordance with the current situation, identify the picture is somewhat difficult, spider climb to your site is up to the source file, also referred to as the "HTML code", up to the "from top to bottom, from left to right" way, if your site map products with no alt attribute, then your website in the spider climb to simply show you this picture does not recognize what content, will take the jump, not recognized, will be a big loss, it is recommended that you give the product map with ALT or title attribute, tell the search engine, this picture shows the content of what is.

three, continue to update the formation of certain rules

picture size: picture as far as possible compression of the home page and list pages are within the thumbnails, generally 20KB can not too big, the picture is too large, the effect of loading speed, other content loading out of the picture is loaded, visitors probably thought you didn’t have pictures of this website.

which will be a lot of friends ignored, here is also quite important, when the search engine in the capture of the website, if you do not add these two attributes, then search engines do not know how much the length and width of you this picture, what is the exact size (in front of said search engines can not read understand why read these pictures? Here explain, the search engine is not read the picture inside, but you also belong to this picture code HTML code), so it is important.


image optimization

, a

we all know, general enterprise website products occupy most of the products website front display effect is the basic form of pictures, including home page, list of pages, most of the products are displayed in the form of pictures. You need to pay attention to some problems in the process of image optimization.

two, the website loading speed

a clear picture of the length and width of this: I think there are many webmaster friends are ignored, said here the length and width of the picture means, we insert a picture in the front when the code is

usually people say ZhengZhan open speed is 8 second law, but I think that stand in the users to reflect the degree of the problem, 4 seconds, 4 seconds to fully open speed is relatively can, if more than 4 seconds, the server replacement suggest stationmaster enterprise website.

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