first_imgHighlight177: India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 comes to an end. Thank you for being with us.#Highlight176: Closing performance by Triculin – The Ista.#Highlight175: Band performance by Triculin – The Ista to begin shortly.#Highlight174: Band performance beginning shortly is a fitting finale to India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014.#Highlight173: Kirron Kher on actor-politicians – One needs to deliver. Popularity takes you to some distance, but it’s your work that matters and ultimately helps you. Vinod Khanna is a good example. He has done good work.#Highlight172: Kirron Kher – It feels wondeful to be loved by Pakistan people as an actor. We are culturally one. Pakistan people love Indians.#Highlight171: Kirron Kher to youth – If you get to work with TV, do it. TV is no less than films.#Highlight170: MP Kirron Kher lauds PM Narendra Modi saying his many facets – a no-nonsense approach, his fearlessness and a result-oriented working style – make him a great leader.#Highlight169: Actor Kirron Kher talks about husband Anupam Kher, whom she finds very attractive.#Highlight168: Actor Kirron Kher recounts how she was given just two hours to decide to contest parliamentary election.#Highlight167: Actor Kirron Kher talks about male actors, saying while SRK is fun to work with, Abhishek Bachchan is a darling too.#Highlight166: Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher – We must give our youth a direction to explore themselves. They need to channelise their energy – may be some extra-curricular activity.#Highlight165: Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher – Partying is OK, but it should come with responsibility. You must think about your career too.#Highlight164: Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher salutes the exuberance of the youth at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014:Jo jawaani mein baat hai, woh mere mein kahan.#Highlight163: Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher on Kaum de heere row – Banning films is no solution. Change the name, but release the film.#Highlight162: Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher tells Anjana Kashyap – Punjab people are in search of universal peace and love.#Highlight161: Session with actor and MP Kirron Kher begins.# Highlight160: Film’s producer Pardeep Bansal says the youth should first watch the movie and then protest.#Highlight159: Film’s producer Sandeep Bhalla says they paid no bribe to the censor board CEO to clear the film.#Highlight158: Film’s producer Sandeep Bhalla says there has been no ruckus over the film after it released abroad.#Highlight157: Film’s producer Sandeep Bhalla says the Akat Takht has called the two assasins Kaum de heere.#Highlight156: Film’s actor Isha Sharma says according to her, the film’s name is okay.#Highlight155: Film’s actor Sukhdeep Sukh says the controversy has been blown out of proportion.#Highlight154: Film’s producer Sandeep Bhalla says the film is balanced and shows the life of the assasins of Indira Gandhi.#Highlight153: Session with cast and crew of Punjabi film Kaum De Heere begins.#Highlight152: Rina Dhaka says students wanting to do fashion designing will have to work very hard.#Highlight151: Rina Dhaka gives away style award for hairstyle to a student.# Highlight150: Rina Dhaka gives away style award for elegence to a girl student from Kashmir.# Highlight149: Rina Dhaka says the most beautiful girls come from Chandigarh.#Highlight148: Rina Dhaka gives away a style award to a turbaned youth wearing a superman T-shirt.#Highlight147: Rina Dhaka goes among the audience members and asks about their fashion choices.#Highlight146: Rina Dhaka says to-be brides should show off their midriffs.#Highlight145: Rina Dhaka says she likes the idea of Manmohan Singh and the truban.#Highlight144: Rina Dhaka says men should wear kurtas over jeans.#Highlight143: Rina Dhaka says the sari and the blue jeans will always stay sexy.# Highlight142: Rina Dhaka says the Anarkalis will stay in fashion.#Highlight141: Rina Dhaka says the nighties should be banned too.#Highlight140: Rina Dhaka says the fashion of the soap operas and the overdoing of Indian clothing has to be banned.#Highlight139: Rina Dhaka says the most fashionable people she has met do not wear designer clothes but mix it.#Highlight138: Rina Dhaka says earlier there were no skinny models.