first_imgOn top of non-stop action and beautiful weather there has been some romance at the 2007 X-Blades National 18 Years and Under Championships.Referee Aaron McRoberts chose a photo shoot on the first day of the tournament to propose to his girlfriend and fellow referee, Jillian Donoghue. Aaron said he decided to pop the question in front of all the referees because they were all friends of Jillian and himself.  “I wanted her to be surprised in front of her friends. I wanted her to be happy and feel comfortable,” he said. Aaron and Jillian have only been together for eight months. They met through Touch Football – Jillian is Aaron’s refereeing coach!The couple, from south-east Victoria, has already decided that they will be married in November. “She told me two weeks ago that I had to buy the rings but I played dumb. I hid it and said I didn’t have enough money but I’d already bought the rings by then anyway so it was just a matter of hiding them to get up to Coffs Harbour from Victoria,” Aaron said.  Jillian said that neither of them was the authoritarian at home but Aaron admitted his soon-to-be wife kept him under control. Aaron said he was much more nervous about the proposal than officiating Australia’s best junior Touch Footballing talent. “She almost caught me this morning trying to get the ring into the bag. I was very nervous asking her. When I stood up my legs were shaking. You only get to do it once…hopefully!” The message about the happy couple’s engagement was spread around the stadium by Tony ‘The Blackest Cat’ Eltakchi on the PA system. Unfortunately Tony confused the message and ‘accidentally’ announced that TFA Game Development Officer and Level 6 Referee Glen Richardson was the one that had proposed.“A couple of the referees have just been engaged,” he said. “We believe one of the referees was Glen Richardson but we are not sure who the other guy is.” Jillian a Level 6, and Aaron a Level 4, are looking forward to continuing their involvement in the game in the future…may they have many happy “duals” in the future…last_img

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