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Bike Love Buzz

first_imgMy weekend of yoga teacher training, combined with an impromptu flooding of the house, narrowed my riding this past weekend down to jaunts on my town bike.The Saturday morning commute up over Beaucatcher Mountain was a great way to start my day. The low morning sun was burning off the mountain mist as I climbed up. Once at the top I swallowed the air in great gulps , grabbing a bigger ring for the descent down to College Street. Maybe it was better that I wasn’t trapping myself at the house with the ceilings drooping down, soaked insulation laying around, fretting over wet walls and tools.The water pressure valve on the house broke, giving me 150 PSI, rather than 75. I enjoyed great showers and filling my glass up in two seconds for a couple of weeks. By then the pressure built so high that the hot water heater began spraying out, filling the space between the floor and the ceiling below. My 81-year-old father helped me tear down the ceilings and haul trash to the dump as the plumber got me through my emergency.Now, speeding through the curves made me smile, and in town the sun was shining bright. I was blessed with non-existent traffic and was almost to school when my water bottle flew out of my bag. My hot coffee cup was still neatly packed without a drop, which made me smile again.Meditation and restorative yoga may have made me emotionally crazy at first, but I think it was the best thing that I could do for my spirit. It calmed me down, forced me to breathe, and by lunch I was psyched to be back on my bike for a bit – even though the lock snapped back into my face as I opened it. I cruised through the art show, watched tourists bumble around lost and trying to look like hippies in their tie-dye t-shirts and squeaky white tennis shoes. I had lunch with friends I haven’t seen lately, kissed a cute boy, and ate a candy bar as I weaved my way back to school.I stayed on my bike until 1:30 a.m., stopping for breaks to eat a bean torta with a pale ale at the LAB, open-air comedy on Wall Street, and beers and dancing at the Jack of the Wood with girlfriends. It was that high-gravity beer that caused me to believe I could Parkour in my cowgirl boots up the stone wall to the street above. I was just one reach away from the rail when the pipe I was hanging on began to sway, causing me to lose a foothold and slide back down, scraping my arms up on the way. Sooo we went around the block.It was this ride back up Beaucatcher Mountain on evil and steep Hazzard Street that the throbbing in my bleeding arms was so great I conjured up an oasis. One block into the steep grade I heard voices from a nearby porch offering me bourbon.Three of us girls looked a little tired at class the next morning, all of us with a slight odor, mine touched with a twinge of blood and sweat.I love my bike.last_img read more

NASCAR meets with Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell after fight to clear the air

first_imgDrivers Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell met with NASCAR on Saturday to clear the air after they were summoned to discuss the heated fight that took place after the first round of the qualifying session on Friday.Suarez and McDowell explained that the meeting wasn’t a big deal and NASCAR officials just wanted to make sure the “animosity” wouldn’t carry over to the track during Saturday’s practice or Sunday’s race at ISM Raceway in Avondale, Arizona. “If I wanted to wreck him I would have done that yesterday,” Suarez said, per ESPN . “That’s not my style. I wouldn’t use my race car as a weapon.”Suarez explained, however, his relationship with McDowell hasn’t been fixed yet. Related News ICYMI: @Daniel_SuarezG , @Mc_Driver get physical on pit road during #BuschPole qualifying.Details: https://t.co/5ZPKRkUd6X pic.twitter.com/Ooco22raap— NASCAR (@NASCAR) March 9, 2019Suarez approached McDowell to discuss an on-track dispute when the physical altercation broke out. Suarez was frustrated because he wasn’t able to get past McDowell, and he thought McDowell kept him from running an unhindered lap, which resulted in a 28th starting spot for Suarez. McDowell, who will start right next to Suarez in 27th, initiated contact and then the two started to throw punches before they were separated by several crew members.”It’s an emotional sport. We both have a lot on the line,” McDowell said. “We’re trying to do the best we can for our partners and teams, and emotions come out. That’s what racing is all about. What it’s always been about.” “I’m not ready to fix something like that,” Suarez said. “I just made my point clear, why I was mad. He had his point. I don’t think it’s as good as mine. But I mean, we’re not going to fight each other. But we’re not best buddies, either.” NASCAR drivers react to Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell scufflelast_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Monday, May 18, 2015

first_imgEditor’s Note: Normally we do not print the names of juveniles in the police notes – those who are under 18. However, we are making an exception for seatbelt violations as part of the “Click it or Ticket it” campaign held over the next two weeks, because it is an educational program on the value of wearing seat belts.Wellington Police notes for Monday, May 18, 2015:•7:50 a.m. Kistin R. Tussey, 43, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•7:55 a.m. Blaine L. Parsons, 28, Goddard, was issued a notice to appear for no valid drivers’ license and seatbelt violation.•11:05 a.m. Officers took a report of a suicide threat in the 200 block S. Blaine, Wellington by a known subject.•12:19 p.m. Officers investigated possession of certain stimulants and possession drug paraphernalia in the 800 block S. Jefferson, Wellington by a known suspect(s).•1:55 p.m. Officers took a report of an animal bite by a known owner in the 800 block S. Jefferson, Wellington.•2:50 p.m. Officers took a report of a vicious animal in the 900 block S. Cherry, Wellington.•4:33 p.m. Non-Injury, hit and run accident in the 1100 block N. Park, Wellington involving an unknown vehicle and a parked and unoccupied vehicle owned by Rachel Moore, Wellington.•4:35 p.m. Officers took a report of a child custody dispute in the 800 block N. Jefferson, Wellington by known subject(s).•5:41 p.m. Officers assisted an outside agency in the 1400 block Superior Ct, Wellington.•6:05 p.m. Tyler P. Moran, 27, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•6:20 p.m. Noah H. Row, 17, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•6:40 p.m. Kody C. Evans, 18, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•7:50 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 1000 block W. College, Wellington.last_img read more