Month: February 2021

Building Inclusivity Through Culture, Community and Commitment

first_imgInclusivity has never been more important to the workplace of today — or tomorrow. It has also never been more important to Dell. We are proud of our culture of inclusion and committed to ensure that our workplace reflects the diversity of all the customers we serve.The millennial generation — already the largest demographic of today’s global workforce — expects to be part of a global team made up of different races, ethnicities, gender identifications and ages. According to a study by Deloitte, they’re now thinking of diversity and inclusion in a cognitive context – focusing on how the workforce encourages collaboration between people with different experiences, ideas and skill sets.Not only is this good business sense — a diverse range of ideas and experience drives innovation — but it is the right thing to do. And it is something that we believe in deeply.I was proud to read an article last week in The Tennessean by Dell team member and co-lead for our North American PRIDE Employee Resource Group, Nikki Gibson, about the importance of an inclusive culture in the workplace. It’s an absolute given that when team members feel valued, engaged and inspired, they do their best work for our customers and communities. That’s why our leadership team is committed to creating an inclusive culture for all team members, all around the world, all year round. Inclusion is a leadership imperative and, as Nikki points out, takes intention and structure.At Dell, we have been focused on three imperatives: Culture, Communities and Commitment.We recognized early on that culture is critical to enabling inclusivity. Dell was the first IT company to participate in an initiative called Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), led by global non-profit organization Catalyst. This training engages leaders in candid conversations about the role of gender and diversity in the workplace as well as topics such as unconscious bias. We are committed to 100 percent executive participation in this initiative.In addition, our global Employee Resource Group (ERG) community provides opportunities for personal and professional development by connecting team members around areas such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and background. Because these groups are so powerful in shaping our culture and positively contributing to our business through increased employee engagement, we actively encourage all of our team members to participate. We currently have 14 ERGs in 60 countries consisting of 32,000 members and 300 chapters, and were recognized last month by DiversityInc for the strength of this program. And we are dedicated to continue to increase our participation levels in the coming years.With regard to community, at Dell, we are committed to being great role models for each other and the industry. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see. Through partnerships with agents of change, like the Human Rights Campaign, the Anita Borg Institute (ABI), the Society for Women Engineers and The Partnership, we reach beyond the borders of our organization to share and gain insight into best practices for cultivating and promoting a culture of equality and inclusion.We are very proud of the supportive and inclusive culture we have built at Dell, but great is never good enough. We must continue to raise the bar and hold ourselves accountable for creating welcoming workplaces for everyone. Our leaders are committed to growing a diverse workforce, starting with our Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, who chairs our Global Diversity Council.I am a woman, a partner, a mother and a business leader — and I intend to live each facet of what makes me “me” to the fullest. I know I can do that at Dell, a company that believes in harnessing the power of the best and brightest talent – regardless of gender, work style or country of origin.last_img read more

A World Without Wires

first_imgDell PM30W17 wireless charging mat, codename Nikola, shown with Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series (Model 7285, Aspen) 2-in-1- touch notebook computer.The PC is unstoppableThe computer has experienced a great deal of transition since its inception in the late 1940s. Think back to the original large-scale computer – a huge machine that took up a full floor and needed up to 20 people to operate and maintain. Flash forward to the late 1970s to the birth of the personal computer, which enabled people to utilize computing power at their own desks. From there, desktop PCs evolved to smaller and less cumbersome machines with higher performance, allowing computing to take place faster and professionals to perform more efficiently. These machines then transformed further to the laptop – enabling employees to take work on the road. Power, security and design became top of mind for the industry and PCs continued to advance, evolving as thinner and lighter, integrating ergonomic keyboards for extreme comfort, adding smaller chipsets, and expanding to sleek and versatile form factors with recyclable materials. The evolution of the PC continues at break neck speed. We now see beautiful, nearly bezel-free displays with touch screens, high resolution screens and a variety of device forms including 2-in-1s to fit the different work lifestyles of today’s fast-paced world. We’re excited!It’s time for a changeHowever, there is one constant in each evolution of the PC that has not changed: the power cord. The annoying, tangle-prone, unnecessarily heavy and messy looking tail of every machine out there. Keeping in mind all of the advancements taking place within the computing world – lightweight form factors, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and beyond – plugging our device into a power source continues to be an annoyance. With today’s professionals constantly on the go – eliminating the power cord is the obvious next step to simplify the work experience and fully evolve the PC.Paving the way with the first wireless charging 2-in-1That’s why we’ve addressed this issue and announced the addition of the world’s first wireless charging 2-in-1, the Dell Latitude 7285. This thin, flexible device integrates WiTricity’s magnetic resonance wireless charging technology to deliver power via a wireless charging mat and WiGig wireless dock. Gone are the days of tangling your power cord with your multiple docks, devices and monitors, or trying to cover up the mess of twisting wires. Users can quickly pop in and out of their workspace for an easy charge experience. Not to mention, as the world’s thinnest and lightest Windows-based 2-in-1, professionals are inclined to simply grab the device and go. Taking on this new technology doesn’t mean we’ve compromised in other areas for the Latitude 7285 2-in-1. It is a powerful, secure solution that boasts:7th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processorsIntel® Integrated HD Graphics 615SSD M.2 2230 PCIe/NVMe Class 35: up to 512GB3” 3:2 (2880 x 1920) Touch with Corning® Gorilla Glass® 4, Anti-reflective and Anti-Smudge, 400 nitsControlVault (isolated credential authentication) with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certificationTPM 2.0 (FIPS 140-2 Level 2)Dell Client Command Suite management toolsWhat’s next?Creating a wire-free workspace is the natural progression in the evolution of the modern worker, and as a leader in business computing, we felt the need to take this head-on. There’s no stopping here either, why not move towards the goal of a world without wires? We’re ready for it. Where else do you want to see your next “wire-free” experience? We’re listening.AvailabilityThe Dell Latitude 7285 2-in-1 will be available on in North America starting at $1,199.99 (Intel® Core™ i5-7Y54, 128GB SSD, 8GB memory). Accessory options include:Dell Latitude 7285 Productivity Keyboard (without wireless charging) $249.99Dell Latitude 7285 Wireless Charging Keyboard $379.99Dell Latitude 7285 Wireless Charging Mat $199.99Dell Latitude 7285 Wireless Charging Keyboard and Wireless Charging Mat $549.99last_img read more

Man hits 2 deer with new car, then he hits $2M in lottery

first_imgLELAND, N.C. (AP) — An unlucky start to a North Carolina man’s day turned upside down when he discovered he won a $2 million lottery prize hours after hitting two deer with his new car. The North Carolina Education Lottery says Anthony Dowe, of Leland, had the accident on his way to work. It ruined his day, so he returned home and went to sleep. When he got up, he saw that his ticket numbers matched. Dowe claimed his prize at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh Monday, taking home about $1.4 million after taxes. He says he’s getting his car fixed with the money.last_img read more

Met Opera’s revenue drops, breaks even with gifts, borrowing

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — The Metropolitan Opera’s operating revenue dropped by $25 million to $120 million in the fiscal year ending July 31. The season was shortened due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the company avoided an operating loss through fundraising and borrowing. The Met had a $130 million loss from operations, down from a $154 million loss during the previous fiscal year. Contributions and bequests totaled $130 million to enable the break-even. The pandemic caused the Met to halt its 2019-20 season on March 12 and cancel the final 58 of 217 originally scheduled performances. The entire 2020-21 season with 218 performances of 23 operas was also canceled.last_img read more