“I wanted to go spank that Policeman” – Ramjattan

first_imgThe Policeman who crashed one of the newly minted Police vehicles donated by the Chinese Government has seemingly escaped a thrashing of sorts at the hands of Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, who on Saturday expressed much dismay at the accident in Berbice where four persons were injured.According to reports, the driver of the PWW 5452 registered pick-up crashed at the Canefield Public Road at East Canje, Berbice on Thursday last when he attempted to overtake two other vehicles. Just before losing control, he collided with motorcar PJJ5270 and 25-year-old Melville Meredith from Reliance, East Canje; Joanne Wright, 23, of Islington; Sharol Gorgapersaud, 32; and her son Jehu, who both reside in Cumberland Village, East Canje.Speaking at the launch of a Guyana Prison Service vessel, Minister Ramjattan stated that he was at Parliament when he learnt of the collision and was angered to the point that he wanted to actually leave the chambers to hit the offending Police rank. This comes against his repeated statements of disgust regarding the conduct of many Police ranks that have come in for widespread criticism in past weeks.“The other day I saw the deployment of brand new vehicles from China and you could imagine how I start with my expletives when I saw one of them crashed in Berbice and you got so angry – I wanted to leave Parliament when I saw it and go spank that Policeman and come back,” the Minister noted.US$2.6 million worth of vehicles were donated to Police from the Chinese GovernmentHe also highlighted that often times, the offending parties adopt a “don’t care” approach whereby the vehicles are not properly tended to in terms of engine oil and filter changes. In light of issues, Ramjattan called for more training. His call follows that of Traffic Chief Deon Moore who announced only three weeks ago that 190 ranks were trained in light of the many accidents and in continuing efforts to satisfy the full complement of drivers needed for the Force’s fleet of vehicles.He added that last week’s accident was the kind of occurrence he had hoped to avoid.“This is exactly the kind of behaviour I did not want of a driver driving a brand new vehicle but it happened. I got very angry and wanted to talk personally to the Policeman… ‘I said to ranks, you damage the vehicles recklessly, you’ll be surcharged’ and I’d probably have my very first example being put in place there,” the Public Security Minister observed. Eyewitnesses had pointed out that the Policeman was speeding when he tried to overtake the cargo truck that was behind the motorcar to which he had collided. After ending up some 20 feet away from the point of impact, it was observed that Police vehicle’s windscreen was shattered while the front wheel and left bumper were damaged. The car’s front bumper was torn off.It was in mid-November that the Traffic Chief had disclosed that some 20 ranks were involved in accidents with Police vehicles and that management saw it fit for ranks to have “refresher” training. Moore had pointed out that training was especially needed for operating four-wheel-drive motor vehicles which are particularly used for patrols on the highways.During last month, the Guyana Police Force received from the Chinese Government a hefty donation of vehicles and equipment worth US$2.6 million. Added to the existing Police fleet were 56 pickup trucks, 44 motorcycles, 35 ATVs and five buses.last_img

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