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Bungie turned Destiny into a rad space skatepark

first_imgBungie has been hard at work making changes and additions to keep players interested and active in Destiny ahead of the December 9 release of The Dark Below expansion. Earlier this week, Bungie dropped a massive 3GB update that added a much-desired opt-in voice chat, an extra five bounty slots (totaling 10), and more frequent public events. Earlier today, it was revealed that Destiny will have a free demo — not that the game’s sales really need it. That’s not all, though. If you pre-order the $34.99 expansion pass, you’ll get a free legendary Sparrow — the game’s version of a mount — that is not only a garish blue painted in intentionally cheesy flames, but can perform rad skateboard tricks.The EV-30 Sparrow will arrive in your Guardian’s mailbox at the Tower immediately after you purchase the expansion pass. Make sure you grab the expansion pass — not just either of the two individual expansions. If you already bought the pass, the Sparrow should already be in your mailbox. If you have multiple characters, each Guardian should have their own sitting in the mail.If you aren’t convinced the new Sparrow is worth it, Bungie put together a video of rad, space skateboard tricks you can perform when you aren’t murdering aliens and being mad at the randomness of raid loot.The EV-30 is a legendary Sparrow, and it may very well be your first legendary vehicle if you haven’t completed the raid (or spent rare currency at the special weekend vendor). It moves faster than other Sparrows of lesser rarity, can make quick, lateral boosts, and can perform tricks in the air, including flips, rolls, Supermans, and can cans.While doing the weekly raid last night, everyone in my party had the new sparrow, and were doing flips and tricks over every single hill, rock, or platform that looked even slightly reminiscent of a ramp. So, if you didn’t have an excuse to grab the expansion pass early, traveling in style is a good excuse.last_img read more