n Shanghai dragon industry for 5 years and slowly decline

remember when I was 20 years old, or buy her cleaning cream in Shenzhen, get up at 7 every day, the market was rejected from door to door, door is a normal thing, then sell the behavior we called "street". It is a shop selling in shops, went to sell, in the course of time gives me one’s courage. * * * Shanghai Longfeng, is a chance and coincidence things, I still sell cleaning paste, with hard work, low wages, and every day doing what others are not willing to do, I think this is not the way to go, just as a cavity blood when no place to play. I received a telephone my relatives. So I accidentally entered the Shanghai dragon industry.

I was 20 years old, Shanghai Phoenix Contact this industry, my first job is to send the chain, which is everyone talking about "the Commissioner of the chain". The company have a plan for my hair every day is 50 included the chain. 50 and the contents should be included into at least 10 different sites to get links, rather than in a place. So, I started my work mechanically, then every day is the idea of how to excavate the new chain release, working during the day, go home at night to think second days of work, so hard to force "the chain commissioner" had been made after more than 1 years.

second job website editor

speaking of Shanghai dragon industry, 5 years can be summed up in one sentence "deep love, hate". I remember 5 years ago, I was just a child under the age of 20, was working in a strange city, I did the painters appliance salesman, real estate salesman, bought a cleansing cream, part-time publicist. And the years of working people is so rough, but also for the bumpy journey, 20 years after I accidentally came to Shanghai dragon in this industry, I began my career in Shanghai dragon.


thought the Internet more fashionable, more confidence than the entity industry, but that is not the case, the so-called "one mountain at a high mountain". In this industry that each industry is not so easy, let me tell you my story.

first job chain Commissioner

my second job, is to do the editing work, work station is also updating the article, although this work does not need to like "the chain commissioner" that every day around the garbage outside the chain of psoriasis, the physical activity into "mental life", is the most important editor ideas, it is very headache, if every day to write a 1-2 article, it can also, but every day to write 20-30 article, although the boss can do false original, but the work I continued for some time, I found that I can’t handle. Because you can use a word to describe, that is "just as jiangnan". When done editing work than the hair of the chain, the more hard, because you have the time, when going to bed.

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