The lone star the real case analysis the reason of website drop right hematemesis share

second, outreach. Often A5 friends should have a general understanding of the author, because the A5 has been a loyal fans, so often send some about your site operation experience, experience the optimization of course inside will join their company’s website connection, these articles may be some viewpoints and some access to some people understand, but the author makes sure that all these articles from the heart, are their own optimization efforts and experience summary, these articles witnessed their growth are witnessing the development along the way, the strength of A5, here I thank A5 editor, thank you for helping us hard to review articles.

second, article. The article content increase always adhere to high quality, mainly through to the understanding of the industry and the company’s products to start, according to their own experience or from the relevant expert organization experience, summed up in line with the needs of readers, the user experience, in line with the search engine the taste of the article, and the article is also gradually added, the day is almost. The day included, because if the quality problems first of all articles included this certainly not this time, even if be included will be deleted in second days, so the site is down right because of the problem the reason can be temporarily aside, we continue to analyze the following.

as everyone knows, are the key factors affecting many web site optimization ranking operation process, including frequent change site title, external links common black take change radically, and the technique of these key indicators, if you lucky could escape the search engine to a note, but this approach is pretty close will cause the site right down the author, today is based on real case lessons and share server factors causing the site to drop right. Well we gossip short continued access to today’s topic, analysis of the causes of website right down to server factors.

first, first briefly introduces the author’s website, a business development and sales of the website mainly engaged in information security, computer hardware and software products, the main keyword is network security (贵族宝贝xki贵族宝贝.cn), we know you can know the word competition is quite intense, although the index is not but because the word is business words, to do it a struggle, look will find home sites are almost all industry giants, and many of its outreach domain weight is much higher than that of the website, the author after a year of efforts, it is also a common site of ups and downs. Now, network security has been firmly in the word, the site in Shanghai love the home page, add left to do is to update the outreach. So, careful readers often A5 you can see a lot of the author on the website of the text, but unfortunately yesterday today I view the site keywords at the website, suddenly 200 pages now can not find the site, suddenly confused, some of the reasons through the analysis the author would like to the author of the recent operation and website down right and everyone share.