first_imgNext week marks the beginning of Enterprising Donegal Business Week 2015.It runs from Monday the 23rd until Friday the 27th of March and if you are in business or are planning on starting a business, there are a host of events throughout the week that can help anyone in any type of business.I will be presenting on Friday the 27th, along with Susan Hayes and Deirdre Mc Glone, and my talk will be about how your health is vital to your success in your business. Registration is at 9am and the presentations will run from 9:30 until 12pm. This week’s article and next week’s article will focus on how being healthy and active can help you in your business and help your bottom line.As business owners, we live in stressful times.Competition is everywhere, once you get set up and start to get established as a business, it seems as if 3 more similar companies have set up just around the corner from you.It’s no wonder that about half of all small businesses fail within the first four years, a statistic that generates a shudder of fear in even the most dauntless entrepreneur. Stress can cause all sorts of problems for small business owners.Sleepless nights, poor dietary choices, poor time management and poor decision making; not the sort of things you want happening when these things can severely hamper your business.Regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy during times of stress.According to research from the Centre for Creative Leadership, executives who are physically fit are considered to be more effective leaders than those who aren’t.CCL performed a 10-year study comparing business executives who regularly exercise with those who don’t (or only hit the gym sporadically) and compared it with reviews of their work performance with their colleagues. “We found that the exercisers rated significantly higher than their non-exercising peers on overall leadership effectiveness,” writes Dr. Sharon McDowell-Larsen, co-author of the study. 
“They also scored higher on specific traits including: inspiring commitment, credibility, leading others, leading by example, energy, resilience and calmness.”Staying healthy during times of stress requires either reducing the strain or boosting one’s ability to weather its effects.
The University of Iowa reports that regular exercise not only reduces stress, but also helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep and boost immunity from colds and flu.
Exercise also helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.Exercise isn’t something that you have to spend 1-2 hours on each session.Whenever I have a client, especially a business owner, come in and they are in a time of stress, the last thing I am going to do to them is hammer them in the gym. If a client comes in already stressed, adding further stress to this can have ill effects and leave them more tired (and therefore more stressed), than when they came in. So I would reduce the training load, do something that feels like a workout, but won’t leave them destroyed and not able to function the next day.What can you do to get started with exercise when in business?Instead of 2-3 long workouts each week, do a short 30 min session each day, even if it’s only to break a sweat.Be more active throughout the day; walk, take the stairs, park further away from the building, walk while on the phone.If heading on business trips, book a hotel with a gym or pool, and use it.Set a time slot in your schedule for exercise. Make it a meeting that you don’t miss. Exercise is great for clearing your head and you may even have some inspiration while training!Finally, log your workouts. Keep track of them so you know what you are doing and whether you are making progress. This will also save you time when training.Next week, I will cover how your diet can keep you focused in your business.#TrainSmartTo keep up to date with fitness and nutrition tips, be sure to follow me through the link below.
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