2 years of experience in the chain to help you make the chain strategy can not be copied

B. left the chain form is too single. Have a movie station, change Links found a part of the movie station, there are love Shanghai domain is not the first or not directly in the front page of the phenomenon, through various analyses, most of which have been found right down. One big reason is the webmaster to Youku released a lot of video, and left home link in the video title, and many sites acquisition Youku, thus causing a lot of the chain to the home page, and loved Shanghai right down. This is a very typical example, in addition to a large number of mass Soso Ask is right down the situation.

C. forum. The forum delete rate in this period of time gradually increased, especially the pure AD advertising. This requires a long-term accumulation of resources, a group of software through a friend.

with the development of the Internet, Adsense team growth and more and more entrepreneurs at the Internet this fat, the number of sites was the geometric shape, even a very unpopular, segments of the industry, there is fierce competition now you also can see the search results. The website of the competition, the competition is divided into content resources, quality of service competition, the promotion of competition. This paper only analyzes how small and medium-sized site in the chain of talent shows itself in the competition, how to develop the chain strategy can not be copied.

B. classification information, B2B website. The survival rate is relatively high in the chain form, you can choose the software group or pig hair task reward release. But is relatively low for some webmaster correlation.

C. luck, make a lot of black or gray chain links (such as font color and background). From the common sense, when a spider climb to these links, they can not confirm just AdSense for yourself or falsely, for insurance purposes, in a certain range, the spider will take the chain to determine the chain, low quality beyond the bottom line, the website will be directly drop right, pull into the observation period.

A. is too single chain distribution. From the common sense, if you love Shanghai, you would think that only a forum outside the chain of the chain blog or website is reasonable, it is clear that this practice will soon put into the gray area of Shanghai love website.

two, outside the chain, pay attention to the correlation degree, wide diversity, stable growth. Here the various forms of chain experience, and the best way to release.

, the author thinks the right outside of the chain strategy.

a. answers. The most familiar is the webmaster love Shanghai know and search ask. Do the quiz chain the biggest advantage is to increase the chain widely degree. But the recent discovery of love Shanghai know and Search ask delete serious. Suggest the webmaster not excessive emails, I had a station due to excessive mass is soso direct shielding, in fact, as long as the amount of hair every day a few, not too long it will have good results. Have seen a webmaster looking for someone in the pig hair task, but the fact that if in a time of excess mass, delete rate will be very high.

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