#Highlight137: Rina Dhaka says to look thinner, one should wear single-toned clothing.# Highlight136: Rina Dhaka says designing was not considered a profession when she started out.# Highlight135: Fashion designer Rina Dhaka speaks about her journey.#Highlight134: Bhagwant Mann before wrapping up – Acche din to nahi aaye, kala dhan kab aane wala hai?#Highlight133: Bhagwant Mann before wrapping up – In the field of art/music, when people praise you, you start going up. When people criticise you, the downslide begins. However, in politics, it’s just the reverse. #Highlight132: AAP leader Bhagwant Mann tells audience – Our plea is, please don’t treat polling day as a picnic event. Urban people must use their franchise rather than sitting back and tearing apart political parties in drawing rooms.#Highlight131: AAP leader Mann tells Aaj Tak journalist Anjana Kashyap – We are a new party, will make mistakes, but will try to learn from them too. But one thing I must say we will give tickets to people with clean background. We welcome good people.#Highlight130: AAP leader Mann defends Arvind Kejriwal, saying had he stuck to his post, media would have made a big issue of him forgetting the Lokpal then.#Highlight129: Mann takes dig at ex-PM Manmohan Singh, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and BSP chief Mayawati.#Highlight128: Mann in lighter vein – I often go sit near TMC leader Shatabdi Roy and seek advice from her.#Highlight127: Mann on everyone seeming to take a piece of Bhagat Singh – Only through turban, one cannot represent the revolutionary. His ideals need to be great too.#Highlight126: Mann slams Badal family in Punjab, saying every adult has become a minister there.#Highlight125: Mann regales audience with Hindi couplets, taking a dig at PM Narendra Modi and asks acche din kab aane wale hain? “Chin (China) se dar nahi lagta, chini (sugar) se lagta hai,” Mann says while raising price rise.#Highlight124: Seeing there is no change I decided to represent the people, not the leaders or a party. There is no change in the lot of the 117 MPs, who were in the Congress earlier. They have fun.#Highlight123: Things have come to a pass when a Speaker, when not allowed to speak, is heard saying Baith Jayiye.#Highlight122: Anjana Kashyap moderates session Why Politics Requires a Sense of Humour featuring comedian and MP Bhagwant Mann, who says Parliament has become a good place for the art – comedy.#Highlight121: Renuka on the qualification of a candidate: Experience counts a lot in politics and experience is the best teacher. But the youth have a big role in ensuring we have good politicians representing us.#Highlight120: Renuka Bishnoi on SGPC row – Haryana govt’s move is completely fair. Why should two states have a common body?#Highlight119: Dushyant responding to a question on population policy – It’s a white elephant no one wants to talk about. I was the only speaker in Parliament who raised the issue.#Highlight118: Renuka Bishnoi – We are here to bring about a change.#Highlight117: Renuka Bishnoi – I appel to youth to get involved in the political process. You are the decision-maker. You need to vote for honest politicians. We musat root out caste-based politics, which is still dominant.#Highlight116: Vineet Joshi – Between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi whoever has the worth will come out powerful. I don’t give dynasty politics too much importance.#Highlight115: Vineet Joshi – It is easy to criticise dynasty politics, but it is very difficult for the sons of daughters of a political family.#Highlight114: Dushyant tells Kunal Pradhan a farmer who workers under immense heat cannot be soft-spoken. They will raise the voice  in their own way.#Highlight113: Renuka Bishnoi on dynasty politics – people have a choice if our leaders are not performing. Son/daughter of a politician has a better understanding of the people and the  constituency he or she represents.#Highlight112: Next session: Making of a politician – Speakers are Dushyant Chautala, member of Parliament, Renuka Bishnoi, MLA, and Vineet Joshi, Additional Media advisor to CM, Punjab.#Highlight111: Comedian & member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann talks about the talent of Sukhwinder Singh.#Highlight110: Sukhwinder Singh asks the audience to vote on social media seeking Bharat Ratna for Dhyan Chand.