Youth Council calls on PM Golding to break his silence on Browning issue

first_img Sharing is caring! Kingston, Jamaica –Chairman and members of the National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYCJ) is calling on Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding to break his silence on reported cases of skin discrimination. While we wish to express our sincere condolences to the Prime Minister on the passing of his mother, we nonetheless call on him to add his voice to the comments that are being made and signal his outrage for such actions by Employers in modern Jamaica.The revelation of skin discrimination against our youth who are in training and who are seeking upward mobility in the world of work marks a watershed period in the history of our country. That this blatant form of discrimination is on the eve of Jamaica’s celebration of 50 years of Independence is living testimony as to how much we have not really progressed as a nation. The infringement on the rights of the Jamaican youth and indeed the rights of any Jamaican citizen is of grave concern to the Council. It is very unfortunate that we are still experiencing some of the atrocities against which our forefathers fought and many have resorted to “bleaching” in order to ascend to the social, corporate or economic ladder. It is an indictment on us as a people that many still believe that the colour of your skin can, does or will determine your future in some places in Jamaica. More and more persons are joining this “colour” conversation, making confessions, recounting experiences and telling stories which were once told many centuries ago by slaves. Is this a form of modern slavery? Are many too scarred by the past to embrace and accept persons despite the colour of their skin? Is Franz Fanon right when he writes about “Black skin, white masks’? It is another sad day for the NYCJ. Prime Minister, Chief Servant, over to you!.RECOMMENDATION1. Towards this end, the National Youth Council is recommending that a system of redress be developed and implemented to deal with all forms of discrimination which have been reported.2. We also ask the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) to amend its Vision 2030 document to include a Jamaica which is free from all forms of discrimination, including colour. Realizing that Vision would go a far way in making Jamaica the place to live, work, do business and raise family.Press ReleaseNational Youth Council of Jamaica Share Share 23 Views   no discussionscenter_img NewsRegional Youth Council calls on PM Golding to break his silence on Browning issue by: – September 17, 2011 Share Tweetlast_img

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