One year experience in writing on the website optimization Website Title

the ocean Shanghai dragon engaged in website optimization work for more than a year, so many factors in the Shanghai dragon in what impressed me most is the site of the title of the set, is also the title, title, words that describe the title role is not too much.

is 2, the correlation, is now my blog is website optimization, can not be set to lose weight slimming products, such as the list of keywords, and do not set the website content does not match the.

3 is the title of the word limit, I believe many people should know that, generally speaking, Shanghai love can display up to the number of words is about 30, while Google display Chinese is about 32 words, the words, the title of the site will not display some text.

5 is the site in the title keyword position, keyword + keywords + keywords + site name in general, this shows the main keywords to key words arranged in this way. There is a keyword matching precision is good, like the word Guangzhou website, do not write this Guangzhou station.

6, is to attract users click rate, take my title, website – Guangzhou website website optimization | [website] not satisfied with a full refund. A title like this believe that as long as I make it home page ranking, click the natural rate to be higher than the other website hits. A successful title set is not only consider the search engine’s habits, but also have to consider the user’s psychology, netizens feel.

4, the whole row of the title of the website, need to be simple and clear, not to appear too many keywords in the page title, in order to convince the search engine of the website is to do a lot of products and services. We are not only considering the site optimization, search engines also need to consider the user, a smooth words on it. I like the blog title: Website – Guangzhou website website optimization | [website] not satisfied with a full refund. In fact, my title is not the standard, is also suspected of stack.

site optimization ranking algorithm title role in the website I need not say much as we all know, whether it is the search engine or the user, the first sight is the title of the website, the website is the key to the success of the title set. Good website title can play the role, even a multiplier effect, can inspire users click traffic. How to write a beautiful website title? Li Yang Shanghai Longfeng according to their operating Guangzhou website optimization experience of the blog and share with you:

7, the company brand or the use of the site name in the title, personally feel that the title should be added behind the company name or site.

1, the title of the site does not exist repeated the same title. The site each page title to set up different website title, and the site of the home page title can not repeat appear on the internet.

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