#Highlight109: Sukhwinder Singh sings his Oscar-winning number Jai Ho and Chak de India!#Highlight108: Sukhwinder Singh says he was once asked to sing a song that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was to sing in Kachche Dhaage.#Highlight107: Sukhwinder Singh says he loves the combination of talent and style.# Highlight106: Sukhwinder Singh sings Kawa…Kawa, his popular number from Monsoon Wedding. # Highlight105: Sukhwinder Singh says Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire was intially rejected.# Highlight104: Sukhwinder Singh says he saw AR Rahman always listen to RD Burman and Vishal Bhardwaj in the car.# Highlight103: Sukhwinder Singh says he used to see Lata Mangeshkar as a deity in his dreams.# Highlight102: Sukhwinder Singh says RD Burman was a complete composer, sings the song Gulabi ankhein.# Highlight101: Sukhwinder Singh sings rewards are bigger than awards.# Highlight100: Sukhwinder Singh sings says if singers listen to the narration well, they can also sing well.# Highlight99: Sukhwinder Singh sings Lai vi na gayi.# Highlight98: Sukhwinder Singh says that probably 70-80 per cent singers today use plug-ins to correct tunes.# Highlight97:  Sukhwinder Singh says musicians are using plug-ins like Antares to correct out of tune songs.# Highlight96: Sukhwinder Singh says there is no vulgarity in his songs.#Highlight95: Sukhwinder Singh says he first met Lata Mangeshkar at AR Rahman’s place 14 years ago and she blessed him.#Highlight94: Sukhwinder Singh says he was then asked to sing the song Sa Re Ga Ma Pa six times and was given an award.#Highlight93: Sukhwinder Singh says he once sang a song of Lata Mangeshkar as a boy on stage.#Highlight92: Session with singer Sukhwinder Singh begins.#Highlight91: Next up a session with playback singer Sukhwinder Singh.# Highlight90: Lunch break.# Highlight89: Session with Sardara Singh comes to an end.#Highlight88: Sardara Singh says Sikh players should be allowed to wear turbans in basketball matches.#Highlight87: Sardara Singh says there are few coaches in India who understand modern hockey, so a foreign coach has been hired.#Highlight86:Sardara Singh says he would like to act with Priyanka Chopra on a biopic on his life.#Highlight85: Sardara Singh does a bhangra dance with the audience.#Highlight84: Sardara Singh says he is not ready to get married now.#Highlight83: Sardara Singh recalls his meeting with his future fiance, via messages, and how her family came to watch the team’s match in London Olympics.#Highlight82:Sardara Singh says he hopes that Dhyan Chand also gets the Bharat Ratna.#Highlight81: Sardara Singh says he has nominated John Abraham and Sachin Tendulkar for Ice Bucket Challenge.#Highlight80: Sardara Singh says a Holland player asked him to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.#Highlight79:Sardara Singh says it is very difficult to play at the centre.#Highlight78: Sardara Singh says eye contact is most important in hockey.#Highlight77: Sardara Singh says he likes to enter the ground first and leave after everybody.#Highlight76: Sardara Singh says he would have been a farmer or a shopkeeper had he not returned to the academy.# Highlight75: Sardara Singh says he once quit the hockey academy with four others but was sent back by his grandfather.#Highlight74: Sardara Singh speaks about his training to make it to the national team.#Highlight73: Sardara Singh says he once wanted to immigrate to the US.#Highlight72: Sardara Singh says he likes being fit and play good hockey for the country.#Highlight71: Next session with captain of Indian hockey team Sardara Singh.#Highlight70: Session with Bishan Singh Bedi ends.#Highlight69: Bishan Singh Bedi says cricket is directly related to honesty and integrity.#Highlight68: Bishan Singh Bedi says everyone in India seems to have an opinion about our players.#Highlight67: The foreign players come to IPL to loot and when they go back, their commtiment to their country is totally different.#Highlight66: Audience member comes and touches Bishan Singh Bedi’s feet.#Highlight65: Bishan Singh Bedi says in this country, we still do not have the freedom of thinking.#Highlight64: Bishan Singh Bedi says the current BCCI chief is the board’s first and last problem.#Highlight63: Bishan Singh Bedi says for him, hockey, not cricket, is sport number 1.