Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization is no longer difficult only because of this set of

enterprise website optimization of the status quo of Shanghai dragon

little brother pay survey found that 99.9% of the local enterprise website (whether it is a small company, or large old company) stays in the optimization of the above Shanghai Longfeng foundation, daily work is to make the original, exchange chain, text analysis, log data etc.. It’s undeniable that some outstanding Shanghai Longfeng workers through their own excellent Shanghai dragon can be keyword optimization to the first page even before three, but in the end they found sad index of one hundred or two hundred words, in one day after bidding against but not 10 IP, more cruel is one half of the search traffic may be the contribution of your peers. This is why some webmaster joked Shanghai dragon for the enterprise website is a joke.

Shanghai dragon?

we need to understand, what is the ultimate goal of enterprise website optimization

is naturally bring traffic and enterprise profit.

consider this we must be clear where the enterprise website in the network promotion, especially the optimization of the status quo of Shanghai dragon.

but many enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng workers target what? Their goal is to make up the industry popular keywords, is highlighting the value of their own, on the other hand, because they think the Shanghai dragon is to do this.

a lot of local practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website optimization process, the result is not significant, one reason is the competition in the industry is too large, the other is the Shanghai dragon strategy right. Today the ideal youth studio to pay little brother to share with you, the competition in the industry, and he is also the new small company Shanghai dragon, the industry how to break through the giant traffic blockade has a good effect in Shanghai dragon. And you itself is industry giants, using this program can consolidate your arena of dominance.

yes, if you optimize promotion to the traditional Shanghai dragon thinking to do business website, that in the end, may be just a joke really.

, that is to say, the keywords optimization up and to maintain the rankings, all the cost paid by the end of the current enterprise worth? They are not considered.



enterprise website optimization

What is the

and their goal "will stay this keyword optimization to it, and in this process, there is need to spend much time and energy, manpower, and final optimization can bring much effect to the enterprise, they are not careful thought.

sometimes the boss will ask, even to the Shanghai dragon Er requirements three months do not go away like it.

What is the

I believe that most of the local enterprise website basically has formed.

Shanghai dragon?

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