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DHB Super Cup Germany and Slovenia for the trophy

← Previous Story Beach Handball Champions Cup: Sea, sun and handball in Gran Canaria Next Story → Poland and Spain at the final in Gdansk Germany and Slovenia will play for the DHB Super Cup trophy on Sunday 14.45. Both teams celebratee unexpected secure wins over Serbia and Brazil. Dagur Sigurdsson guys had 19:5 after 26 minutes of the match against Serbian “Eagles”. However, Serbs found the way to stop total domination of host team in the second half, but only for 37:26 (20:8).Germany – Serbia 37:26 (20:8)Germany: Lichtlein, Wolff; Kneer, Gensheimer (4), Lemke (1), Reichmann (2), Wiede (2), Weinhold (4), Strobel, Schmidt (4), Fäth (3), Groetzki (3), Müller (1), Dahmke (6), Späth, Ernst (1), Pieczkowski (2), Kohlbacher (4)Serbia: Ivezic, Kocic, Marjanac; Sesum, Nikcevic (5/3), Djukic, Djordjic (4), Stojkovic, Nemanja Ilic (2), Rnic (3), Zelenovic (1), Cutura, Abutovic, Marsenic (3), Stankovic (2), Vujin (4), Elezovic (2)Slovenia beat Brazil 38:27 (18:14) with the same 11-goals difference.STANDINGS:Germany 4Slovenia 4Serbia 0Brazil 0 read more

Are you tyred of petrol or diesel ESB is offering up electric

first_imgTHE ESB IS looking for 24 drivers to act as “ecar ambassadors” in their latest Great Electric Drive.As part of the second year of this programme, participants will be able to trial an electric vehicle for a four-month period. The vehicles on offer include the BMW i3, Citroen C Zero, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid SUV, Nissan Euro LEAF, Renault ZOE, and a Renault Kangoo Z.E. commercial electric van.The ESB is looking for participants across several different lifestyles and associated commuting patterns to trial the vehicles, and to post updates onlinetheir experience.The ESB said that the vehicles can be charged at home or a dedicated ecar charging points. The company describes its network of over 1000 public charging points as “world-leading”.The number of ambassadors is up 3 from last year. Each drove an average of 300km per week and saved over €13,500, ESB said.If you’re interested in taking part, more information is available at esb.ie/GreatElectricDrive. Deadline for applications is 4 March 2014.Read: Car sales race ahead by 33 per cent >More: This chart shows how the 132 registration plate boosted the Irish car market >last_img read more