#Highlight62: Bishan Singh Bedi says new team director Ravi Shastri is his master’s voice#Highlight61: Bishan Singh Bedi says the players did not properly train or attend a camp before going for England tour.#Highlight60: Bishan Singh Bedi: For me if religion is not religion, then how can cricket be a religion?#Highlight59: Bishan Singh Bedi hopes the Supreme Court will put the BCCI in order.#Highlight58: Bishan Singh Bedi says Team India should get a new captain or there will debacle in Australia tour.#Highlight57: Bishan Singh Bedi on MS Dhoni: He is a very good athlete and can bat a bit but he is not a good keeper.#Highlight56: Bishan Singh Bedi says cricket cannot be made into a tamasha.#Highlight55: Bishan Singh Bedi says the basic character of cricket is being destroyed by IPL.#Highlight54: Bishan Singh Bedi says cricket was invented as a social interaction in England.#Highlight53: Bishan Singh Bedi says new players are starting off with IPL unlike in the case of Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid.#Highlight52: Bishan Singh Bedi says IPL is the final stage of cancer and there is no recovery and the team may one day even struggle to beat Zimbabwe.#Highlight51: Bishan Singh Bedi says Indian team seems to have reached a saturation after the first Test against England.#Highlight50: Former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi to speak now.#Highlight49: Hans Raj Hans sings his popular numbers Dil tote-tote ho gaya and Aaja nach le.#Highlight48: Love should not be one-sided, Hans Raj Hans tells audience member.#Highlight47: Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans on stage now, to speak on How I Made It.#Highlight46: After tea break, a session with Punjab’s sufi singer Hans Raj Hans.#Highlight45: Modelling or acting? Gupta says acting. Marriage or live-in? Gupta says companionship.#Highlight44: Two boys do push-ups and the winner gets to sing for Esha Gupta – Hum tere bin reh nahi sakte from Aashiqui2.#Highlight43: Esha Gupta on Ice Bucket Challenge – The problem with us Indians is we blindly follow the West.#Highlight42: Esha Gupta on Ice Bucket Challenge – You rather donate than waste water. There is no waste water in this world.#Highlight41: Esha Gupta says girls need to stand united against anything – any wrong you see around you. Next time it could be you, your own people.#Highlight40: Esha Gupta says if I have reached this far it is because of my own power. Else I will go sleep at my home instead of letting myself being taken for a ride.#Highlight39: Esha Gupta says if there is one person who pushes you to do things beyond your limits, it is your mother. “I am lucky she is my best friend, be it my films or my boyfriends.”#Highlight38: Esha Gupta on being chosen against Imran Hashmi in Jannat – my mother said let him be the serial kisser, you cannot take away that from him.#Highlight37: “The attitude all north Indians have is dekh lenge, kar lenge,” says Esha Gupta. Her take on item number – I don’t see any harm in it. Juhi Chawla did it in Lagi aaj Saawan ki fir woh jhadi hai.#Highlight36: Actor Esha Gupta takes stage amid loud cheers and lots of whistles; says on being a youth icon, “It is as overwhelming as it sounds. Coming from a modest background, I want to tell you we have all it in us, just be there at the right time and at the right place.#Highlight35: Now Actor Esha Gupta to speak on How I Made It.#Highlight34: Shergill on his struggle – It all depends on your belief. “Even if I had not faced camera before I joined Guljar Saheb for Maachis, I had to do it,” he says.#Highlight33: A girl from the audience sings Punjabi song “Mundya” for Shergill and joins the actor on the stage.#Highlight32: Shergill, while talking about meaningful films, says: Now I feel like doing loud films and would love to do some. “I would like to do light-hearted films. Intense films take away a lot from you, emotionally,” the actor says. #Highlight31: Actor Jimmy Shergill says people want different roles from me in Punjabi movies as they have seen various shades from me in Hindi films.#Highlight30: Actor Jimmy Shergill says “just follow your heart and decide if a particular girl or boy is right or not” as everyone has got a different situation in his life.#Highlight29: Actor Jimmy Shergill says ‘keep the stess on’ to bring home the point that focus is important.#Highlight28: Now Actor Jimmy Shergill says ‘How I Made It’.