360VS loves Shanghai who will occupy the market search marketing

combined with the above points, we can see that we feel about 360 in a short period of more than love the Shanghai basically no worries what is necessary, we can draw such a conclusion, that is: 360 no way in a short period of time more than love Shanghai search marketing market share, it may with the brand influence on

3.360 user groups, and the love of Shanghai is from home.

clearly, we according to 360 recent and frequent commercial activities to love Shanghai can see, they are for their own search marketing to win more customers. Love Shanghai search marketing share has been the way ahead other domestic search engine such as: soso, Sogou, Youdao, 360 can be regarded as a dark horse in the field of search engine, but also the love of Shanghai’s largest competitors, it can not let love Shanghai alert

may have a lot of people have this idea, so the author here as we analyze the following points to let everyone think about:

Most of the products are from its own

well, about 360 love and who will occupy the Shanghai search marketing topic >

for the past few years, because some of the 360 products properly, gathered a huge user base for it, it is because of its advantages in resources, created 360 search engines today with its fine marketing system. At the same time, this is the love of Shanghai is concerned, because really, really love Shanghai operations for so many years is not easy, just began to compete with Google, Google, Chinese finally quit, followed by a 360, still too little time

is my own sex Shanghai promotion business, but also occasionally have such thoughts: will there be a day, 360 of the search engine market share more than the love Shanghai, but we should decide on what path to follow?

2. most people used to say: "love Shanghai, You’ll see."

1. love Shanghai from inception to now has been 13 years, and 360 to 7 years.


: I recently got the news that 360 and a Suzhou enterprise cooperation and has opened in Suzhou marketing center, and its core business is for enterprises to develop network marketing. At the same time, in China, occupy most of the country love Shanghai recently also love Shanghai marketing activities for China arrived in Hainan city of Haikou Province, its purpose is to help enterprises to attract more new customers in the search engine, it is not difficult to find them very close to.

4. in the accuracy of the above information, this goes without saying.


as everyone knows, the 360 search engines since its launch last year in Chinese mainland share increasing. But as the number of users of its growth, the 360 also launched a search marketing – fine marketing platform system of their own.