Jiang Wenming the role of the chain in the anchor text on the site

can reduce your bounce rate on the website

what is the bounce rate? Website jump out rate directly indicates the quality of the site, is also one of the search engine standard to judge the quality of a website. When an article which appeared when a user keyword does not understand, when you have the keyword anchor text, then the user is likely to click to look into what is the meaning of this word. This can better increase the user experience, so as to reduce the rate of jump out.

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second: anchor text keywords better ranking

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The first point:

many of Shanghai dragon understanding: Links and chain, when the importance of everyone to do when the chain is ignored in the chain. But the true essence of Shanghai dragon is within the chain, the chain is within the site within a network. Personally, this piece of chain do best is love Shanghai encyclopedia. Every link of love Shanghai encyclopedia is formed a powerful network, this is the love of Shanghai. But in the chain has what the Shanghai dragon has what effect? Wuhan Shanghai dragon for you to explain something:

some webmaster only know the ranking of the site keywords anchor text chain effect, but the anchor text in the article keywords quality is closely related to weight anchor text keywords links can pass each other’s website. (there are many successful cases in the station anchor text ranking)

articles within the chain anchor text effect of

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know is a web site’s home page weight is the highest, so the number of spider crawling home most, but a web site’s home page on the page, then do the anchor text value in the station came out, when the spider into the article page by page then, in the anchor text in the article to another page and spider through each articles within the anchor text crawl more pages, it is website promotion of spiders to crawl the page more opportunities.

The anchor text

third: add more pages by search engine grab

of course today Wuhan Shanghai Dragon said the effect was not so three, and more the role of waiting for us mining.

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