Depth analysis of the essence of the high quality chain layout

chain is to give our site into the weight, import has less, of course, we hope to get more, a chain of the page I only suggest a chain, and more are meaningless, since a chain of the number of the fixed page, then we have to do the quality usually, a high weight of the chain on the top ten, a hundred or more.

The A

chain page requires high weight

Two site analysis: two stations due to open

no matter whether you believe in the chain of correlation that I had a painful experience, which is today the promotion of soft Chengdu Shanghai Longfeng local station, this station is noble baby pull hair, I remember in June 29th according to clear the hair, the station I didn’t optimization, but the analysis the daily data are made, summed up the reasons of plucking only a little outside the chain of time is called a friend to help on behalf of, he is to others outside the chain to earn extra money, I added random website website every day during that time the bounce rate of more than ninety percent, so people feel the site of being in a relationship correlation between hair and the chain, so the author suggests that the chain to keep the relationship, especially the high quality of the chain.

chain page outbound links number

as far as possible the chain of prime

this morning to open the computer to see friends QQ pop, core meaning is: there are two sites is a team operation, but also the same website template, the content of the website are from a group of editors, the chain operated by the group, the two stations are ranked: friends stand upside down phenomenon the chain is another station six times, but the rankings behind nearly a page.


page is directly related to the number of links around each link to the weight of the cake, just as many people have not enough, this is a matter of high weight outside the chain or lower the weight of the chain link is noteworthy, too much can cause.

The The

users open a web page flow used to a different search engine to give "weight in different position is different, often showing F, when we do not know the chain also should pay attention to the law, for lots of gold can achieve a multiplier effect, otherwise how will the top post, accounting for words such as sofa it.

chain page requires the correlation of

templates and website editors are the same, which can determine the equivalent internal optimization site; Links are within the team resources, there is no difference between what is the name of the new domain name; domain name registration, space linked to different service provider virtual host, by monitoring the Bao spatial stability analysis of two stations are very good; the chain operated by different groups, showing several relations, but the chain weight and correlation showed obvious difference. The analysis can be concluded that the website ranking upside down is caused by a chain of weight and correlation from above, so the high quality of the chain to form the following points introduced to friends:

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