Several reasons analysis of the chain blog not to be affected by the book

did not pay attention to Hot Blog. The spider to Hot Blog go very often, you do blog also often go to Hot Blog, increases included probability.

There is no specific

chain stack. The blog site of the home page is not outside the chain too much, especially in the beginning, the love of Shanghai is not included too many outside the chain of the blog page.

please indicate the source

website optimization can be said to grasp the details determine success or failure, some details of the skills tend to be more effective, so is the blog promotion. The blog promotion is almost the webmaster will be involved in the daily work, want to be included in the blog link, need to master certain methods and techniques to do promotion, otherwise do is useless, update every day in vain.

novice webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, blog in the chain of time, found frequently updated blog for a long time has been included, so the chain blog is not Pastebin in the end what is the reason? Today we are going to discuss.

not to blog the chain. A lot of people registered several blogs, is the two day post, and then do not leave it, finally you will find that this blog you no matter how many of the site outside the chain, search engines are not check. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er will ignore by raising the station attitude to a blog, do not know to give their blog the chain, blog is to know your site. Many large daily blog update rate is very high, you send the article, before long it must not be in the tens or hundreds of page to turn to.

duplicate content released. Don’t repeat the same article published in the same site, Shanghai love is very very love not to repeat things, this is one of the important reasons causing not be included, can build some space in some PR high site delivery blog articles to update frequently, original articles will be included faster.

original source:

. The webmaster before the chain blog must have some understanding of the conventional high weight blog, also note that Google favored Alibaba and NetEase, fell in love with the sea love Sina and love Shanghai. So according to your need to update, the efficiency of the collection will be a little higher, targeted only know the blog in the blog site, blog promotion are not in place. The blog is very important, like Tianya, Sohu is a good platform for the BSP blog.

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