Effect of web search engine ranking several core elements of what

then the key factors influencing the search engine ranking what? They could succeed in a very short time by what kind of method, the author makes a brief summary, there are mainly the following several ways on the whole.

second, the structure of the web site should have a certain degree of independence, and has the typical flat type and structure. This is not only good for users to search and search for web content, but also in favor of the spider love Shanghai content on the site and grab included. Flat structure is the so-called web site, from the homepage to the content page as not more than three layer, two layer is if the quality will be higher, but the richness will be affected, usually three layer is more appropriate. After the website structure flat, you need on the website of internal components network traffic network, also need to set up 404 pages, to prevent network wire broken chain, so you can make the search engine spiders can smooth the capture of the website content, which helps to enhance the website ranking.

first, high quality website space. This one looks and search engine optimization has no direct relationship, but in fact, now more and more search engines, especially the love of spiders in Shanghai have to pay more attention to the quality of the site and space, on the basis of the principle of web space Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. to quality examination. If you choose the web space is a virtual space, but also includes previously love Shanghai K off or punish site in this virtual space, then the love of spiders in Shanghai will be on your site do not trust and affect your site’s ranking. So the choice of site space is extremely important, first, high quality, high speed, it is best to use a separate server space, if you need to buy virtual space, it is to other sites of the same space were analyzed, to ensure the site’s ranking is not affected.

third, reasonable promotion website content quality. Through reasonable improve the quality of website content is to allow a higher ranking website obtained in a relatively short period of time, this.

but there are some very smart people, which can make a web site success in a very short period of time, it seems to be in the market limit death squads, with their excellent short-term operation mode to earn large profits, the webmaster website operation in the field in a short time can succeed. They are the most core weapons is through search engine optimization to obtain, they are the easiest way to success.

although many webmaster know the website to be successful, the key is not simply wait a good search engine, but to have the spirit to persevere long struggle, and in a very devout attitude to do the content on the website, then in time under the influence of the final site of success, and this process often requires very long time, many grassroots Adsense are often not able to spend such a long time to wait, there is no corresponding power to persevere, so the final winners are in the minority.

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