Data Taobao AP passenger station Party confirmed dead single page station rise again

2 API site, basically no trace. At the 900 station, API station, only 4%. And these API There remained but a single one. website, most just borrowed from the API program layout, they call the commodity is to jump directly to Taobao, is not in the local product details page, that is to say, real.

from the above data, I probably predicted the love of Shanghai has some characteristics of ranking of the site:

> other sites (Enterprise Station, and independent mall Amoy site):81 (39.9%)

(most of the 697 pages are pages, high weight site such as the beautiful, smart, mogujie贵族宝贝 and so on)

After mode?

itself is a Taobao group operator station. I need to know clearly, after the 6.28K event, what station can stand firm, can do well. To this end, I have been concerned about trends in Shanghai and the algorithm of love, made a sample survey. I chose 45 shopping keywords, check the top 20, a total of 900 web page analysis data as a sample. The conclusions are as following:

1, Taobao 6.28, the site is indeed suffered heavily looted. I remember when I was in the search for "summer dress and sandals when Taobao keyword, in the top 20 is the uniform Taobao guest site, most of them are API station.

Taobao API off site, we are not unfamiliar. The API interface calls Taobao’s millions of data and the formation of the station once glorious. Only a short while ago, how many webmaster the day hanging on the API station, count the money at night laughed cheerfully. But as more and more people use the API interface data, then a API, but tens of thousands of people use. Finally, a large number of homogenization of serious data on the Internet bubble. Love Shanghai at 6.28K station incident, came a purge. Taobao API off site is dead? Now Taobao passenger station to do what in

> which is the number of the site of the first page of 203

but now it seems that Taobao guest site only accounted for 122 (37 API +85 single page station), only a total of 900 13.5%. It can be said that after Taobao customers will have no future? I think it is a good chance now anyway, I continue to analyze the following reasons.

> the number of other pages within the site for 697

> single page guide information site: 85 (41.8%)

> the API site was: 37 (18%)

then I’ll analyze 203 home sites.

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