Sensational to the End: Vedad Ibisevic almost in Bayern

first_imgVedad Ibisevic scored the first goal of the season in the Bundesliga in last night’s game with Wolfsburg. It is interesting that Ibisevic’s last goal was also against Wolfsburg which was, underlined by the sports commentator. Pal Dardai was initially unsure of whether Vedad should start in the match, but ultimately decided to give him a chance.It is also interesting that David Selke, who was brought to Berlin as a successor to Vedad Ibisevic, also joined him on the field. Vedo has been only scoring goals since the beginning of the season.Ibisevic is the main candidate to be the “backup” striker for Robert Lewandowski in Bayern. After the match between Wolfsburg and Herta, journalists asked him if he could imagine a transfer to Munich, to which he said “It is difficult now to answer that question,” but added that there was no contact with Bayern.(Source:

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