#Highlight27: Keynote Address Great Expectations – Vijender tells Kalli Purie and Anjana Kashyap an Olympic medal ranks high for him. “It was the highest point of my life,” he says.#Highlight26: Keynote Address Great Expectations – Vijender tells Kalli Purie and Anjana Kashyap other states should emulate Haryana in raising prize money for sportspersons.#Highlight25: Vijender recounts his journey as a boxer and Bollywood star telling Kalli Purie that anyone who gets good work in a movie should do that. “I maintain a healthy balance as I play a role and win a medal later,” he says.#Highlight24: Girls join Vijender on the stage to dance to the tune of a song from his movie Fugly.#Highlight23: Vijender Singh tells India Today Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie he likes Indian girls, sings isharon isharon mein from Shammi Kappor movie.#Highlight22: Singh tells IndiaToday Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie if he takes them to his village, no one would care for anyone else but him. The crowd goes into rapture.#Highlight21:Journalist Anjana Om Kashyap invites boxer Vijender Singh on the stage. Singh shows his biceps, says girls control yourself. India Today Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie is also on the stage.#Highlight20:Nachkita, Luv-Kush, Prahlad and Siddharth showed a new way to the young generations, says the speaker.#Highlight19:Speaker invokes Faiz Ahmed Faiz to bring about a change, talking about a democratic dividend India enjoys.#Highlight18:Speaker invokes Faiz Ahmed Faiz to bring about a change, talking about a democratic dividend India enjoys.#Highlight17:India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 begins.#Highlight16:Welcome to a rocking India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 that will begin in a while with India Today Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie set to deliver the welcome address.#Highlight15:India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 to begin shortly.#Highlight14:Finally, Kirron Kher, actor and Member of Parliament, will talk on You’re Only Young Once: Useful Advice from Punjab’s Earth Mother at 5 pm.#Highlight13:At 4.15 pm, we will have a rocking session Reel and Real: The Politics of Truth, with such speakers as Satish Katyal, Producer of Kaum de Heere, Pradeep Bansal, Co-producer of Kaum de Heere, actors Isha Sharma, Raj Kakra and Sukhdeep Sukh.#Highlight12:At 3.15, our leaders will hold forth on The Making of a Politician: Making the Mandate Work. The speakers are Member of Parliament Dushyant Chautala, MLA Renuka Bishnoi and Haryana Congress Committee President Ashok Tanwar.#Highlight11:Why Politics Requires a Sense of Humour will be the nextsession’s subject to be addressed by comedian and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann at 2.45 pm.#Highlight10:Why Politics Requires a Sense of Humour will be the next session’s subject to be addressed by comedian and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann at 2.45 pm.#Highlight9:Singer Sukhwinder Singh will regale the audience in the session Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: The Voice of Patriotism at 2.00 pm.#Highlight8:Actor Isha Gupta will tell us about her Bollywood journey in the session How I Made It at 12.30 pm.#Highlight7:With Indian cricket at the crossroads, following a severe beating at the hands of the English cricket team, former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi will speak on A New Innings: Fresh Guard for Indian Cricket at 12 noon.#Highlight6:At 10.45 am, national hockey team captain Sardara Singh will speak on the subject, to be followed by singer Hans Raj Hans, who will dwell on the subject at 11.30 am.#Highlight5:Actor Jimmy Shergill will hold forth on How I Made It at 10.15 am in the next session.#Highlight4:Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda will deliver the keynote address Great Expectations: And the Voters’ Short Fuse at 10 am.#Highlight3:India Today Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie to deliver the welcome address at 9.45 am.#Highlight2:India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 is being held at Taj Hotel, Chandigarh.#Highlight1:Welcome to India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014.#advertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img

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