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Simple device can help monitor stress levels

first_imgWashington: Scientists have developed a new test that can easily measure common stress hormones using sweat, blood, urine or saliva. Stress is often called “the silent killer” because of its stealthy and mysterious effects on everything from heart disease to mental health. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati in the US hope to turn the system into a simple device that patients can use at home to monitor their health. “I wanted something that’s simple and easy to interpret. This may not give you all the information, but it tells you whether you need a professional who can take over,” said Andrew Steckl, a professor at University of Cincinnati. Also Read – Spotify rolls out Siri support, new Apple TV app Scientists developed a device that uses ultraviolet light to measure stress hormones in a drop of blood, sweat, urine or saliva. These stress biomarkers are found in all of these fluids, albeit in different quantities, Steckl said. “It measures not just one biomarker but multiple biomarkers. And it can be applied to different bodily fluids. That’s what’s unique,” he said. The device, described in the journal American Chemical Society Sensors, is not intended to replace full-panel laboratory blood tests. Also Read – New Instagram tool to help users spot phishing emails “If you’re able to do the test at home because you’re not feeling well and want to know where you stand, this will tell whether your condition has changed a little or a lot,” said Steckl. “Stress harms us in so many ways. And it sneaks up on you. You don’t know how devastating a short or long duration of stress can be,” said Prajokta Ray, from University of Cincinnati. “So many physical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological or psychological disorders are attributed to stress the patient has gone through. That’s what interested me,” said Ray. Taking exams always gave her stress. Understanding how stress affects you individually could be extremely valuable, she said. “Stress has been a hot topic over the past couple years. Researchers have tried very hard to develop a test that is cheap and easy and effective and detect these hormones in low concentrations,” Ray said. “This test has the potential to make a strong commercial device. It would be great to see the research go in that direction,” she added.last_img read more

Only 191 out of targeted 530 mohalla clinics built by 201819 Delhi

first_imgNEW DELHI: The AAP government has been able to build only 191 mohalla clinics by 2018-19 fiscal out of the target of constructing 530 such facilities by that time, according to the outcome budget released by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday. As many as 1,000 mohalla clinics are planned to be established in the city under the flagship project of the Delhi government. The AAP government had set a target of building 530 mohalla clinics by the end of financial year 2018-19, the outcome budget 2019-20 showed. However, according to data shared in the document, the number of such clinics built till that time stood at 191. The government has set a target of constructing 530 mohalla clinics by 2019-20. A mohalla clinic is a neighbourhood facility for providing free primary healthcare to the city’s residents closer home.last_img read more