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Meet the American trucker who broke the Real IRA then refused witness

For the past four years, Rupert, a truck driver from upstate New York, had been leading a double life, infiltrating the innermost circles of the IRA while working as an agent for the FBI and MI5. He had carried money and equipment to the… On 15 August 1998, David Rupert was dozing on a sofa in a rented flat in Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland, when he was awoken by the six o’clock news. A bomb had exploded in the Northern Irish town of Omagh, killing, as it would turn out, 29 people – the worst terrorist atrocity in the history of the Troubles. Rupert called to his wife, Maureen, and they sat in silence watching the scenes of devastation on television. ‘Oh my God,’ said Maureen, ‘Oh my God.’ read more