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first_img Previous Article Next Article This week’s guruNaked ambition revives old prankAs a student, Guru’s party piece at social events was to go into a cupboard,strip off naked and reappear carrying his drink to mingle with guests. So he has every sympathy for two pilots who have been sacked for flying aBoeing 737 in their birthday suits. The two men, who worked for US outfit Southwest Airlines, were reported whenan air hostess saw them mid-flight after being called to the cockpit to deliverpaper towels. The pilots, who have not been named, claim one of them removed his uniformafter spilling coffee on it and are appealing against the decision. The USFederal Aviation Administration has said there is no specific ban on nakedflying. Southwest’s founder, Herb Kelleher, previously said the airline looked forstaff “with a sense of humour who don’t take themselves tooseriously”. Inspired, Guru decided to revive his student prank at work and was gratifiedthat his old magic has not deserted him. Colleagues fell about laughing when hereappeared from the stationary cupboard dressed as nature intended (althoughtheir mirth might have had something to do with the extra frosty airconditioning). Fat cat creams off reward for mistress Guru has been getting bored reading the stream of recent headlines onfat-cat salaries paid to senior executives in under-performing companies. So he was interested to learn of one boardroom bust up based on sex ratherthan remuneration packages. Internet company Host Europe’s board of directors has claimed its chiefexecutive Abby Hardoon lavished financial favours on his mistress, who wasformerly his secretary. The directors went public about Hardoon’s affair after he and his twoco-founders called an emergency meeting, urging shareholders to oust the board.Board members also criticised his communication skills and time-keeping. A spokesman for Hardoon confirmed that he did have an affair with hissecretary, and that she subsequently received a pay rise. He added that a womanhad since left the company, and Hardoon was reconciled with his wife. Guru hopes the shareholders are as forgiving as Hardoon’s long-sufferingspouse when the meeting is held on 16 May. Gallic goodwill is struck off the menu The British and French have always had a love-hate relation-ship,highlighted at the moment by differences over Iraq. Consequently, Guru was not surprised to learn that a Frenchman is claimingrace discrimination and wrongful dismissal from his post as head chef of anine-strong chain of French restaurants in the UK. Jacques Troquet claims Raymond Defazio discriminated against him after hisCafé Med business took over the Café Flo chain in London where Troquet worked.The chef alleges he was forced to take redundancy after being offered a morejunior job with an £8,000 pay cut. Troquet told the hearing last week that Glaswegian Defazio set aboutremoving anything remotely Gallic – including the French menu, Evian mineralwater and even garlic. On the day they met, Troquet told the tribunal: “Hewas asking everyone where they were from. Because he was Scottish, I told him Iwas married to a Scottish lady and he said ‘oh you poor miserable bastard’. Ifound it absolutely condescending and insulting, not just to me, but to mywife.” No wonder Blair and Chirac could not agree over Saddam’s weapons of massdestruction. Sorry I’m late but I was kidnapped Guru recently published examples of outlandish workplace excuses. However, aGerman office worker surely takes the prize for the most radical excuse forpersistent absenteeism. Walter Hoffman tied himself up, slashed the tyre of his car and staged avariety of other incidents to validate his persistent non-attendance at work.He claimed he was the target of a hate campaign by mystery assailants. Hoffman, 23, eventually admitted to police he had staged the elaboratehoaxes to avoid going to work because it was so boring. Guru hopes Hoffman’s employer recognises his creative talents and harnessesthem in a more appropriate area, such as public relations. GuruOn 6 May 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more