Analysis of local tourism websites on the nternet where the development road

understanding of tourism is one of the important steps of users, the author believes that many scenic spots are more suitable for couples, lovelorn people, old people, for everyone to travel is not the same, each person’s pursuit is very different, and for these solutions can be learned to do publicity at the time the Internet can move in this direction to some publicity, there are certainly other understanding I will not do a detailed analysis, so we must understand the heat users love to travel.


for the main navigation, position navigation, navigation in the tourism website should be divided clearly, allowing users to click into the website where you can see at a glance on some sexual content, especially the location navigation home page is the user click on the contents of universal love, can directly find users to see the contents of the above. Is the main navigation of Guizhou tourism website, from the user’s point of view the distribution of surrounding tourism at home and abroad, tourism, outbound tourism.

in the web site to the user side showing the most attractive, the author here refers to the everlasting user experience, as the saying goes "content is king, the chain is king" in 2013 the Internet has been fully realized, and the user experience is always the user and the sea of love. For users, the first sight is definitely a side of the user or the most attractive looking for. The author, to the local tourism website into 3 pieces.

at present, the tourist season has arrived, the major area of travel companies in their travel sites outside doing publicity, can be said that the regional tourism website on the Internet, the competition is very fierce. In this regard, I believe many travel companies in Shanghai dragon network marketing personnel or personnel all want the company’s travel websites on the Internet can be said. Therefore, the tourism websites on the Internet to do in-depth understanding of the users is the first step.

A: the main site navigation, location, distribution of

users love to travel

with golden holidays, travel companies have started publicity, tourism website is one layer after another on the Internet to do propaganda, believe that this year the number of tourism will be more and more. From the data of a part of the Internet, this year the local tourism website increased year by year, especially the major tourist attractions, such as: Guizhou tourism. The author thinks, in the tourist season for travel sites is the major travel companies are very optimistic about a large profit site, at the same time with the holiday season, a competitor’s site also gradually increased, the degree of competition of tourism website is very high. So, this year or next local tourism website on the Internet’s development way in which to share with you? The author analysis.

first of all, to understand the habits of some

second, in the web site to the user shows the most attractive side of

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