Want to let Taobao natural search traffic soared You must know the details of the N

2. on the new

many people have been relatively vague state for natural search, especially at present, Taobao search rules changes very quickly, a lot of factors.


(5) stores you label more clearly, under the influence of the time frame is smaller. In fact, keep up with the principle of a factor is the same, the label more clearly, can be directly matched to the corresponding user.


this question, some people say that the shelf time has no impact of commodity natural search ranking, this is certainly wrong, because if it does not affect the goods, Taobao 7 world rules there is no need to frame, right, so he must still affect the product natural search rankings.

weighted natural search

1. shelf time now in the end is how to affect the commercial natural search rankings?

Public opinions are divergent. The new

only under the frame of time for natural search through specific circumstances to produce different effects, as follows (convenient lower sellers operation adjustment):

(2) in different categories, weights of the shelf time is not the same. The more competition the baby (online goods), for the sake of fairness, give more opportunities for baby shelf time, the weight will be higher, and the competition of the categories, some popular category, the weight of the shelf time will be much smaller.

in the end could not get the weighted search? There is no need to go.

why is N skills? Because I don’t know how many, how much is it written. May be more, "Taobao natural search weight model and optimization techniques", see the screenshot below:

(3) when you are in search of different keywords, under the influence of the time frame is not the same. Big and hot word search, the search results, the weight of the shelf time is relatively high, and the long tail word search results, the weight of the shelf time will be much lower.

(1) under the weight of frame time is more important is to reflect on your new period, because the new Taobao search engine will give the opportunity to show support and this support through a keyword search to achieve dimension, on the other hand will be realized through the shelf time dimension. As for the new period has been the commodity shelf time, the weight will reduce a lot (but not completely).

(4) personalized search weights more clearly, the shelf time high weight. Many people say why in the wireless side, under the frame of time almost no effect? The reason is here, because the degree of personalized wireless terminal is significantly higher than the PC side, so the weight of the shelf time is low.

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