Shanghai dragon joking development thinking custom Discuz Forum

a reminder: any website, the name of free banner, is to attract popularity, you don’t mind others with what way, anyway, not free, will not be able to attract those who are in need and confused people, etc. these people become your membership, can guide the beginning.

, the basics. At first the industry location

Hello, I’m Zhu Weikun, first of all to thank a lot of my recent trends of friends, not for a long time to write the article, are engaged in some network marketing data collection, there is some of the Internet to participate in the interview, he also recently served as the 8 speed transit YY channel administrator every Friday night, so I put the time in these things, there is no writing. Today, a friend in the Discuz forum, the forum information how I do it, because the relationship between iron, but also a little understanding of the forum, on the way to use their own ideas to write some, and also to share with other friends in need.

then can be positioned for this forum, is a want to put long-term, and then provide interactive forum for everyone.

learning desire The


taught himself in the company or, everyone will Shanghai dragon knowledge desire, so it is necessary to provide more perfect and comprehensive, simple.

is for any forum friends, must be from the location, data up to do the preliminary work, the author will develop this friend free power forum, to make a plan:


forum is a forum for network marketing training, which is something very simple, a new forum. The author with the site person in charge of the exchange, he said that this is to be done for a sustainable development of the network marketing forum, so he will need someone to invest, there is no website operation does not need the money, the author finally led him, the first free training slogan, let more users to enter. To make a contribution to the forum.

assumes that this forum said before, is to Shanghai dragon training! You should see the market demand. You can search for "Shanghai dragon" "Shanghai dragon training", in the love of Shanghai index, the more than 9000 index, the latter index reached 1000. The Internet has been in the development of Shanghai dragon talent constantly in the sublimation, then the market is objective, if located in Shanghai dragon training, it is necessary to solve these people’s desire.

two, a crowd of market demand market

remember the Jingdong’s advertising? To overwhelm Taobao, "call you pro, as the quality of sperm". Also to appear in this forum, the forum issued a demand as far as possible to the novice. By the way off the free registration, but to invite code to register, in order to attract more people to learn.

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