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Vancouvers killer tornado Moms heroics remembered by sons

first_imgApril 5, 1972, started like any other day for brothers Rick and Russ Graser. That was until a tornado tore through the two’s elementary school and took the life of their mother, who was working in a bowling alley ravaged by the storm.“We didn’t have time to prepare for this,” said Russ, 50, of Vancouver. “We went to school in the morning. By noon our lives were upside down.”Their mom, Sharon Graser, was working at Sunrise Lanes watching the children of mothers in the bowling league. She died when the ceiling collapsed and crushed her. She had just handed off the last of 15 kids she was watching to someone outside the rubble, said Rick, now 52, of Moses Lake.Randy Graser, who was in the bowling alley with his mom, remembers this about the tornado.“She looked out the window and she closed the blinds and told all of us children — there were 15 children — and told us to get under these big maple tables as all of a sudden all hell broke loose. It sounded like a hundred freight trains and then there was screaming and walls started collapsing. It was pure chaos.“My mother thought of children instead of herself and just started grabbing children and running them outside. Then she was running back in grabbing more children. … She thought that there was one more child but there wasn’t, and that is when another wall fell on her back and crushed her. I was in a police car at that time. They took me to a nursing home and then to a foster home because I was in shock.last_img read more