Brussels: King Mohammed VI Pays Costs of Moroccan Suffering from Heart…

Rabat – King Mohammed VI has responded to a Facebook solidarity campaign launched to raise donations for Mohammad Laamarie, a Moroccan citizen in Belgium, who suffers from a heart condition that requires a costly surgical procedure.The 65-year-old Moroccan was visiting his family in Brussels when he suffered three heart attacks that almost claimed his life. He was immediately taken to the hospital where his family was informed that he needs an urgent Coronary artery bypass. To their surprise, however, the doctors reportedly demanded the family to pay 30,000 Euros before performing the operation on the patient.Given the high cost of the operation, the family decided to launch a solidarity campaign on Facebook to raise donations called “1 Euro pour sauver Mohammad” (1 Euro to save Mohammad). According to the supervisors of the fundraising campaign, king Mohammed VI gave his instructions to the Moroccan ambassador in Brussels to visit the patient and to assure his family that the monarch will personally pay a portion of the operation that is due to be performed on Thursday.The solidarity campaign said that they received hundreds of phone calls from anonymous people offering help just few days after the launching of the campaign.The donations will be used to support a portion of the hospital costs, all post-operative care as well as medications and other necessary medical care when Mohammed is back to Morocco, the campaign added.

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